-- July Updates

July 27
I've been receiving some negative comments on the site. If you don't like slash, then don't visit. Simple, isn't it? Everyone has their own point of view, and own opinion. While someone may choose to view one pairing as "twu luv", another might go the unconventional route. I happen to like Jack and Will together, but also Will/Elizabeth and Jack/Elizabeth. I simply created the site for one pairing of the three I liked. You don't like it? Then don't visit.

Sorry for the rudeness, but I simply cannot abide messages telling me I'm wrong and how could I think this way. If this continues I'm disbanning the guestbook. I've had enough people telling me how to think in other fandoms, thanks.

Anyway, onto the update. Added some new fanfics, more icons, and new quotes, not to mention more dialogue editing. With the movie coming out, there has been a massive outpour of fanfiction, and it is hard to keep track and archive. Therefore, I'm looking for someone who can help me archive fics. They would need at least a decent knowledge of HTML, and patience. Thanks!

Also, new affiliates. Savvy, the official Jack the Monkey fanlisting, and another of my creations (also the reason for no updates!) the official PoTC fanlisting. Go visit them!

July 20
Better updates tomorrow, I promise. It's been a bit hectic but I've got loads of new stuff to put up. But anyway, a request:

I'm looking for a host: I've been approved for what likely will be a high traffic and popular fanlisting. Related to certain ...characters. Instead of running fickle Megabook for it, I'd like to use PHPFanbase. Thing is, HostOnce only offers MySQL databases as like an $80 bonus. So, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to host the site for me so I can use it? Lots of hits for you. Trust me. Pleaaase? Thanks! I need a quick response so I can start setting it up. Please e-mail me if you're interested in hosting the site.

July 16
Three new stories. Fixed the submission form using a temporary script until Hosted Scripts allows more sign ups. Should work now. Also, changed a bit of the fic rules. Added three new manipulations,  three new icons, and edited the dialogue. I don't have a transcript so I'm going by memory and (a lovely excuse!) repeated viewings of PoTC.

Please be patient – this site is very new, started by a lust for a concise source of PoTC related things. It is still under construction.

Also, some great news off of E! Online:

"Yo Ho, Yo Ho! "Pirates" Sequel a Go!

Elated with the loot Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl has plundered in just one week at the box office, Disney is already planning to mount a follow-up to the hit swashbuckling adventure based on the classic Disneyland theme-park ride.

...That means Johnny Depp is already signed up to reprise his role as charming scalawag Captain Jack Sparrow... Also aboard for the sequel are costars Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley--respectively, the movie's young-hunk bucanner hero and maiden in distress--as well as the behind-the-scenes team of überproducer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski. "

Also? Two new affiliates: I Wanna Be a Pirate and Just Jack

July 14
9 new pictures, and added a guestbook. Sign it! Also, want to affiliate? E-Mail me!

July 14
Revised the quotes & dialogue, fixed the media section, and more stories added. Submit your fics here. Guestbook = soon.

July 13
Site launched! 6 new fics added to the archive.