For your viewing pleasure, the most complete list of quotes regarding Johnny, Orlando, each other and their characters that I could find.


'Depp, who is known for submerging himself in conflicted and often quirky characters, says he was surprised by how much he came to like this one.

"It's happened to before. I guess it depends on how good you feel playing the character or how well you know him," says Depp. " It's happened to me a couple of times before, but this time it was big. You go through a period of decompression after playing the guy. I was really irritable and a little bit melancholy and I realized I missed Captain Jack. I felt so comfortable being him and being in that skin that you go 'God, am I ever going to see him again? Will I ever meet him again? Will I ever be him again?"'
– Johnny regarding Jack Sparrow


"When he encounters Jack Sparrow, Will turns from this lovable, earnest dork into a romantic leading man. His hair comes down, his body language changes, all due to his interaction with Jack and the effect they have on each other."
– Gore Verbinski (Director of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)


"And Orlando, who's as sweet as anyone can humanly, possibly be, um, also very intelligent, good sense of humor, um, gets it as well."
– Johnny on Orlando


'YM: Who was better at sword fighting, you or Johnny?
Orlando: [laughs] "I could never take Johnny Depp on any level."'


'Reporter: "What are three things that it takes to be a pirate, like that you have to do or be?"
Keira Knightley: "Um, well in this one you have to be really sexy. Like Geoffrey Rush obviously, and, you know, the other two are all right I suppose. You also have to be a bit rebellious and rather dirty."

Orlando Bloom: "Honor amongst thieves, roguery, and uh, probably a lot of alcohol."

Johnny Depp: "I think it would be rum ... times three. You know? Yeah, rum."'
Hollywood.com Interview


'Cruising at 400mph, 38,000 feet above the Atlantic and that's Orlando Bloom over there, totally pissed, gurgling and mumbling something to Johnny Depp about getting butt-slapped by the blade of a rapier. With every bottle of red wine sunk, and then added to the already cluttered cabin floor, the pair's Colgate-white teeth become gradually blacker. LA is just a dot in the distance. Boy, this is the only way to fly isn't it? Marlboro Light for you Johnny? Coffee laced with Baileys for afters, Orlando? Thanks very much, they'll take the bottle...

Welcome to the High for Mile club. In a stunt reserved for Hollywood's most precious cargo, Johnny Depp has chartered a luxury jet to whoosh himself on the film set of this summer's swashbuckling blockbuster, Gore Verbinski's Pirates of the Caribbean. The five star air-yacht-cum-six-seater booze cruiser has made the hop from Los Angeles LAX Airport to ET Joshua Airport, St. Vincent, Caribbean, in just under five hours. Plenty of time for Orlando, Johnny, Johnny's assistant Sam, Pirates producer Jerry Bruckheimer (plus wife) to get totally gaga on the unofficial in-flight entertainment. Plenty of time also for the welcome party - led by St. Vincent's Prime Minister, Dr.Ralph Gonsalves - to shake'n'vac the red carpet and stand to attention, brass-polished.

The jet bumps down and fizzes to a halt, right opposite the PM's broad grin. He waits. Clunk. Hissssss! The plane's white cabin door slides open and the air-conditioning fugs out on to the dusty Tarmac. Smiles broaden in anticipation. Then drop. Johnny comes out singing in Anglo-LA patois, dancing and hurling his luggage all over the airport: "Ya mon, tis so good to be 'ere in tha Caribic wid you, mon!" Orlando follows up the rear: crawling, bent double with laughter, tears streaming down his face, chocolate liquer lipsticking his boyish pout.'
Fantastic Voyage, The Face (UK), August 2003


'Orlando Bloom only has hazy memories of the time he met a Caribbean Prime Minister -- because he was so drunk. Orlando flew with his "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" co-star Johnny Depp and the movie's producer Jerry Bruckheimer to meet St Vincent's Prime Minister Keith Mitchell, but the harddrinking stars ended up disgracing themselves infront of the politician. The British star laughs, "Jerry was up at the front of the plane with his wife, and me and Johnny and Johnny's friend Sam were at the back of the plane and we sat there and drank red wine. I don't know, maybe the altitude had something to do with it, but when we got to the island we just, like, crawled off the plane, staggering." He continues, "The Prime Minister was there to meet us and he goes, 'Hey man, very pleased to introduce you to St. Vincent.' Johnny's friend crawled past him, didn't even stop, Johnny gave him a huge hug and kept kissing him. And there's me trailing after Johnny picking up all the stuff he kept dropping. It was crazy." '
Orlando's drunken meeting with politician


'Johnny admits that he finds it very difficult issuing words of wisdom to the up-and-coming actors.

"I'm really no one to be giving advice. I've stepped in more s*** than most people and on purpose," he says.

"But because how they initially tried to present me to the public was such an uncomfortable skin to be forced in, I fought. And it's still going on to some degree, even at the ripe old age of 40," he adds.

"So when Orlando comes to me and says, 'Hey man, they want me to be this and do that,' essentially I told him, 'F*** 'em. Just do what you need to do for you,'" says the experienced actor.'
Yahoo! Interview


'Johnny Depp made the most of life at sea on the set of hit movie Pirates of the Caribbean - he lived on a yacht decorated like Austin Powers' loveboat.

Co-star Orlando Bloom was invited aboard Captain Johnny's floating love shack one day, and still can't get the image of the little paradise out of his head.

Bloom says, "You should have seen this boat - shag pile carpet, mirrors on the ceiling, velvet everywhere. It was mad.

"I loved the fact that he lived on a boat. How cool is that?"'
Channel 4.com snippet


 '"There were some long faces at the company, let's say–people who weren't particularly enthusiastic about my choices for the character," Depp says, more amused than surprised. "They're just going, 'Oh my God, is he wearing mascara? And why is he staggering?' And finally, I just had to say, 'Listen, trust me or fire me. Once everything's all put together, I think you'll like it.'"

"A lot of actors wouldn't have had the courage to say that," says Depp's costar Orlando Bloom. "And he does, because he knows what he can do. He told them, 'You have to wait and see.' So they waited and saw. And it was so funny; by the end they're all applauding.

"I loved sharing a screen with him. God, I feel like such a little kid right now, talking about a hero, but he's the man"–both onscreen and off. Among comers like Bloom, Depp is routinely lionized for his skill and his cool–the cool of the unco-optable, the incorruptible. And yet Bloom couldn't have known the full extent of Depp's cool until the Pirates shoot, during which Depp lived on a yacht docked near the set on St. Vincent. "You should have seen this boat, man," says Bloom. "Shag pile carpet, mirrors on the ceiling, velvet everywhere, like an Austin Powers boat. It was mad. I love the fact that he lived on a boat. How cool is that?"
– Johnny Depp interview with GQ, August 2003


'If on-screen he plays bedevilled characters wandering and searching for something pure, in person Depp appears content and is just about the nicest celebrity you could come across.

Keira Knightley, his co-star in Pirates, thinks so too. “He’s completely unassuming. He’s possibly one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, certainly very well read. (He’s) fluent in French, which is always impressive. He’s not starry in the least; he’s just a normal guy.

“And I think when you meet somebody who has had the success like Johnny’s had, you kind of expect his head to have been turned by it, and it absolutely hasn’t. He is very, very generous. My mom says he’s very well brought up. He always makes sure that he pulls out the chair for you when you sit down, he opens the doors for you, which always goes down well with the ladies. He’s also a very talented guy. I expected him to be moody and artistic, and he’s not. He’s absolutely not; he’s just a sweetheart.”'
The Star Online interview


'It’s kind of sweet to see Depp stumble for words when asked what made Paradis the one for him.

“Initially it was because it was so instantaneous,” he finally says, while snapping his fingers. “It had to have been, erm, it’s unexplainable because it’s instinct you know. It’s just feeling. You see a beautiful girl or a beautiful boy across a room and have some kind of, whatever reaction, animal reaction or whatever.”'
The Star Online interview


'“The character of Captain Jack Sparrow didn’t read like that on the page,” fellow actor Orlando Bloom explains. “It really didn’t. And he really sort of grabbed that kind of sea-legged, drunken swashbuckling Keith Richards number out of the back of his mind and created it like you see on the screen.

“I think he’s probably been practising to be a pirate forever,” laughs Bloom.

Depp says that he has had a romantic notion of pirates and gypsies ever since he was a kid. He reveals rather cheerfully that his daughter is absolutely convinced that he really is one.

“She actually thinks that her daddy is a pirate. She saw the trailer of Pirates, which she loved. She said: ‘Again, again.’ She saw it over and over and over. It was my job to rewind and play,” Depp smiles.'
The Star Online interview


'In POTC you're playing alongside Johnny Depp and in your next film Troy alongside Brad Pitt. Impressive!
OB: "You bet. Playing alongside such great actors isn't easy. I know Johnny is much better than me, because he makes a boring role into a crazy one. And in POTC you can take the 'crazy' serious. But Johnny is too friendly to be in the spotlight alone. He's often know as the strange wild boy, but that isn't true at all. Johnny just has a weird sense of humor, a british sense of humor. So maybe that's why he's so famous in Europe? And maybe that's why I can get along with him so well?"'
– JOEPIE interview


'Depp says morphing into a family-friendly movie star with Pirates of the Caribbean has been a new experience.

"I'm still in shock that my name is attached to a film that actually did well at the box office," muses Depp, who's shooting the thriller Secret Window in Montreal. "It's a new thing for me. Little kids come up to me now, and say, 'Captain Jack Sparrow!' Now, they're gonna go back and rent Fear and Loathing. I'll have little kids going, 'What is he huffing?' "'
USATODAY.com Once Upon a Time in Mexico interview


 The film-makers knew that the Disney stamp itself could play against them in the fiercely-contested summer screen war. If Mickey Mouse gave them no cool kudos, perhaps the most brilliantly unpredictable actor of his generation could. “That’s why I hired Johnny Depp,” admits Bruckheimer. “That says, ‘Wait a second, this is not for your three year old brother or sister’. Johnny Depp doesn’t do movies like that. He does movies like Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow.”

“At the end of the day, you can blow up a thousand ships and have a million skeletons waving cutlasses,” says Verbinski, “but the real pleasure is to see an audience respond to Johnny, in a scene that I could shoot with the lights I could carry in the back of a station wagon. You can have a huge scale, but it’s meaningless if you don’t have characters you want to watch.”

And Depp is hypnotic. As mincing, Kohl-smeared brigand Captain Jack Sparrow, he confesses to blending raddled rock libertine Keith Richards with amorous toon skunk Pepe Le Pew. It’s a performance that sways on a knife-edge between brilliance and burlesque, showmanship and sheer, hands-over-eyes embarrassment.

“Yes, and that’s exactly where you want to be!” laughs Verbinski. “If you’re going to fail, fail big, that’s my theory.”
– SFX Interview, September 2003


“The truth is,” says Verbinski, “the movie can support his performance, because Orlando Bloom is doing the Errol Flynn thing. Johnny isn’t burdened with the leading man love story. He gets to meander through this movie and affect the lives of everyone around him, and what’s great about his character is that at any moment you can stop and say, ‘What does the character want?’ He just wants his ship back. And as absurd as that performance is, whenever the Black Pearl is an issue, he plays it pretty straight. That’s what lets you ride on the razor’s edge. The character is not winking at this movie. The film is not winking at itself.”

As heroic blacksmith Will Turner, Lord of the Rings lust-elf Orlando Bloom acts as straight man to Depp’s fabulous freakishness. “I kept having to remind Orland that he wasn’t cool yet,” laughs Verbinski. “His character hadn’t completed his arc yet; he hadn’t found out who his father was. So I had to say to him, ‘Listen, you’re still a dork!’ And he’d go ….” Verbinski gives a priceless impression of a fiercely focused Bloom – “ ‘Oh yeah, yeah, yeah! Right! I’m still a dork! Got it!’ But then Johnny’s around and he wants to be cool like Johnny! That’s actually part of Will’s story, becoming a pirate, but for most of this movie he’s not a pirate, he’s a blacksmith. So I really wanted him to be rigid, to really contrast with Johnny when the two of them are together.”
– SFX Interview, September 2003


"You look at him and think, 'Now that's a cool guy,' " says Pirates of the Caribbean costar Orlando Bloom. "He's just one of the best-looking guys on the screen."
– Regarding Johnny, People's Sexiest Man Alive 2003 Issue 


"Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely," says Keira Knightley, his castmate in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. "He's very cool. He's a gorgeous guy. Eye candy."
– Regarding Johnny, People's Sexiest Man Alive 2003 Issue 


"Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be?" Depp said recently. "I'm a pirate, after all."
– People's Sexiest Man Alive 2003 Issue 

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