Title: First Time
Author: Reisling (woodlandwines@yahoo.com)
Pairing: Will/Jack
Rating: R? (I'm terrible at ratings)
Summary: There's a first time for everything.
Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to Disney Enterprises Inc. and Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc. I make no profit from this nor do I intend to infringe on the rights of the aforementioned corporations. It's just for fun, ok?
Author's Note: Don't read this if you don't have a sense of humor about
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Will held his breath, trying not to flinch as Jack approached him from behind. He wanted this, wanted to show Jack how much he trusted him.

"Relax, my boy," Jack whispered, his lips brushing Will's ear as he spoke

"Just breath. Don't be afraid of the pain. Pain will bring the pleasure."

Will felt the pressure against his soft flesh. A convulsive whimper came from his throat. Jack pulled back.

"I won't do this if you're not willing, lad. I'll not force you."

"No," Will pleaded. "I want it."

"Look at me," Jack commanded. The Pirate took Will's chin in his hand, forcing the young man to look back over his shoulder. "You've got nothing to prove to me, Will Turner. You're mine. Whether we do this now or later, I know you belong to me. I'll kill the man who says different."

Tears rolled silently from Will's liquid chocolate eyes.

"Jack, you've been so patient with me - too patient. Do it, do it now!"

The trembling blacksmith closed his eyes, hands fisting the thin covering of the mattress.

It felt exactly as Will had expected - shooting heat, first only a pinpoint, then radiating from the point of entry, until his entire body felt on fire.

"Almost, " Jack said softly, careful to keep his own breathing in check.

"I promise, love, it will never feel like this again" He kissed the back of Jack's neck, the kisses turning into licking, the licking become sucking.

With his thoughts on Jack's administrations to his neck, Will barely noticed that Jack had started to slowly rotate the cause of his pain in an attempt to enlarge his opening. He moaned, this time from pleasure rather than pain. "Don't stop."

"I couldn't stop now, no matter how hard you beg", Jack chuckled softly. Will heard the gentle sound of gold clinking against gold. Long braids brushed against his back. Jack's hand gripped Will's shoulder, fingernails biting into willing flesh. "We're too far gone now, my sweet William."

Will wasn't ready for the intrusion of the larger shaft. He cried out, tried to pull away. Jack wrapped his arms around Will, pulling him tight to his chest. "It's all right, love, just hold still. The sting will fade. There'll be no more pain. You have my promise on that."

"God, I'm so sorry Jack. I feel like a fool. I never expected it to hurt so-"

"Shhh. It's over. Listen to the waves crashing against the ship. Feel the steady rocking..." The Pirate's voice trailed off as he placed soft kisses along the arched back of his sun-bronzed prize. He could feel the tension leaving the young man. One last convulsive sob, and Jack knew Will had recovered.

"So there'll be no denying it now. You belong to Cap'n Jack Sparrow, my bonny lad and all the world shall know it. Tell me it was worth it. Tell me that this is what you wanted." The Pirate's voice was fierce with possession.

Will opened his eyes. He looked across the bunk to the mirror hanging on the cabin wall. He couldn't help but smile at Jack, leering over his shoulder. The young blacksmith gave a wanton shake of his head. Candlelight glistened off the gold hoop, that only moments before had decorated the Pirate's ear, now swinging gently from Will's freshly pierced earlobe.

"Yes, Jack, yes," Will purred, turning to his lover. "I'm forever yours."