r u l e s
Not many, but they should be taken into account.

1. You have to like Pirates of the Caribbean.
2. You don't need to have a website.
3. In case you do have a website, make sure to put up a code (text or graphic) on your site before you apply.
4. No porn/racist/hate sites. No exceptions!
5. Fill out the joining form completely and correctly. Your name, e-mail, and country must be submitted. Please give me a working e-mail address! If you put nothing for Favorite Character, then I'll just put 'All'. If you can't decide between two characters, go with the first, or both! Maximum is two, though it's supposed to be one, really. If you list more than two, I'll just put 'all'.
6. Please put the character's full name if you can. For example, there are two Jacks: Jack Sparrow or Jack the monkey. Let me know which one!

7. Please use a real name. I don't mind nicknames, but if it's Mrs. Sparrow, Sparrow's Girl, Turner Gal, whatever, I won't add you. Make sure it's not PotC related. I've had enough people claiming to be Johnny Depp or his fictional character. ;)
7. You will receive a reply saying when you are listed. Your information will be posted within the next update. Oh and please don't join twice.

Easy enough? Go grab a code.