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Christie -

Magic (PG-13) - Angel and Cordelia get away from L.A. for a much needed vacation. Things get complicated. There's something really... transcendent and beautiful about this piece.

Dazzle -

The Prism Series follows Cordy and Angel's developing feelings throughout a year of love, loss, and change. Each part takes you to into the heart and mind of Angel and Cordelia as an untold story is played out. Insightful, angsty, humorous, and touching... it's a must-read companion to season three.

    • Yellow (PG-13) - Set after "Heartthrob".
    • Gray (PG-13) - Set after "Carpe Noctem".
    • Green (PG-13) - Set after "Offspring".
    • Red (PG-13) - Set after "Dad".
    • Purple (PG-13) - Set after "Birthday".
    • Orange (R) - Set after "Couplet".
    • Black (PG-13) - Set after "Forgiving".
    • Blue (PG-13) - Set after "Double or Nothing".
    • White (R) - Set during "Tomorrow".

Dianna -

Amen (PG) - A Cordy's thoughts montage, inspired by "Reprise". Ha! My first attempt at writing. Barely a fic, one of those "oh-this-page-barely-needs-a-scroll-bar" stories :-P

The Deep Down Parody Fic (PG-13) - Dianna's deluded version of the episode, "Deep Down". Borderline insanity!

Tomorrow, Ten Years, or Forever (PG-13) - An alternate ending for "Tomorrow". Cordy and Angel get a chance to confess their feelings for each other without interruption. That doesn't mean it goes smoothly though.

Jess -

An Unwelcome Eye Opener (PG) - An adorably jealous Cordy and a very clueless Angel. What's not to love?
A Well Thought Out Plan (PG) - Sequel to 'An Unwelcome Eye Opener'.

Katharine -

Faking It (PG-13) - A C/A wedding fic. Cordy's parents come to town and to impress them, Angel poses as Cor's fiance. It's an awesome story that retains it's fluffiness and depth.

Kristi -

Hope (PG) - Imagine being raised in a hotel by the Fang Gang - Angelís equally contemplative teenage daughter muses. The loving way that Angel Investigations is captured will make you feel teary and warmed at the same time. I really loved this one.

Lara -

Pain and Ashes (PG-13) - Heartwrenching follow up to "Rain of Fire".

Lisa S. -

Lost and Found (PG-13) - A special visitor finds their way to the Hyperion Hotel and into a couple of unsuspecting hearts. A special visitor of the four-legged kind. This is extremely sweet, cute, tender, and a great story! I love it.

Princess Twilite -

Ugly Duckling and D-Day (PG-13) - A series of loosely tied moments in Cordelia's life, lead up to the end of the world. Angst. Haunting and insightful.

Raven -

Reflections (G) - A beautifully written piece from the viewpoint of someone looking in.

Tonya -

A Life Less Ordinary (PG) - Angelís daughter reminisces about her strange life. Touching.

Vivian -

First Words (G) - Angel's child says his first words. The most adorable piece of fluff I've read so far.

Yahtzee -

As Time Goes By (PG-13) - In its own unexpected ways, the Hyperion Hotel remains the last hope for the hopeless in the wasteland once known as L.A. Drama, angst, romance, humor, style, imagination, characterization, intertwining storylines... Yahtzee is one of the only fanfic writers that can put it all together excellently.

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