Will Turner

Will Turner left his native England at the age of eight, his mother dead, and his inquisitive spirit seeking his father. The ship he traveled on was attacked by pirates, but later on he was thankfully saved by another ship bound for Jamaica. It was then that he met Elizabeth Swann, and would harbor a crush on her.

Turner got the chance to show her what she meant to him by traveling to find her after she was taken by the same pirates, the crew of the Black Pearl. They needed her blood to revoke their curse, and Turner needed her back. The only way he could find her was to get the help of another pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. They formed a partnership, then became friends.

Finding out his father was Bootstrap Bill Turner, a pirate, seemed to be earth shattering to William, a good, law abiding yet shy young blacksmith. He eventually accepted his background, his gold heart and unwavering determination, not to mention skill with the blade showing he's not a mere simpleton.

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