Fan Art Challenge

Instead of the normal contests regarding fan art that you find on other sites (blend challenges and the like) this is different. We give you the gist, the pose, and idea. Then you send in your response, it being the challenge in drawn or graphic form. It's similar to fan fiction challenges, which usually give you a few choice words or a snippet of plot, then you run with it. These challenges will always change -- nothing set monthly really, as we sometimes tend to lag with those sorts of things.

Everyone's a winner, so the prize you'll really get is having your art displayed here. I'm sorry I can't offer more! I just know that for me personally, I love expressing myself through the written word and in art form. Doing graphic collages for my fan fiction, for example, is a lovely combination of words and art. What better thing to see than your imagination put into something you created, something for all to see? Almost like writing and directing a film -- hasn't happened to me yet, but hopefully it will!

So here is the current challenge...!

It isn't stated, but you can deduct Jack's somewhat feminine tendencies in the film -- the way his hands move, the little swish. Think of it what you will. But as the wonderful Dollsdaughter once drew, it got me thinking: Jack sure does look lovely in a dress. So, here's the theme: Jack. Will. Crossdressing. We're not talking too flamboyant because honestly, this is around the 17th century. But dresses are required.

Bonus points for a Middle Eastern flair. If you've seen Don Juan DeMarco for Johnny, think of that. If you haven't -- see it, it's a very funny and lovely film.

Fan Art Theme: Jack. Will. Crossdressing (dresses required). Bonus for Middle Eastern flair.

Want to be try it? Send your submission (drawing, collage, manipulation, etc.) to us and challenge entries shall be added to the gallery!

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