Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow was once captain of the Black Pearl, the fastest ship on the high seas. However, a quest for gold led his crew to commit mutiny, naming first mate Barbossa as their captain. Barbossa stranded Sparrow on a deserted island while his crew went on to find the big treasure. He unknowingly spared Sparrow from the curse that soon afflicted them all.

Ten years later, Sparrow finds himself without a crew, traveling here and there until he can get the opportunity to get his ship back. He finds a way when Will Turner, son of loyal pirate Bootstrap Bill Turner, needs Sparrow's help to get his object of affection, Elizabeth Swann, back from the cursed Black Pearl crew.

Weaving about, Sparrow is far from the simpleton drunken pirate he appears to be. His brain cooked from being in the sun too long, Sparrow is also a smart and crafty pirate with a card up his sleeve.

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