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Now, I usually like to make fun of the WB for being idiots on many occasions, namely switching Angel's timeslot at whim and not showing reruns --- but you do have to admit, they have made a lot of C/A shippy promos. Click on the title of the episode to see the trailer from


On the WB Thursday night, not all monsters are demons.
Clip of Angel and Cordelia at her commercial set.
Director: Lose the robe, princess.
Angel: Do you want me to rip that guy's head off for you?
A bonus Thursday ANGEL.

* General Season 3 *

A dark warrior...
Clip of Angel from Loyalty.
A beautiful ally...
Clip of Cordy from Birthday.
Cordy glowing in The Price. Angel and Cordelia in the tunnels in Heartthrob.
See their friendship grow into something more...
Angel and Cordelia kiss in Waiting in the Wings.
USA Today raves.... "This show's ENORMOUSLY ENTERTAINING".
Angel and Cordelia's sword training scene in Billy accompanied by languid, haunting music.
ANGEL, after 7th Heaven, on the WB Monday night.


Cordelia must learn to protect herself.
Sword training scene.
Angel: Handling a lethal weapon's a little different than shaking a pom-pom.
Cordelia pins Angel to the wall with her sword.
Angel: Heh, go team!
But it may not be enough to save her from Angel's dark side.
Cordy: Angel?
Angel: Get out!
ANGEL, on the WB Monday night.


Sunday, Cordelia gets an offer she can't refuse.
Skip: I'm gonna make you a star.
But to retain fame and glory, Cordelia's greatest ally will pay the price.
C/A scene in the dark room.
Cordelia: Angel.
ANGEL, on the WB Sunday night.

Waiting in the Wings

More than just allies, Angel and Cordelia are friends.
Angel: We are stepping out.
But a night on the town... may turn their friendship into something more.
Angel: Something happened here.
Cordy: Hey, Angel?
Angel: Yeah?
Cordy: I want you... to undress me.
They kiss. Pachelbel's "Canon in D" plays.
An all new ANGEL on the WB Monday night.


On the WB Monday night....
Angel and Cordelia have fought side by side as friends for years.
Now, Angel finds himself competing for Cordelia's heart.
Angel: Can you, uh, ask him not to handle my weapons?
Clips of Cordy and Groo.
Cordy: So, we'll get you out of those animal skins and it'll be a whole new you!
Clip of Groo transformed into an Angel lookalike.
Angel: He's wearing my clothes!
Cordy laughs.
An all new ANGEL on the WB Monday night.


On the WB Monday night....
A father...
A son...
A bond that cannot be broken..
Angel: You were good there.
But the son's mission is clear...
Everything his father loves must be destroyed.
Clip of Connor trying to kill Cordelia.

Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Theirs was a love of destiny...
Angel: I need you, Cordy.
Clip of the kiss in Deep Down.
Then she vanished to a realm unknown...
Angel: Wherever she is, I need her.
Now, his search will end....
Angel: Cordelia?
And the mystery will begin.
Cordelia: Who are you people?
An all new ANGEL, on the WB's Big Sunday.

Rain of Fire

Cordelia: I can taste the blood of all the people it's going to kill. No one's safe.
of THE END....
Gunn: I'm guessing this isn't a good sign!
but THE END....
Cordelia: I love you.
Angel: Are they making any kind of weird demony sounds?
Wesley: Stay away from her!
Cordelia: It's coming, it's coming now!
Angel: It's not like the world's going to end right this second.
Rain of Fire, an all new ANGEL on the WB's Big Sunday.

Long Day's Journey

ANGEL has moved to the WB Wednesday.
Angel: Sure, we've been demolished. Beaten.
Angel: And sure, it's slightly... demoralizing.
Angel: But from here on out, we're going to find out this thing's weaknesses, we're going to go in prepared, and we're going to fight smart.
Cordy: You know that never works.
Clip of The Beast holding Angel by the throat.
An all new ANGEL, on it's new night, the WB Wednesday.


The WB Wednesday, ANGEL's new home.
Angel and Angelus, like Jekyll and Hyde...
One good, the other...
Cordelia: In that twisted, sadistic, ruthless kinda way.
Angel: If anything should go wrong with Angelus, you're going to have to kill me.
Connor: Okay.
Angel: If!
Cordelia: I don't know if this is right, Angel.
Clip of Angel and Cordelia kissing.
Angel once again becomes....
Cordelia: Angelus.
An all new ANGEL, on it's new night, the WB Wednesday.


Cordelia's love once drove Angel's passion....
Clips from C/A scenes in Deep Down and Waiting in the Wings.
Now, it will force his surrender.
Angel: What do you want me to do, Master?
But one slayer stands in the way.
An all new ANGEL, on the WB Wednesday night.

Inside Out

On the WB Wednesday, all their torment and pain has led to this moment.
Darla: Listen to your heart.
One choice....
Fred: He's going to kill Cordelia.
True love.... or the birth of the unthinkable.
An all new ANGEL, on the WB Wednesday night.

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