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For your viewing pleasure, the most complete list of quotes regarding the actors, each other and their characters in the film that I could find.

'Depp, who is known for submerging himself in conflicted and often quirky characters, says he was surprised by how much he came to like this one.

"It's happened to before. I guess it depends on how good you feel playing the character or how well you know him," says Depp. " It's happened to me a couple of times before, but this time it was big. You go through a period of decompression after playing the guy. I was really irritable and a little bit melancholy and I realized I missed Captain Jack. I felt so comfortable being him and being in that skin that you go 'God, am I ever going to see him again? Will I ever meet him again? Will I ever be him again?"'
– Johnny regarding Jack Sparrow

"When he encounters Jack Sparrow, Will turns from this lovable, earnest dork into a romantic leading man. His hair comes down, his body language changes, all due to his interaction with Jack and the effect they have on each other."
– Gore Verbinski (Director of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)

"And Orlando, who's as sweet as anyone can humanly, possibly be, um, also very intelligent, good sense of humor, um, gets it as well."
– Johnny on Orlando

'YM: Who was better at sword fighting, you or Johnny?
Orlando.: [laughs] "I could never take Johnny Depp on any level."'

'Reporter: "What are three things that it takes to be a pirate, like that you have to do or be?"

Keira Knightley: "Um, well in this one you have to be really sexy. Like Geoffrey Rush obviously, and, you know, the other two are alright I suppose. You also have to be a bit rebellious and rather dirty."

Orlando Bloom: "Honor amongst thieves, roguery, and uh, probably a lot of alcohol."

Johnny Depp: "I think it would be rum ... times three. You know? Yeah, rum."'

'"I said, 'Look, these are the choices I made. You know my work,'" he smiles. "'So either trust me or give me the boot.' And luckily, they didn't." Lucky for the executives too, for with Depp onboard, Pirates Of The Caribbean has plundered some of the best reviews - and booty - of all this summer's blockbusters, giving audiences something genuinely original in a summer log-jammed with sequels. It's also helped open Depp up to a whole new pint-sized audience, including, importantly for him, his infant daughter Lily. "She came to the set quite a few times," he says, almost glowing. "One time I did Captain Jack for her - she loved it. She's desperate to see it, she wants to see daddy as a pirate."'
FilmFour.com Interview