Screencaps and sounds not enough? Perhaps you'd like to see them in full blazing color...and motion? Then take a look at the following video clips.

To download these clips, right click on the download link and choose 'Save Target As'. You need either an MPG player or Windows Media Player - you can get the latest of the player that'll play both here. If there is sound but no picture, then you need to download a new codec. Go to DiVx and download one in the downloads section.

Title: Crossing Blades
Length: 55 secs.
Size: 2.07MB
Download: Crossing Blades
Will and Jack have a sword fight.

Title: Pirate
Length: 54 secs.
Size: 2.02MB
Download: Pirate
Flashy footwork and cheating!

Title: Able-Bodied Crew
Length: 1:17 mins.
Size: 2.96MB
Download: Able-Bodied Crew
The beginning of the voyage...

Title: PoTC on Access Hollywood Featurette
Length: 2:06 mins.
Size: 3.75MB
Download: Access Hollywood
Orlando & Johnny swordfight, in which a blooper occurs.

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