Title: The Ties That Bind
Author: Lostiawen (changeling@planetx.org)
Pairing: Will Turner/Jack Sparrow
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Thinking that Jack has left him, Will turns to Elizabeth. Jack decides to re-establish his claim.
Disclaimer: The characters within are the property of Disney. The author does not own them, and is not making a profit off of their depiction here.
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Warnings : Bondage, implied het (but I tried to keep it down to a minimum), some angst.
Author's Notes: Sequel to 'Intercepted'. Had to throw Will into bondage after seeing that yummy scene in PotC. Yes, and the gag is there, too. And I probably horribly misquoted the movie, please don't kill me, I've only seen it twice.

"Elizabeth...I should I have told you every day from the moment I met you...I love you," Will said before turning away and  disappearing into the crowd. His words sounded hollow to his own ears. Why had he felt the need to tell her this? He sighed. He knew why. He did love her, in a way, but it was a child's crush. And she deserved to know that he felt something for her before he disappeared forever  with the one who had truly captured his heart.

His cheeks flushed as he remembered the nights he spent with Jack aboard the Interceptor. Jack had taken him to new heights of passion. His seeming betrayal to Barbossa had stung deeply, but Will had forgiven him once his scheme revealed itself.

And now he was to be hung. The drums were reaching a crescendo, and Will started pushing his way through the crowd, praying that he would not be too late.

He had managed to get clear barely in time. After he threw his sword to prevent Jack's neck from being snapped, he battled the executioner before cutting him free. They had almost made good on their escape when Norrington's men surrounded them.

"You forget your place, Turner," Norrington had barked.

"It's right here between you and Jack," Will said firmly. If he couldn't be with Jack, he fully intended to die with him.

"As is mine," said Elizabeth. Will tried to control his surprise. He knew why he was offering, but why Elizabeth? She smiled at him, and he felt guilty that his motives were not as pure as her own.

Will was shocked when Norrington let them go. And he was even more shocked when Jack jumped over the cliff, swimming back to the Black Pearl, and the sea. Without him. Without even looking back at him.

As he looked at Jack's rapidly disappearing figure, his heart shattered. He blinked, feeling numb inside. He was interrupted by a gentle touch on his  shoulder.

"Will, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," he said softly. He looked at Elizabeth, so much different from Jack's unpredictability. He saw the love in her eyes, and remembered that Jack had never made any such comments to him. "Elizabeth..."

Her father appeared just then, interrupting him.

"Is this where your choice lies?" he asked.

"It is."

"Well, I hope you know what you're doing, he is a blacksmith."

"No," she replied, "He's a pirate."

Will had to avoid wincing at that declaration. He now wanted to leave his pirate's life behind. Wanted to leave Jack behind.

Will saw Governor Swann making a discreet exit. He kissed her then, hoping to erase the memories of a rougher, saltier kiss that tasted faintly of rum.

After they parted, he could still smell the sea, and he could still feel the call of it in his blood. He knew what he had to do to staunch it once and for all.


"Yes?" she replied.

"Will you marry me?"

She flung her arms around him, tears misting her eyes. "Yes!"


The next night, he knew his hope of peace was not to be.

The regular cells had been damaged in the first attack on Port Royal, so the rest of Barbossa's crew had been housed in an open compound that was heavily guarded.

Somehow, they had reverted back to their undead state, and they broke free, killing the guards. They then proceeded to raze Port Royal to the ground.

Elizabeth somehow found him as the chaos started.

"We have to flee! Norrington and his men are out pursuing Jack, and we're severely undermanned," she said.

"You go, I'll stay," Will said.

"Will, they'll need your blood again. You can't."

Will shook his head. He needed to stay. Better that than having to face Jack again and drive the knife further into the wound in his heart.

Something heavy crashed on his head, and he lost consciousness. Before everything went black, he heard Elizabeth saying, "I'm sorry, it's for your own good."

When Will came to, he was lying on the deck of a small merchant boat. He recognized Elizabeth's maid tending to him.

"Miss Swann, he's awake!"

Will groaned. His head was a bit sore, and he felt vaguely nauseous. Elizabeth appeared.

"I'm sorry, Will. You would've stayed until it was too late." She looked around sadly. "Only a handful of us got out with our lives."

Will grimaced. He was at sea again, the very thing he had hoped to avoid.

"Maybe you should have," he said.

"Will, that's utter rubbish!"

"You don't understand, Elizabeth!"

Her eyes flashed. "I understand that Port Royal is no more. I understand that the curse is back. And I understand that if you don't guide us to Tortuga, we don't have a bloody prayer of defeating them if we can't find Jack Sparrow!"

She stood up. "Talk to me when you're done sulking. Everyone's help is needed to sail this vessel." She turned on her heel and stalked away.

Will got to his feet and leaned over the ship's bow. He sighed, remembering Jack's caresses and how his body had thrilled to the rough touches while they were aboard the Interceptor. He had fallen in love with Jack then, but he wouldn't admit it to himself, preferring to keep it even more secret than his love for Elizabeth.

And he was happy that he had remained guarded. Once they had picked up their crew, they had no time for intimacy, other than a few stolen moments here and there. Jack had cautioned him that Barbossa's crew would use their affection for each other against them, and he wanted Will to start distancing himself.

Will agreed at the time, thinking it was a wise move. And once Barbossa had been killed, Will locked eyes with Elizabeth and realized then that he could never love her as he had loved Jack.

He cursed his naivete. It was quite clear to him now that Jack had intended to abandon him once the curse was broken.

"Not all treasure is gold," Jack had said.

And he had indeed stolen more than mere gold coins. The pain bubbled up inside of Will as he replayed Jack's escape in his mind. He gripped the ship's bow tightly, digging his nails into the wood. He cursed the day he had met Jack Sparrow, and cursed the day he had allowed himself to be bedded.

He cleared his mind and decided to focus on the matter at hand. He rose and walked to the prow to give directions to Tortuga.

The journey to Tortuga was exhausting, since most of the refugees were not sailors. Will and Elizabeth were kept quite busy, and they could barely keep their eyes open when they docked. They found an inn to stay at, but due to lack of funds, they had to sleep four or five people to a room.

They began their inquiries the next morning, but no one had seen Jack Sparrow since Will had last visited. They spent a fruitless week searching, hoping that he would return.

That night, Will's roommates were out carousing. He heard a tap at his door.

He opened the door slowly. Elizabeth twined her arms around him and pressed her body against his before she closed the door behind them.

"I missed you," she said leaning forward. She noticed his hesitation. "What's wrong?"

"N-nothing." He leaned forward to kiss her. Before their lips met, the door opened.

Colin, one of his roommates, cleared his throat. "I beg your pardon..."

Elizabeth said, "We'll talk some other time," before she left.

Will smiled at Colin and said, "It's all right. You didn't interrupt anything."

Will grabbed his hat and sword and left the inn to wander through the streets. He needed to think.

A noise cut through his reverie. It sounded like a woman's scream. The shriek then sounded again from a nearby alley. Will quickly drew his sword and barreled in. He saw two burly men holding down one of the whores.

"Unhand her!" he barked.

They drew their swords, but were inferior swordsmen, and he swiftly disarmed them. Panicked, the two men fled. Will attempted to follow them, but they were more familiar with the back alleys and he soon lost them.

He wandered back to check on the victim. She had stood up, and her back was against one of the walls. She looked shaky, but looked otherwise unharmed.

He drew closer, but at a distance of ten paces, she suddenly moved her hands from beneath her skirts. Each of them held a cocked pistol. One was leveled at his chest, the other at his gut. All trace of alarm was gone from her face and she regarded him with a steely glare.

"Stand right there," she said firmly. "Throw down your sword."

After Will obeyed, she whistled. He had no time to register exactly how many men jumped on him, but he was swiftly knocked unconscious.

When he came to, he heard the sound of the ocean and felt the gentle rocking underneath him. He guessed that he had been dragged onto a ship, and prayed that he hadn't fallen into the hands of Barbossa's crew.

He tried to peer around. The cabin was dark, and he couldn't see anyone in the gloom. He was on his back on a bunk. His was spread eagled and each limb had been skillfully tied to the frame with rope. He blushed when he realized that he didn't have a stitch of clothing on him.

"So, lad," he heard a throaty voice issuing from the gloom, "you decided to abandon your Captain."


He saw the spark of flint. A single candle was lit, casting long shadows on Jack's tanned face.

Jack Sparrow swayed closer, his eyes blazing. "I understand that you're engaged to Elizabeth."

Will bit out, "And how would you know?"

"Now, now. A pirate never gives away all of his secrets. Let's just say that I have my ways."

Realization dawned over Will. "You must have paid off the whore and those thugs."

Jack spread his hands and swayed. "And who else would have gone to such great lengths for you, m'boy?"

Will glared at him defiantly. "I don't see what difference that should make. You made it absolutely clear when you left Port Royal that you wanted nothing more to do with me."

Jack's voice lowered to a purr. "You're still mine, young Turner."

Will flushed, and he felt his groin stirring to life. Ashamed by his body betraying him, he spat, "I belong to no one, especially not a pirate."

"I've had enough of your sharp tongue," Jack said, grabbing a gag. He forced it into Will's mouth and knotted it, smiling as Will's dark eyes flashed at him defiantly.

He stroked Will's cheek and said, "Besides, you looked so fetching when Barbossa did this to you."

Will made a muffled growl of protest, straining against his bonds. "Ah, if you only knew how beautiful you look right now, lad." He felt Jack's hands traveling down further, caressing his neck, "You look utterly fit for a long ravishing."

Will shivered at Jack's words, but tried to maintain his posture of defiance. Remember, he thought, Jack had abandoned you. Jack slowly stripped, and Will tried to avoid staring at his former lover's already erect manhood.

"Now where should I start?" Jack said before he pressed his lips to the inside of Will's wrist. Will grunted as he felt Jack's hot tongue slowly caress the soft flesh, tracing his veins. He tugged on the ropes harder as he felt Jack's tongue tracing lower, down his arms and over his chest. He groaned as he felt Jack's tongue flicking over a nipple, teasing it to hardness.

Will ground his teeth, biting firmly into the gag. He squeezed his eyes closed, trying to stifle the whimper forming in his throat. He felt the blood pooling in his groin and he tried to think unpleasant thoughts to calm his stirring organ.

His concentration was shattered when felt Jack brushing his lips across his neck, and he prayed that Jack had forgotten about his particular weakness there. He tensed, his breath hitching as he waited for Jack to brush his lips across the sensitive area on the side of his neck.

Jack continued his passage down to the slimly muscled chest, and Will relaxed with a sigh. His eyes suddenly flew open as he felt Jack's mouth on his neck, sucking on the spot that always made his knees go weak.

Despite himself, Will found himself moaning, the gag stifling his cries. He tried to arch up and wrap his arms around Jack, and he whimpered in frustration when the ropes prevented him from doing so. He was completely helpless, and all he could do was to thrash in place and submit to Jack's ministrations.

That realization caused his body to flush with more desire than he thought was possible. His member hardened immediately, jutting from the nest of brown curls at the juncture between his thighs.

The maddening suction on that spot increased and Will squirmed as it started to hit the point of pain. Jack then released his skin and ran a soothing tongue over the spot, causing Will to quiver.

"I've marked you now," Jack said, his voice caressing Will's ears. At his words, Will's anger flared anew.

"Mgrrmf," he grunted loudly, his dark eyes flashing.

Jack laughed. "Tsk, tsk. Such language from that pretty mouth." He leaned back. "Maybe I should use something a bit... bigger as a gag?" he asked, stroking his member slowly.

Will blushed as he felt his shaft twitch at Jack's husky words. Angered with himself, he pulled again, causing the wooden frame of the bed to creak and he spat out more muffled curses.

Jack smiled wolfishly and he walked over to a nearby chair. Will's clothing was neatly piled on the seat, and Jack plucked a feather from the hat. Will stifled another rising moan as Jack dragged it over his torso, causing his skin to tingle and form gooseflesh in its wake.

The feather descended lower, dancing over his shaft. Will murmured. The light, teasing touches were causing his organ to throb, and despite himself, he started craving more contact. He grunted in frustration, and tugged at his bonds again, bringing his muscles out in sharp relief.

Moisture was now beading out of his member, and Jack dipped a finger into the small pool. He brought his finger to his mouth and licked it clean. "Delicious," he murmured.

Will protested quietly when Jack put the feather aside. His eyes widened as he saw Jack open a drawer and pull out a black velvet glove. Jack pulled it on with slow, deliberate motions before he reached over to touch Will again; splaying his fingers over Will's neck. He slowly dragged his hand down, and Will responded with a muffled purr, enjoying the glide of the plush material against his skin.

He gasped when Jack's hand closed around his hard organ and pulled upward. Will's eyes fluttered shut as he felt himself being surrounded by the warm, silky tunnel; feeling Jack wring shivers out of his body with each sleek stroke. Heat traveled and pooled in his organ, and Will made small noises of protest. He was losing himself in the sensuous, heated cushion, which teased him until he was at the brink of sweet madness. He whimpered, feeling his defenses crumbling as his body screamed for more.

He opened his eyes in a silent plea. Jack reached up with his other hand and tugged the gag down.

"Please," Will croaked. "Please..."


"Ravish me."

Jack released Will's pulsing shaft, and Will moaned in objection. He climbed onto the bunk and sat on top of Will's chest, nudging his weeping organ against Will's lips.

"Satisfy me first, boy," he purred.

Without any prompting, Will opened his mouth, letting Jack push his way in. He tried to swirl his tongue on Jack's shaft, but Jack braced his hands against the wall and began thrusting. Will relaxed his throat, feeling a passion course through his body as Jack used him to pleasure himself.

"Such a sweet mouth," Jack moaned as he pulled in and out, "it's built for swiving." He gave a final thrust and pulled out, smiling when he heard a whimper of protest.

Will saw that a thin thread of moisture ran from Jack's organ to his mouth, and he snaked out his tongue to capture it, savoring the taste.

Jack's eyes blazed with new lust at the decadent sight. He untied the bonds on Will's ankles and shucked the glove before he reached in another drawer for a bottle of oil. Will licked his lips and his eyes gleamed ferally as he saw Jack slicking up his fingers.

He moaned loudly as he felt Jack tease his entrance before easing a slick finger into him. He tried to push down, and whined in frustration when his remaining bonds prevented him from doing so.

"Patience, young Turner," Jack said as he added another finger. Will felt Jack pulling them back slightly and crooking them before stars exploded behind his eyes.

"Mother of god!" he screamed as Jack brushed over that spot again. Jack swiftly replaced the gag, muffling the loud keens issuing from Will's lips as he continued to massage the sensitive gland.

Will bucked upward, pleading with his large, soulful eyes. Jack ignored him and continued to torment him until his body burned, each nerve thrumming out of control, his skin so sensitized that the lightest puff of air sent him thrashing.

Will made small, piteous noises in his throat, and a tear leaked out of his eye. He felt as if he were going to die if he didn't feel Jack within him soon. He looked at Jack again and whimpered. He spread his legs whoreishly, silently begging for Jack to take him.

Jack lowered Will's gag again. "Are you mine, boy?"

Will sobbed out, "Yes..."

Will moaned as Jack pulled his fingers out. Jack poured some more oil in his hand and languidly slicked up his weeping sex, the sight driving Will into a frenzy.

"I want to hear you cry out, but these walls are thin. Savvy?" Will nodded mutely, his coherency destroyed by his burning need.

Jack pushed Will's legs up to his shoulders. He positioned himself at the small entrance and pushed the tip in.

"So tight..." Jack hissed.

Will groaned, keeping his lips sealed shut to dampen the noise. His body started shaking with desire, and he nodded mutely to Jack. Jack pushed in further, pausing when he noticed Will tensing up. He waited until Will had relaxed again before he finally pushed past the resistant ring of muscle and sank into Will's silken heat. Will bit his lip as he tried to keep his loud cry of pleasure under control.

Jack thrust into him slowly, wringing small cries from Will's lips. Will felt as if he was standing inside a volcano, and he writhed underneath Jack, panting as his passion was stoked higher. Jack grabbed Will's member and began stroking him in time with his thrusts, sending Will's lust spiraling out of control.

Will clenched his internal muscles, and Jack groaned, his thrusts becoming frantic. His hand blurred on Will's organ, matching the speed of his pounding.

Will thrashed under Jack, sobbing with relief as his long denied climax starting rushing up. Despite his best efforts, Will started keening loudly. Jack leaned down and kissed him, swallowing the loud screams as Will exploded, spraying pearly strands over Jack's hands.

Jack's thrusts grew ragged, and his body tensed before he buried himself deep into Will, howling into their joined mouths as he climaxed. Will moaned as he felt Jack filling him with his release, the hot liquid branding him inside.

Will felt Jack collapse on top of him, panting heavily. Jack held up his seed-coated hand, and moaned softly as Will obediently licked him clean. Jack then untied Will's arms, and they flopped bonelessly onto the bed.

Jack tenderly cupped Will's face and kissed him slowly, his tongue exploring the soft folds of his mouth. When they parted, Jack locked his eyes with Will's, and Will saw the rare vulnerability in the kohl-smudged depths.

"Why d'ye think I'd abandon you, luv?"

Will lowered his eyes, ashamed. "You left without looking back."

"I had no choice, Will. Norrington's men were at my heels. Besides..." he paused.


"I didn't want you to foolishly give up everything just to sail with ol' Jack."

Will wrapped his arms around Jack's neck. "I would follow you down to Davy Jones' locker, Captain Jack Sparrow. The sea is in my blood. And...I love you." And as he said the words, he knew that they rang true this time.

Jack kissed him greedily. "And I love you, young William."

Will tensed. "Barbossa's crew has been cursed again..."

"Yes, I heard. We'll find them and deal with them. Don't you worry about that, lad."

"And Elizabeth..."

"Can take care of herself," Jack slurred. "I left word at Tortuga that you were on the Black Pearl. I have no doubt that she'll find us, and we can deal with her then."

Will kissed Jack again and then yawned. Jack grinned. Will always slept like a log after a good wrestle in the sheets, just like his father. He brushed the damp curls out of his face and said, "Sleep. I won't go anywhere."

As Will drifted off, Jack let his eyes sweep over the young face underneath him. He didn't want to confess his feelings, but the sheer love emanating from those chocolate brown eyes had undone him. He silently prayed for forgiveness from the elder Turner, hoping that he would understand.