Title: Firewater
Author: PenM (sweetjo_2000@hotmail.com)
Pairing: Will/Jack
Rating: R
Summary: He's burning up, burning inside out. Will happens to like fire.
Disclaimer: I wish I owned two sexy boytoy-playthings that would shag on command. But then again... don't we all?

Touch, tease, taste. He's on fire, Will thinks, his hands all over the gold-bronze skin. His fingers are quick and clumsy. Slick, slip, slide. He's got alcohol in his blood; he's ready to burn, and Will's got a match. Strike, flick, flare, and in a second or two, he's burning up, burning inside out; Will's touch lights him on fire.

He's hotter than any human being should ever be, Will thinks, and leans forward to give his lover a long, slow, languid lick. The man beneath him bites his lip and claws at his bed; his hands find purchase in the greying sheets. Will kisses that open mouth thoroughly, threading a hand through that coarse hair, and slanting their mouths to make the kiss wet and deep. He lines their hips together so he can give a slight half-twist that will leave his lover moaning for more. And of course, Will gives him more. His mouth is everywhere at once.

Touch, tease, taste. Jack Sparrow shivers beneath Will's hands, and with a silent fluttering of lashes, comes hard.

He's on fire, Will thinks, and smiles.