-- October Updates

October 15
Stef here -- Damn school. And Johnny, too, I might add, for he's dragging me into yet another fandom (Agent Sands, baby!) Anyway, here's the updates: 2 new pieces of fan art, 6 new beta readers (bringing the total up to 32), 2 new challenges, a beautiful essay on piracy by Em, and 2 new afffiliates: The Bon Bon (Before Night Falls) fanlisting, and my LiveJournal icons site, Vitality -- of which you can find hundreds of Johnny and PoTC icons.

October 9
Nicky here - Today, we bring you yet another fic. Yes, just scroll down all the way to the bottom to find the three chapters. Should keep all rabid slash fans happy for a moment. ^_~

As you can see, I'm doing things a tiny manageable bit at a time. And, hey, maybe you'll see Stef updating some other stuff sooner or later. ^_^v

October 6
Hello everyone, this is your new CoWebMistress of The Blacksmith's Pirate, Nicky, speaking. And there is light at the end of the no-updates tunnel, I think I can promise you that. As of today, there are two people (Stef and me) managing this site here.

Yet another e-mail address update - if you've got anything to contribute to the site or just wish to whine about things not getting done at this end, send your e-mails to blacksmith@deep-down.net. You can reach both of us through that address.

Then, what should interest you - the fic archive has been updated with 3 new fics for you to read and enjoy. There's more where those came from. Just give me a lil bit of time...