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Clip made by Jackie. Don't take, please.

Deep Down - Angel's Dream

- 4 x 10 - Deep Down
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Angel: "Cordelia. - I didn't think you were coming."
Cordy: "You know me better than that. Better than anybody."
Angel: (slight laugh) "I don't know if that's true."
Cordy: "Yes. You do."
Cordy: "It's so beautiful here."
Angel, watching her: "Yes. Yes, it is. - Just the way it should be."
(Flash of him and Connor tumbling down the bluff.)
Angel: "But it's not. This isn't how it happened."
(Flash of him and Connor, fighting.)
Cordy: "I know. - I like this version better."
Angel: "It was Connor. He was here. He..."
(Flash of Connor tazering Angel.)
Cordy: "I can't remember what it was like - not knowing you, not being close to you. I'm in love with you Angel. Deep down I think I have been for a long time. I needed you to know that."
Angel pulls Cordelia into a kiss.

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