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Cordelia, Faith, Faith 2, Me, Those Words, Vision

Cordelia by Jessica

It rings in my head.
Why? I do not know.

She worries me.
Why? I do not know.

She cares about me.
Why? I do not know.

It hurts to see her in pain.
Why? I do not know.

She hurts when I am hurt.
Why? I do not know.

I need her.
It's like she's in me.
She knows about me, about my past.
She knows I am still an animal, a creature of the undead.
Yet, she cares not.

Why? I do not know.


Faith by Lia
‘She’s such a strong girl’
‘Never see her break’
‘She doesn’t feel’
None of that’s true
I see a broken girl before me
Guilt laden eyes refusing to meet mine
Nervous fingers toy with her hair
A door slams, her body jerks
Eyes dart around the room
My female instinct kicks in
My hand touches the plexi-glass between us
Imploring her to respond
Terrified shakes rack her frame
Her hand meets mine


Faith 2 by Lia
It’s quiet
It’s cold
The seat is hard and unforgiving
An old woman softly hums
Gnarled hands clutching a small chain
Fingers moving swiftly, counting the beads
Body starts rocking now
Back and forth
I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding
I look upward
Staring at the symbol that can cause fear in his heart
I think to myself
How comforting it must be to have faith


Me by Lia
Unworthy, mediocre, menial, deficient, marred and tainted
My reflection in my mirror

Friend, confidante, ally, sparring partner, comrade and kindred
An English view

Hottie, impossible conquest, barbie-doll, vision girl, irritation and whiney girlie
See the smart-alec street kid

Seer, oracle, prophet, phychic, link and instrument
Of the PTB

Angelic, rare, trancendent, heavenly, unselfish and radiant
In the eyes of my Angel.


Those Words by Lia
The earth stopped turning
Time stood still
It was as if the birds themselves had died in their skies
Silence permeated through my head
Unheard words were spoken
Unseen looks exchanged
A touch on my shoulder
A soft word said
My mind came back to me
I looked around
The world hadn’t come crashing
It may as well have, mine did
When he’d spoken
"You’re all fired."


Vision by Lia
The darkness fall around my head once more
And I’m alone again
It seems like the wind never stopped howling
And my heart never stopped beating
The breath I take is foul and rancid
Dripping down my throat
A thousand needles pierce my skin
Starting fire in my gut
The claw extends its grip
My limbs become wet with my own blood
It’s familiar metallic tang on my lips
Then nothingness descends upon me
I look up, he’s there
He’s always there.


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