Title: Pathway to Hell
Author: PenM (sweetjo_2000@hotmail.com)
Pairing: Will/Jack
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Will wants Jack to let him hate in peace; Jack will have none of it.
Disclaimer: It's... not... mine... *forces out of gritted teeth*
Author's Notes: Part two in a series of vignettes. Part One - Lost and Bound can be found here.

I wish there's something real in this world full of you.

He makes me want to hate him so much. I trusted him. I see now there is no bigger mistake I could have made.

"You like this," he says, running his hand along my hip.

"You wouldn't want me not to," I retort, lowering my eyelashes. "You make it impossible not to."

"You want to like this," he insists.

Maybe I do, and maybe that's why I hate it so much. He won't let me hate it, though. He never lets me answer, instead doing things with his hand that he knows will leave me speechless. On fire, his hand trails paths of fire. I draw in breath. He could never resist a challenge. The more I hate him, the more he will work to make me love him. He will never accept that I can hate him. No one can hate him. He is Captain Jack Sparrow. He will drive me mad; I think I'm already driven mad.

I spent ages trying to build up this hate. Build it up, and now he takes it apart with a flick of his finger like that, oh like that, and it's like trying to swim against the current and ohgodpleasedon'tstop. Why can't he just let me hate him in peace? I'm not the only one, there are more people who hate the wily captain of the Pearl.

She calls it freedom.

He takes me in hand. The up and down motion sends me spiralling into darkness and pushes me just a bit further on my way to hell. And I know it will be hell, because he will be there