December 20, 2004
::pokes site:: Yes, this site has not been updated in a year. I hate it when that happens (and I hate seeing it on other sites too) but due to diverging fandom interests (Harry Potter and Beatles) I have not kept up the site. Therefore, two possibilities:

Giving it to someone else OR sponsoring a "where the hell have I been and WHY haven't I read this particular fic?!" drive. Because, once the summer passed in 2003? Very hard to find some quality Sparrow/Turner fiction (which is probably one of the reasons for the lack of updates).

So, if there's fic I've been missing and you think I should put it up on the site, e-mail me. Or if you're willing to take over the site e-mail me too. Mind you, only people with expertise in archiving and in HTML. Don't want to just give it away to anyone! :)

In the meantime, feel free to contact me on my LiveJournal, or just poke in there with recs! Also, new Jack and Will pictures up in the gallery to peruse. ;)

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