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My favorite quotes from various fanfic stories.

"I was trying to get away from you. But you're everywhere. You're in the office, obviously, and you're in my house. I go into my room and you're there, throwing soup at my wall or standing with me at the mirror, telling me how attracted you are to me. I go in my living room, and you're sitting on my couch, laughing at me and making fun of old vampire movies. I go in my kitchen and you're there, cooking me dinner, kissing me at the table... I can't get away from you. So I figured I'd stand in the rain for a while. You hate standing in the rain, so I figured you wouldn't be here." She lifted a hand out once more. "But here you are." ~ The Storm by Christie

I was falling faster than ever after that night. But it was okay, because at some point Angel had started falling too. He was there, holding my hand. We were falling together, and that made all the difference. I just knew that if he was with me we would land safely. After all, hadnít it been Angel who saved me before, from death, from hunger, and in some ways from myself. He was always there to pick me up, and he wasnít afraid to fall with me. ~ Falling by Cleo Calliope

"You cannot escape my tickling, oh great and knowing vampire who doesn't know how to dance! Shame, shame on you!" ~ Tickle Me Angel by Ignited

Men!!! They all stick together, even if some of them are dead. ~ Potholes, Pratfalls, and Passion by Jenna Kay

"Uh, I was... Cordelia and I, we didn't... she wasn't Buffy's best friend, but..."

"Oh, that Angel! Of the legendary Buffy and Angel!" Her mother smirked at Cordelia. "I'm sorry, I didn't make that connection. Delia used to talk about you so much. What was it? 'Tall, dark, handsome, in serious need of a new girlfriend in the shape of me'. Wasn't that what you said, sweetheart?" Cordelia could feel herself turning bright red. She'd hoped her parents had forgotten her ranting about how cute that freak Buffy's boyfriend was. Obviously not. She wished a hellmouth would open in the lobby just beneath her and swallow her up. She had hardly spoken to her parents when she was in high school, but of the all the things she could have said when she did... smooth moves, Chase. Why don't we just get out the baby photos? ~ Faking It by Katharine

"Look, I ainít got all day to deal with some sarcastic and moody bitch. Sarcastic fine... I work with Cordy. Moody, heh! I work with Angel! But bitch...?" ~ First Time Faith by Rachel

"I hate birds," Angel exclaimed. " Those skinny necks and all those," he flapped his hands, "The feathers and stuff. I can't stand it. Sorry, guys, gotta leave." He edged past the restless bird and fled the room.

They all stared after him and Gunn sighed, "Hope we never get a feathered demon to fight if that's what he's like. ~ Thanksgiving by Argent

"Young lady, you're a champion. Champion's don't go to hell, please. Wouldn't have any champions if that were the case. Risk, sacrifices fighting for the Powers only to end up in a fiery pit. Not really a great sales pitch to join our team." ~ This Time It's Real by Anne

"I'm coming back from the dead? The Power's can do that? Of course they can. No one stays dead anymore." ~ This Time It's Real by Anne

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