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The following is a list of links cobbled together from previous sites and random trips via the web. If you have any links for this list, then please e-mail us. If you see a site of your own listed here, and wish for us to remove it, then e-mail us as well.

pirate resources:
18th Century Military Terms Dictionary
18th Century World History Resources
The Age of Sail
British Military Terms and Soldier Slang
English History of Jamaica
Essential Political History
A General History of the Pyrates by Captain Charles Johnson
The Mariner's Jewel - Dictionary of Nautical Slang
Maritime Pirates - Pirate Talk & Jargon & Phrases and so forth
The Mother of All Maritime Links
Nautical Terms and Phrases... Their Meaning and Origin
Nautical Terms and Phrases - Their Origin and Meaning
Naval Slang
The Navy of the Napoleonic Era
The Origins and Common Usage of British Swear Words
Pirate Culture
Pirate Dictionary
Pirate Flags
Pirate Image Archive
Pirate Licenses and Documents of Interest
Pirate Punishments and Pirate Sexuality
Pirates of the Spanish Main
The Pirate's Hold
The Pirates Site
Port Royal, Jamaica
Royal Navy 1793-1815
Royal Navy Items
Sailing Terms & Illustrations
Sea Superstitions
The Sea-Man's Vade Mecum - Dictionary of Nautical Slang
Shanties and Sea Songs
Ships of the Old Navy
Short History of Tortuga
Swashbuckler's Cove
Welcome to the Caribbean Geography and Geographical Features
Yaquina Bay Oysters - Pirate Information

general resources, writing and helpful sites:
Big Dog's Grammar
E-Conflict World Encyclopedia
The Fanfiction Directory
The Fiction Writer's Page
Gay History and Literature
Grammar Book
Grammar Now
Guide To Grammar and Writing
Lesbian and Gay Marriage through History and Culture
Merrium-Webster Online
Modern Gay History
Research It
The Skeptic's Dictionary: A Guide for the New Millennium
The Wading Pool
Travlang's Translating Dictionaries
The Write Connection
Writers GB
Writer's Free Reference
Writer's Toolbox
Writers University

essays and tips:
11 Rules of Writing
The Advantages Of Fanfiction As An Art Form
The Advantages of EROTIC fanfiction as an art form
Adventures in Destruction: The Fight Scene
Advice To Beginning Writers
Avoid Common Writing Errors
Bad Fic
The Basics
The Big List Of FanFic Peeves
Building New Worlds
Cliche Souflee
Common Errors in English
Conflict in Fantasy Romance
The Craft Of Writing
Crime And Punishment
Exclamation Point Spread
Editing Issues
The Elements of Style
The Fanfiction Directory
Fear Of "Said!"
Finding Inspiration
Frequently Asked Questions for beginners
Guide for Amateur Writers of Erotica
Hardcore Critique Advice
Hardcore Critique Guidelines
How can I become a better writer?
It's The Little Things That Count
Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers
Murder Your Darlings
Overstating The Clearly Obvious and four other writing tips
Poison Pen's Guide To Writing Amateur Erotica
Some Common Writing Mistakes
So you wanna avoid common writing errors?
Tips For Fanfic Authors
Tips For Writing Better Fanfiction
Tips On Writing
Turkey City
What are some good fanfic writing rules of thumb?
What Metaphors Are For
A Writers Shortcut to Stronger Writing
Writing Terms
Yin and Yang: Knowledge and Ignorance
Yin and Yang: The Deadly Hero
Your Main Character

Yahoo! Actors and Actresses
International Movie Database
Just Jack
The Orlando Bloom Files

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