-- September Updates

September 15
Sorry for the delay in updates. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this site, plus combined with starting a new school year, I've decided to pursue having a co-webmaster. I just don't want to let visitors down, considering the few sites devoted to Will/Jack and the interest in PoTC. Trust me: if I could, I'd still be reading Will/Jack slash for hours. I miss summer! ;)

Anyway, if you think you're up for the job, then e-mail me. Might I also point out that I'm very picky, so only experienced webmasters/archivists need apply. Thanks. Also, my domain e-mail has been bouncing. Therefore, if you've sent e-mails to stef@deep-down.net, they weren't received.

If you have e-mailed me within the last weeks of August and this first week of September with your story as an attachment, please resend it. My AOL account has been wacky and is not letting me download the attachments. In the future, just copy and paste your fan fic into an e-mail -- it's easier for me that way.

Added 11 new betas, 4 new challenges, and 7 fan art pieces. Fan fiction shall be added during this week. Most of the stories sent in were as attachments, hence the delay, so please resend them. Thank you. :)