Title: Desert Breeezes
Author: PenM (sweetjo_2000@hotmail.com)
Pairing: Will/Jack
Rating: PG-13
Summary: callmespike challenged me to write another 'elements' story, so I picked wind. Companion piece to 'Firewater'. I really hope my stories aren't getting boring. Hardly anyone ever reviews them anymore.
Disclaimer: Grr. Argh. (That constitutes as a proper disclaimer, I hope?)
Author's Notes:

Will is wind and air; fancy and flighty. His hand is a ghost that roams and leaves a man begging for more. His touch is cool sometimes, and barely there; a whisper of a touch. He is never in one place for long; slip, flick, and he's everywhere, and his touch is everywhere as well.

Of course, when Will's in a storm, there'll be no stopping him until he has what he wants. He will forge on, and God help whatever is standing in his way; it will bend or break. Jack has found bruises all along the inside of his wrist sometimes; that is when Will is rough, in one of his stormy moods. Sometimes there will be lightning and thunder and wind in his eyes; and sometimes they will flicker across Jack like desert breezes; dry and warm.

Sometimes Jack will wonder, where is the boy with his roots in the earth? And Jack will answer himself, he is gone gone gone, and he is not coming back. He is a blacksmith no longer; he is a pirate. And Jack taught him that, to be wind is to be free, though lonely sometimes, and would he like some... company? Will learns too fast, too well. Jack doesn't think he minds much; especially not with Will's hands on him like that. They are everywhere, and Jack wonders if he taught Will that as well.

Will is wind and air; fancy and flighty and never in the same place for long anymore.