-- August Updates

August 26
Got your copy of The Two Towers yet? ;)

New section: Johnny Depp & Orlando Bloom picture gallery. I also added a section for Johnny Depp & Orlando Bloom fan fiction. It's marked off and separate from the Jack/Will fiction, still located in the archive, due to the squick factor for some. I'm considerate! ;) 13 new betas (you guys rock!), two new challenges, three new fan art pieces, and some new quotes regarding Johnny in the reality section.

New fics will be added soon. But hey, send in your Johnny/Orlando pieces! Oh, and while you're at it, the site is in desperate needs of essays on slash and Jack/Will. So, send. Thanks. :)

August 23
Sorry for the delay in updates. The reason for it is that I've been archiving and reorganizing things. Also? Instead of merely finding fan fiction, you can now browse the archive for helpful resources, betas, challenges, essays, mailing lists, and reference links (over a 100 me thinks). There are forms to fill out in the sections if you think you can help in those areas.

20 new fan art pieces added to the gallery. Please check out the new fan art challenge section added as well! 5 new stories added to the archive. 6 new desktops. 1 new picture.

August 13
New quotes added to reality, including some bits about Orlando talking about Johnny and visiting his boat. I now want to make the site more helpful and add resources for those interested in writing Jack Sparrow/Will Turner fan fiction. Want to help? I'd like to add essays, fanfiction recommendations, betas, and helpful links (such as pirate research) to the site. Think you can handle these things, or at least give something? Then take a look at the sections needed:

-- Essays
Paragraphs to pages, things about how to write Jack, Will, them together. British slang, pirate rules, pet peeves, reasons for pairing them (and making it believable). Whatever. Those are just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

-- Fanfiction Recommendations
Self-explanatory. You give the recs and links. The cream of the crop -- fanfics you should read not only for entertainment, but to better yourself as a writer.

-- Beta Readers
Microsoft Word can be a bitch. It corrects spelling, grammar, sure. Not always correctly, though. And besides, you think that paperclip animation guy is going to help you with the setting, the flow and words? That's what a beta reader is for. If you would like to help out and go over fics with writers, then sign up (or in this case, get names). Basically you put your name and e-mail, and people can e-mail you their stories. You go over them, give suggestions, read it, check things, and everyone's happy. For now I would just need people to get beta volunteers, then I'd have the people send mini-questionnaires (5 questions tops) to the betas asking their likes, dislikes, etc.

-- Helpful Links
British slang, pirate codes, vocabulary, costumes, ports, you get the idea. You know you've been looking around while researching for fanfics. Share the wealth and make it easier. That way, more accuracy, better fics, fun for all. Savvy?

Think you can contribute to one of the above sections? Remember, this doesn't mean you have to do the whole section or anything. Anything, little or big, would be gladly welcomed. If you want to contribute then:

E-Mail Me!

August 11
New layout. I'm quite proud of it. Plus, it works on Netscape as well (although the links pop up in a new window due to IFrames. Sorry, but I'm an IE girl at heart! ;) ) Like it? Let me know in the guestbook. Anyway, onto the updates. New affiliates and banners. Updated the dialogue and reality sections. Thankfully, a transcript has arisen, so it makes dialogue updates much easier (and prevents me from getting tired of the movie due to watching it too many times!) Also, check out the article in reality regarding Johnny giving advice to Orlando on stardom.

4 new pictures and 2 new desktops. 7 new fan art pieces. I'm also accepting drawings now due to all the lovely art popping up -- and hey drawings rock. So, send them in!

If you're wondering why exactly is Elizabeth in the layout, here's the story: from now on I'm accepting Jack Sparrow/Will Turner/Elizabeth Swann fanfics besides the normal Jack Sparrow/Will Turner ones. I've updated the FAQ, so read that for further explanation. The short of it is that I've fallen in love with a lot of the awesome J/W/E fics out there, but not to worry -- this site will remain Jack Sparrow/Will Turner first and foremost. Only that, or J/W/E. I'm fond of J/W and W/E, but you can find other sites out there for them. Savvy?

12 new stories. 47 stories in all. Woo!

August 3
I'll be doing a new layout soon due to the complaints I've received about font sizes and layout and so on. The majority of sites I've done was for those who viewed on 800 x 600 screens, using Internet Explorer, hence the design. I'm new to archiving, and yet I didn't want to wait too long until after the film, knowing many people would like to see a PoTC archive. So, expect major changes to satisfy the masses.

August 1
Like the adoption graphic on the main page? I adopted it here, a lovely site that you should definitely check out. The PoTC animations, amongst others, are especially cute!

18 new fanfics. That's right. 18. Woo! Also changed the fiction index around so you can see which were the recent fics added.

I'm having some trouble with the submission form -- reason for having it is that it's easier to format, but am getting help with that and archiving soon, so in the meantime... If it doesn't work, then e-mail me it. Thanks! :)

Revised the dialogue, and added more quotes from articles to the reality section (so you and I can tell the difference now. ;) ) I suggest you check out the tale of Orlando and Johnny's trip on an airplane. Hilarious.

There's more to update, but hey, let's spread it out for a bit. Will post more stuff tomorrow!