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Want to be an affiliate? Then please, e-mail me by all means. :) Only sites relating to actors, characters, and the movies they've been in, please.


[ The Brave ] The Official Johnny Depp Fanlisting

[ Orlando ] The Official Orlando Bloom Fanlisting

[ Subtle ] The Official Keira Knightley Fanlisting

[ Deliciously Accented ] The Official Geoffrey Rush Fanlisting

[ Brave ] An Unofficial Johnny Depp Fanlisting

[ Effortless Virtuoso ] The Johnny Depp Movies Fanlisting

[ Eccentricity ] An Unofficial Johnny Depp Films Fanlisting

[ Depp Web ] A Johnny Depp Fansite

[ Subtle ] The Official Jonathan Pryce Fanlisting


[ Shake My Bones ] The Jack Sparrow Fanlisting

[ Hooked On ] The Will Turner Fanlisting

[ Vivid Beauty ] The Elizabeth Swann Fanlisting

[ Commodore Norrington ] The Norrington Fanlisting

[ Black Heart ] The Captain Barbossa Fanlisting

[ Captain Anamaria At Your Service ] The Anamaria Fanlisting

[ We Named the Monkey Jack ] The Jack the Monkey Fanlisting

[ One Eyed Pirate ] The Ragetti Fanlisting

[ Drink Up ] An Unofficial Jack Sparrow Fanlisting

[ Savvy ] Captain Jack Sparrow Appreciation Webring


[ Pirates of the Caribbean ] An Unofficial Fanlisting

[ Pirates Are Sexy! ] A Clique for Pirate Lovers

[ Captain's Quarters ] The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Fanlisting

[ A Pirate's Life for Me ] A Pirates of the Caribbean Webring

[ Pirates of the Caribbean ] An Unofficial Fanlisting

[ The Continuing Saga ] A PoTC RPG

[ The Black Pearl ] Pirates of the Caribbean Fansite

[ The Rogue Pirates Network ] PoTC Fansite

[ I'm a Pirate ] Pirates Clique

[ Pirates of the Caribbean ] An Unofficial Fanlisting

[ Savvy Scallywag ] A Pirates of the Caribbean Fansite

[ ButWhyisTheRumGone.com ] A Pirates of the Caribbean Fansite and Fanfiction Archive

Relationships & Rivalries

[ The Blacksmith's Pirate ] Jack Sparrow/Will Turner Fanfiction

The Captain Jack Sparrow vs. Captain Barbossa Fanlisting


[ Treasure ] The Aztec Gold Fanlisting

[ Corsets and Boots ] The Costumes of PoTC Fanlisting

[ Avast! ] The Black Pearl Fanlisting


The Will Turner Fanart Fanlisting