Frequently Asked Questions

It was about time that this got written. Stef receives many e-mails a day (more than 50 on average) and runs 8 websites, so it can be hard to catch up. Hence, she's not responding too often. So, if you have a question, try looking for the answer here before e-mailing. ;)


What's slash, by the way?
Slash is a term referring to the pairing of two people normally heterosexual, and of the same sex in fiction written by fans of the characters and genre. There's m/m (male/male) slash– of which you'll find here– and f/f (female/female slash) fan fiction.


But... Will...Jack... Not in the movie! They're not gay! It's Disney!
Ah, but you see, there's always a thing called 'subtext'. Trust me. I've been gunning for a couple for well on four years now in another fandom, and they've gotten together more or less. Anyway, back to my point, the objective for this site is to provide the visitor with information regarding their similar point of view that the relationship between Will and Jack (whether or not just in the movies , it's up to you) is beyond friendship.


Why is Elizabeth in the layout?
Due to falling in love with the brilliantly written J/W/E fanfiction out there, I decided to not only archive J/W, but J/W/E as well. They're my One True Threesome, apparently.


So if you're accepting Jack/Will/Elizabeth, why aren't there Jack/Elizabeth and Will/Elizabeth fanfics here also?
I must admit -- after Jack/Will, I like J/E and W/E. But slash comes first, for me, and so I only archive stories here that, if they feature Elizabeth in a relationship with one of the men, there's a m/m pairing in there too. And it's Jack/Will. Savvy? Also, due to time constraints and hanging threads of sanity, I don't have time to also scour the 'net and archive fiction that's not J/W and J/W/E. Besides, there's a few sites dedicated to J/E and W/E that you should check out. I'll be adding them soon to the links page.


Are you ever going to add RPS (Real Person Slash) fics to your site?
Eventually, yes. There's not many Orlando/Johnny fics out there (hint: send them in) but I probably will add some soon. I've gotten permission for a few. As you can see, the archive is already split between FPS (Fictional) and RPS (Real) slash, just in case RPS squicks people out.


Hi Johnny! Hi Orli! I love you! Can you send me an autograph?
This hasn't happened yet, but to make matters clear to begin with: I'm not, nor do I personally know Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom. I wish I did though. That'd be grand.


I like your frames/layout. How did you do them, and can you send me the HTML?
Well, I do the HTML using (yes, I know, bad) a WYSIWYG editor. Either Dreamweaver, or AOLPress. AOLPress is already obsolete (1996!) and AOL doesn't offer it on it's site anymore. I recommend it for beginners. I still use it, due to the free cost, and decent features. You might try searching for a download site on Google.

Other than that, no, I can't send you the HTML. I recommend you try doing sites yourself -- better to learn that way. And besides, makes me a bit uncomfortable seeing my work taken, y'know?


What program did you use for the graphics?
Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and 7.0. Both over $500. Or.. you can try downloading a free trial version at If you want the full version, try KaZaa. They're both worth it.


What font did you use for the layout?
Whenever I do a layout, I put specific font names and brushes in the credits page. So, go check there. 


Do you have (insert picture/song/etc here)? Can you e-mail it to me? Thanks!
The reason why I don't put up MP3s is that a) they take up a lot of space b) I'm not even supposed to have media files like that on my domain -- I get away with it sometimes, but other times I'm afraid they'll delete my files and c) they're bandwidth sucking fiends.

Also, not only does my AOL suck, but my FTP does too. Uploading large files like that takes hours. Try going on message boards to search for people who trade videos, or downloading Kazaa for episodes and MP3s.


I have a Will Turner and/or Jack Sparrow related clip. Can you put it on your site?
Sure! Just either upload it to your own webspace. Don't send it in a ZIP file to me, otherwise I can't download it. :)


How come the site hasn't been updated?
Okay, not as common a question, but had to put it in: I run other websites. Takes a while. :| Just please be patient and there will be an update!


____ is missing/not showing up. Can you tell me where I can find a copy, or send me it?
If there's something missing, bear with my fickle server. It's evil. Sometimes, no worky. If it's still not there after you've tried a couple minutes later, e-mail me and I'll fix it.

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