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I saw this on Jackie's A site that generates ad slogans,! I just couldn't resist...

* The Too Good to Hurry 'Ship. *

* The Curiously Strong C/A 'Ship *

* Nobody Does It Like C/A 'Shippers *

* The 'Ship That Refreshes *

* Better Ingredients, Better 'Ship *

* C/A Is Our Middle Name *

* There's First Love, and There's C/A Love *

* Look For The C/A Label *

* You Too Can Have A 'Ship Like Mine *

* Let the 'Shipping Begin *

Lipsmackin' Thirstquenchin' Acetastin' Motivatin' Goodbuzzin' Cooltalkin' Highwalkin' Fastlivin' Evergivin' Coolfizzin' C/A

The Non-Sticky Sticky 'Ship

There's No Wrong Way to 'Ship C/A

Welcome to C/A Country

Happiness Is C/A-Shaped

This Is The Age Of C/A

Behold the Power of C/A

C/A Really Satisfies

Pure 'Shipping Pleasure

Get the C/A Habit

From Our 'Ship to Yours

When You're A C/A-er, Flaunt It

Double the Pleasure, Double the C/A Screentime

You Deserve A C/A 'Shipping Today

Look, Ma, C/A!

The 'Ship of Paradise

C/A. It's What's For Dinner

Come Fly The Friendly 'Ship

You click C/A. We do the rest.

The Lighter Way To Enjoy C/A

C/A: Because I'm Worth It.

Leave the 'Shipping to Us

Snap! Crackle! C/A!

C/A: The Next Generation

Did Somebody Say C/A?

It's C/A Time

Grab Life by the 'Ship

Your C/A, Right Away.

Just 'Ship C/A.

Happiness is a 'Ship Called C/A

Once You Pop, You Can't Stop C/A

Come See the Softer Side of C/a

Only C/A Has The Answer

Ding-Dong! C/A Calling!

I Like the 'Shipper in You

America's Most Trusted 'Ship

Uh-Oh, Better get C/A.

Gotta Lotta C/A

It's How 'Shipping is Done

Don't Get Mad, Get C/A

What Can C/A Do For You?

There's More Than One Way to 'Ship C/A

You've Got Questions. We've Got C/A.

The 'Ship Goes Straight to Your Head

I Saw C/A and I Thought of You

And All Because the Lady Loves C/A

C/A: The Anti-Drug

There's Always Room For C/A

The 'Ship of Your Life

There Ain't No Party Like A C/A Party

C/A Makes Everything Better

C/A, Take Me Away

Tonight, Let It Be C/A

C/A Saves Your Soul

So Easy, No Wonder C/A is #1

C/A - The Appetizer, Entree, and Dessert!

Bridge That Gap with C/A 'Shipping.

A Day Without C/A Is Like A Day Without Sunshine

We're With the 'Ship

Is It Live, Or Is It C/A?

Something Special In The 'Ship

It's Good to Talk C/A

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