Title: Debts of Blood
Author: Lostiawen (changeling@planetx.org)
Pairing: Will Turner/Jack Sparrow
Rating: NC-17 overall
Summary: Jack and Will are taking a rest while they track down Barbossa's crew. But life has a way of dropping millstones in Jack's and Will's laps...
Disclaimer: The characters within are the property of Disney. The author does not own them, and is not making a profit off of their depiction here.
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Warnings : Bondage, implied het (but I tried to keep it down to a minimum), some angst.
Author's Notes: Sequel to 'The Ties That Bind' and 'Intercepted.' I was less than pleased with "Ties", so this fic is partially an apology. Also, Jassy gave me a bunny that I couldn't resist. :) However, I seem to have finally hit my PotC groove, so hopefully, it'll be smooth sailing from now on. And yes, I will eventually include another Will in bondage scene to make up for the piss-poor one in "Ties". Many thanks to Jassy, for giving me this bunny, for Elizabeth for her suggestions, and to the Goddess of Imaginary Light for remembering the Dauntless' name.

The tropical storm was still raging outside as Will closed the shutters. He stirred up some of the logs in the fireplace, making sure that the room was well heated. He heard the door opening, and Jack reeled in, bearing a flask of rum.

"Any luck?" Will asked.

"I've heard that Barbossa's crew has a new captain and that they've been pillaging, but not much else."

Will frowned. They had been trying to track down the Dauntless, but the weather turned quite foul and hindered their progress. After almost capsizing several times, they decided to dock at the pirate haven of Cabezon and stay until the storm blew over. Jack had also hoped that some news about Barbossa's crew would be circulating around.

Jack swayed in place. "The weather's not going to let up anytime soon, lad, we may as well enjoy our stay here." He locked the door and stumbled forward. "Espeshally since I have some excellent ideas as to how to make the time fly."

Will's eyebrows shot upward. "Oh? And what would that be?"

Jack sashayed over to the bed and sat down. He gestured for Will to join him. Will grinned and jumped onto the mattress.

Once Will was settled, Jack slurred, "First, I'd be getting ye naked as a jaybird, and then we'll test my swordsmanship after I've drunk some of this excellent rum from yer sweet mouth."

Will laughed. "I thought we settled that I was the superior swordsman. I still practice three hours a day."

Jack rolled his eyes. Will was sometimes too innocent for his own good. "I didn' mean...oh, never mind."

He tackled Will and smashed their lips together, sucking on Will's tongue. He smiled as Will immediately melted against him, surrendering himself with a small whimper.

Jack descended lower to suck on the column of Will's throat; right on the spot that he knew was the boy's weakness. He smiled against the smooth skin as he was rewarded with a throaty moan.

Will was completely eager underneath him, arching up as Jack wrestled their shirts off without breaking contact. Will began squirming uncomfortably, and Jack relented, pulling back to lick the small bruise now blooming on Will's neck.

Will panted heavily and said, "I'm going to have to wear high collars from now on. The last mark you've given me has barely healed."

Jack chuckled. "Cap'n's privilege." He descended lower to latch onto Will's nipple, enjoying the soft cries pouring from his lips. He reached lower and squeezed Will's crotch, massaging the hard bulge that had already formed. Will mewled and bucked into Jack's hand, hungry for his touch.

A pounding at the door seized their attention.

Jack frowned and said, "Ignore it, luv. Whoever it is will go away soon enough."

He continued to swirl his tongue and flex his fingers, listening to Will's throaty moans.

The pounding grew more insistent and Jack said, "Curse their eyes." He raised his voice to yell, "Bugger off, we're swiving!"

"You bloody bastard!" A deep voice replied. The blood drained from Jack's face as he recognized it. The pounding increased, and it sounded like the door was being battered down. Jack locked gazes with Will and said, "Quickly lad, out the window."

Will looked confused. "What? It's raining in sheets!"

"Out the window, now! It's a matter of life and death!"

Jack's heart was hammering, and he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Will had grabbed his sword without any further questions. He grabbed his own sword and pistol and opened the second story window.

He vaulted out, launching himself into the rain. He curled up into a ball, tumbled through the air, and smoothly rolled to his feet when he hit the ground, splashing through a large puddle in the process.

As Jack stood up, he cursed. He had left his hat behind. He spun around and almost crashed into a young boy wearing an enormous oilskin hat and coat. He had pulled it down low to keep the rain off and it obscured his face.

Damn rain, Jack thought, can't see a thing. He muttered, "Pardon me, lad."

"Hello, Jack," Elizabeth said, tilting up the hat. "We thought that you might do this, so I decided to wait down here for you."

Jack's mouth gaped. "We??? Oh no..."

Jack heard a splash next to him and realized that it was Will following him. Will stood up, only to turn a deep shade of red when he met Elizabeth's eyes.

"Will?" she said.

Her surprised face soon colored as she gazed at Will. He bit his lip and started fidgeting as she slowly appraised his disheveled state. She glared at him when she noticed that his torso was bare, and that Jack's hat was in his hands.

Will grimaced when Elizabeth's gaze looked accusingly at the love bite on his neck. But she turned livid and sputtered when her eyes swept over his cheek. Curious, Will brushed a hand over the area, and smudges of Jack's eyeliner came off onto his fingers. He paled and looked pleadingly at his erstwhile fiancee.

"Elizabeth..." Will said softly. "It's not what it looks like..."

Jack said, "Yes, it's very simple..." He started gesturing wildly. "We were attacked by these bloody immense vampire bats, and we had to take off our shirts to fight them because they're slippery bastards and impossible to nail with a sword. But poor Will here still got bitten, y'see, so I had to knock the bat off'n him with me shirt...which got smudged with my eyeliner when I first took it off, so it rubbed off on the poor lad's face. But them vampire bats, they're mighty fearsome, so we had to flee. In the ruckus, Will picked up my hat, thinking it was his, and well, that's why his appearance is a might...rumpled right now, savvy?"

Will nodded in agreement. The two men looked hopefully at Elizabeth. She stalked up to Will and punched him in the gut.

"I'm not a bloody dunce. I can tell what you've been doing," she said before she turned on her heel and stormed away.

Jack winced and ran over to help Will up. "Well, I thought it was a w'nderful story," he grumbled. Will was doubled over, coughing and wheezing; Jack put his arms around Will to support him.

"She's got a good right hook, she does," Jack muttered. "Good thing she didn't aim for your bollocks, mate." He winced at the thought. "Or mine, for that matter."

"She can't aim at what ye don't have," the same deep voice from earlier growled behind him.

A blade pricked the back of Jack's neck. "So, ye've found a new toy already, Jack Sparrow. Let me see the little slut's face before I skewer you like the pig ye are."

Jack turned his head, hoping that he was dreaming. His breath caught as he saw the face. The man behind him was unfortunately quite real. Jack slurred, "It's not what ye think."

Out of the corner of his eye, Jack saw Will's head bobbing up. He clamped his lover's head between his arm and his ribcage in order to hide his face. "This poor lad's had too much to drink. He's about ready to retch."

He grimaced when he heard Will saying, "Jack, I'm fine. Why won't you let me up?"

"Yes," the voice said sarcastically, "why don't you?"

Will was growing tired of Jack holding his face in his rather fragrant armpit. He was curious as to who the speaker was. The man's voice was rich, gravelly, and sounded like pure sin. He spoke each word as if he were rolling and savoring each syllable on his tongue before voicing it.

He was sure that he could handle himself, so he stood up suddenly, sending Jack reeling to the side. "And how dare you threaten my Captain," he said, turning around.

His eyes widened in surprise. He felt like he was looking in a mirror. The man had the same long, curly brown hair; the same wide, brown eyes; and the same body covered in lean muscle. He also had Will's high cheekbones, but a small diagonal scar marred the flawlessness of the left one.

"F-father?" he whispered.

The man blinked. "Will?" He glared at Jack. "*This* is how you look after my son?"

Jack slurred, "Erm, it's not what ye think, luv..."

Bootstrap colored. "And who yelled that he was busy swiving?"

"Ye must have heard me wrong. I said 'stop whining.' The doors're thick 'round here, eh?" Jack sashayed up to Bootstrap, but stopped his unsteady motion when the point of Bootstrap's sword whipped up and pricked the tip of his nose.

"I should have known that ye couldn't be trusted to keep yer hands off of him." He gritted. "They're gonna need to invent a new circle of hell for you."

Without wasting time, Will drew his own sword and pushed Jack aside. Bootstrap lunged, and their blades rang as Will parried him. "Father, don't do this. I beg of you."

"Stand aside, Will."


"Very well," Bootstrap said as he jabbed at Will quickly with his blade. Will parried it again, and tried to press his advantage, only to be forced back.

They fought fiercely. Bootstrap was not as good as Will, but Will was distraught, and his father soon gained the upper hand, disarming him.

"Now where's...Jack!" Bootstrap bellowed the last word when he noticed that Jack was disappearing down the street. He sheathed his sword and pursued him. Jack was gaining ground, so Bootstrap tackled him, causing him to land face first in the mud.

"So, you poxy bastard, this is how you reward me," Bootstrap hissed. "I'll snap your fool neck." He used his forearm as a bar against Jack's throat and he pulled back. "Unless you have something t'say in yer defense?"

Jack threw his head back and rammed his skull against Bootstrap's nose. Stunned, Bootstrap's grip loosened, and Jack threw him off. Jack darted through a few alleys, and looked behind him. No sign of Bootstrap.

The alley in front of him was obviously used for refuse. Piles of rubbish were heaped by the sides, and Jack was thankful that the rain masked what was going to be a very foul stench.

He smiled at his quick escape, and rounded a corner. He screeched to a halt when he almost impaled himself on Bootstrap's waiting blade.

"Ye're getting old and predictable, Jack. I knew y'would come this way," Bootstrap said. "Now, where were we?"

Will suddenly hurtled out of the darkness and knocked Bootstrap aside. Jack tried to escape again, dashing down the alley, but Bootstrap flung Will off of him. He vaulted over one of the heaps, catapulting himself in front of Jack.

"I'm not done with ye yet, Jack," he hissed.

Will launched himself at his father again. As they tumbled on the ground, Will managed to kick Bootstrap's sword out of his hand. As the two men wrestled, Jack started to make a hasty retreat. Bootstrap saw this and broke out of Will's grasp. He stood up with his back to Will and jerked his shirt open. Will saw a quick motion, then he saw Bootstrap pulling his arm back. A deadly looking knife was in his hand.

"Hold it right there, Jack," Bootstrap yelled. "I brought me knives, and I've got a bead on you."

Jack froze. Bootstrap was pinpoint accurate with his knives; he had once killed a scorpion that had clambered onto Jack's boot without  even scratching the leather.

Will scrambled to his feet and placed himself between his father and Jack. He spread his arms and said, "No, father. You'll have to go through me."

"Stand aside, Will."


Bootstrap lowered his knife. "All right. But he does na' deserve your loyalty."

Will's eyes widened as he saw Bootstrap's open shirt. Lying flat across his left breast was a shoulder harness for two knives. But what really captured his attention was the tattoo that peeked out from underneath. An elaborate sea serpent wound its way over Bootstrap's breast, a few inches away from his heart. Will had seen its twin before: it was decorating Jack's lower abdomen, between his navel and his nether regions.

"Jack...why does he have *that* tattoo?" Will asked.

Jack looked uncomfortable. Bootstrap purred, "Yes, Jack, why don't ye explain it to him? Y'know where to find me afterward." He bowed and made a hasty retreat.

Jack gulped. Will was scarlet. Jack gave him a wobbly smile, hoping to defuse the situation. He spread out his hands in a gesture of peace and said, "It's very simple, luv..."

Will immediately punched him in the face before stalking off.

"This is not a good day," Jack grumbled.


Will kept walking, ignoring the rain until he found the nearest tavern. He vaguely realized that he was still shirtless, but he didn't care. He needed a drink. No, he needed several drinks.

He flopped down at a table and ordered a shot of rum. He coughed as he downed it, his eyes tearing. He swore at the vile taste, and he longed for the spiced rum that Jack favored to use whenever they made love.

Needing to squelch his thoughts, Will ordered another shot, and another.

He soon lost track of how much he was drinking, and he became only concerned with drowning his sorrows until his senses dulled to a low buzz.

He cursed Jack when he realized that he couldn't get the thought of the man out of his head. As if on cue, the bar wench deposited another shot at his table, which he promptly downed. His vision wobbled, but the image of Jack was still burned into his eyes.

"Dam' Jack," he muttered. "He shhhould put the mizzen masht up hish arse and bug'r himshelf."

"Sorry, me lad, I need that mast for other things," the vision of Jack slurred to him. "Besides, I'm always the one on top."

"B'gr offsh," Will said. Damn, now his drunken hallucinations were full of cheek. He tried to glare at the illusion, but his eyes wouldn't focus. He also felt very uncomfortable sitting upright, and decided that the floor would be ideal for his heavy head.

He slid down, happy to touch his face to the ground. He muzzily registered that something was hauling him to his feet. He grunted in protest.

"Yer shivering lad. We need to get you out of these clothes and into something dry."

"Leav' me 'lone," Will muttered. The room was spinning uncontrollably, and everything went black.

When Will finally came to, he was in a bed. He blinked again. He was back in the room they were in last night. Will moaned painfully, his mouth tasted foul and his temples were throbbing. It was raining, and he whimpered as the pattering water increased his headache a hundredfold.

He noticed that he was naked. Jack was similarly unclothed and was curled up against his back, one arm draped over his body to hold him protectively. Will tried to sit up, but his head ached so much that he soon abandoned the effort.

Jack stirred and said, "Mornin', love." Will turned over to look at him. One eye was blackened where he had punched Jack last night.

Will said, "Don't call me that." He groaned again.

"You shouldn't have run off like that, you could've gotten pneumonia."

"Don't tell me what to do," he hissed as he sat up. That proved to be a mistake, as Will felt his stomach churn. "Oh god.."

Jack swiftly pulled Will's hair back and yanked out the chamberpot from underneath the bed. Will vomited into it for what seemed like an eternity while Jack kept him from soiling his brown locks. After Will was done, Jack wiped his mouth with a rag and emptied the now full chamberpot out the window.

He handed Will the flask from last night and said, "Drink. Ye've got a hangover to rival an entire town celebratin' the King's coronation."

Will wrinkled his nose. "Not more alcohol."

"Hair of the dog that bit ye, lad. Just a swallow will do."

Will drank a bit and felt a little better. Much as he hated to admit it, the vomiting had helped. He swished some of the rum around in his mouth and spat outside. His head still ached, but at least the sound of the rain wasn't so painful.

Jack had risen out of bed and had picked his shirt up where it was drying over the fireplace. He put it on, and frowned when he saw that his breeches were still a little damp. He examined the door and looked relieved to find that Bootstrap hadn't damaged it much last night.

Will's voice commanded his attention. "Jack, how long have you and my father been lovers?"

Jack winced, "Getting straight to the point, aren't ye, boy?"

"Just answer my question, please," Will said, looking at Jack soulfully.

"Ever since he came aboard the Pearl. Eight years before they mutinied."

"Were the two of you in love?"


"Oh." Will felt a pang of guilt that he had replaced his father in Jack's heart. He decided that this needed to be settled.

"Thank you for taking care of me," he said, looking vulnerably at Jack.

"My pleasure, Will." Jack tried to lean forward for a kiss, but Will ducked out of his way.

Jack glared, but Will shook his head. "You're not forgiven yet. I just think we need to talk to my father, first."

Jack stumbled to his feet and said, "I need to be checking on the Pearl..."

Will shook his head and grabbed Jack's arm. "She'll be fine. And I'm not letting you out of my presence until we see my father."

"Are you implying that ol' Jack would run away?"


Jack looked at Will and swayed a bit. "Ye know me too well." He sighed heavily. "Ver' well, let's go."

They dressed, donning their oilskin overcoats to deal with the rain. Jack led Will through the streets, and they finally arrived at another tavern called the Lusty Mermaid.

There were precious few people inside, and Will saw Bootstrap sitting in a corner. His eyes glittered dangerously when he saw them entering.

"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Sparrow, can't ye keep yer hands off of m'boy for just *one* night?" he boomed.

Will grimaced in pain as they approached the table. "He didn't do anything, father. I was soaked to the bone and incapable  of caring for myself. Jack took me back to ou...er, the room and dried me off."

"And why were you so helpless?"

Will said in a small voice, "I got drunk."

Bootstrap laughed heartily and Will clutched his head. "Not so loud, please," he said.

Bootstrap motioned to the bar wench. She nodded. "Ye need some hair of the dog, boy."

"Not you, too."

"Don't argue with your father." Bootstrap finally leveled his gaze at Jack, who was trying his best to blend in with the wall. "Now Jack, explain to me why you decided to sully my innocent son?"

"Erm, well, I didn't tumble him immediately. He tried to kill me when we first met at Port Royal."

"Maybe he should've," Bootstrap said. Jack winced. "Miss Swann already told me about your adventures with Barbossa's crew. Tell me what she doesn't know."

He fixed his steely gaze on Jack. "I bet you bedded him when you were alone on the Interceptor? I know how that corrupt mind of yers works."

Jack flushed. "Uh...not immediately..."

"Been eyeing his arse for a bit and thinking about how ye could get your cake and eat it too, eh? After all, my Will was a sweet virgin, all there for the taking, and he looks just like me." In a blur of motion, he swiftly drew his pistol and leveled it at Jack. As he cocked it, he said, "I curse the day I ever laid eyes on you."

Will quickly drew his sword and pointed it at Bootstrap's throat. Bootstrap looked at it contemptuously. "And what would ye be doing with that sword, boy?"

"Don't threaten Jack."

"Will, don't..." Jack began, but Bootstrap silenced him.

"Or what?" Bootstrap's mouth curled into a smile. "Ye'll kill me?" He grabbed the sword and yanked down suddenly, pushing it into his chest. "I be as cursed as the rest of Barbossa's crew."

Will's eyes goggled. He looked helplessly at Jack. Jack shrugged, and Will now knew that Jack had discerned Bootstrap's true nature from the very start.

Bootstrap continued, "Who knows how many years I waited for my boots to rot off and free me from that cursed cannon. And it was a good many years more before I could make my way back to the Caribee."

Will said, "And how did you find us?"

"I met Miss Swann in Tortuga. She told me that ye were aboard the Black Pearl, hunting Barbossa's men. I knew that Jack would eventually come 'round to Cabezon, so we bribed someone to take us here. I was looking forward to seeing m'lover again, only to find that he sunk his corrupt fingers into you."

Bootstrap put his finger on the trigger. "Jack, I want to hear why Will is your bed warmer before I send ye to your just reward."

"Father, don't!"

"Why're ye still defending this pox-ridden piece of sea trash?"

Will looked down shyly. "Because I still love him."

Bootstrap gaped. "What?"

He locked eyes with his father, the liquid depths blazing with conviction. "I love him."

Bootstrap lowered his pistol. "Then he didn't seduce you?"

"He did the first time," Will said earnestly.

Jack groaned and Bootstrap immediately swung up his pistol to point at Jack's chest again.

Will amended hastily, "But I let him. I could have stopped him at any time, but I didn't. And he told me that I could."

Bootstrap glared at Jack. "Is this true?"

"Aye. Yer boy's a much faster swordsman than I ever was."

"You still haven't answered my question as to why ye did it, Jack."

Jack sighed. "I thought ye wer' dead and gone. And me heart was sore, until I saw young Will here. Believe me, I tried to avoid it. But he looked too much like you, William. And..." He paused.

"Yes?" Bootstrap said.

"I fell in love with 'im as soon we laid eyes on each other."

Bootstrap looked at him coldly. "And what about me?"


"Answer me!"

Jack said softly, "I still love you, too."

Will gaped, stunned by Jack's admission.

Bootstrap looked at Jack and scowled. "Curse ye, Jack Sparrow," he said as he pulled the trigger.

Jack closed his eyes and braced himself for the shot. Instead, he heard a loud click.

Bootstrap put the empty pistol down. "I could never hurt ye, Jack. I was tempted to beat the tar out of you last night, but y'know I wouldn't have gone through with it, even if Will hadn't interfered."

Jack muttered, "It was hard to tell at the time."

Bootstrap laughed. "You were never one to admit yer feelings unless someone held a knife to yer throat, and I wanted to make sure that ye wanted to keep me boy as more than a whore." He looked up, his brown eyes vulnerable. "And God help me, but I still love yer deceitful, poncing, rum-soaked arse."

Jack said, "You do?"

Bootstrap nodded. The two men embraced each other.

Will said, "Um, what about me?"

Bootstrap said, "Son, it's somewhat of a moot point until I get uncursed. But ye may want to consider sharing, because I am not lettin' him go."

Will clutched his head and moaned, "Why can't my life be simple?"

"A pirate's life is never simple, whelp. Especially for someone in love with Jack Sparrow," Bootstrap replied.

He ordered another round of rum. Jack said, "Thought ye couldn't drink?"

"I can't. It's for Will."


Bootstrap pulled Will's sword out of his chest and handed it back to him. "Because now that I've said my peace, he has to deal with Miss Swann."

Jack gestured at the barmaid, "Bring us several rounds of yer strongest rum, luvvy. He'll need it."


Part 2

Will swallowed uncomfortably. He was still a bit muzzy, and he really didn't want to talk to Elizabeth, but he knew that he would have to deal with her sooner or later. And even though Jack and Bootstrap had insisted that he needed it, he decided against having any more rum.

"Jack, will you come with me?" he asked.

Jack swayed a bit. "Well, y'see lad, Miss Swann is right annoyed at you, so if I appear, she'll know that ol'Jack Sparrow is no competition for her. And that could lead to something...disastrous."

"But you could explain it to her!"

Jack fidgeted and stumbled, "It's not that simple lad, and if anything, she'll get more furious. Be'sides, it goes against etiquette for you to appear with anyone else."

Will looked dejectedly at the floor. "All right. Father, where is she staying?"

"At the Black Crow down a ways. Ye can't miss it."

As Will left, Bootstrap whispered to Jack, "You were talkin' out o' yer arse, weren't you? You wouldn't know etiquette if it bit ye on the bum."

Jack slurred, "Better to be eaten alive by sharks than to face a jilted woman." He downed the untouched shots of rum. "So while we're waiting, love, tell me what happened to you..."

As Will walked over to the Black Crow his headache crept back in. He groaned, not really wanting to meet her in this state, but he had no choice.

Elizabeth was sitting in the tavern area, having a mug of ale when he walked in. Her face was a blank mask, and Will braced himself for the worst.

He asked, "May I sit down with you?"

Elizabeth gestured across the table, and Will removed his oilskin coat and doffed his hat. Once he was seated, she leveled a withering glare at him. "How dare you propose to me and then leave?"

He mumbled, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to leave you. But...I love Jack."

"Since when?"

"Since...the Interceptor."

Elizabeth turned red and she shouted, "Couldn't you have bloody thought of that *before* you proposed?"

Her voice made him wince. "Not so loud, please."

She increased her volume, "What's the matter, Mr. Turner? Had a little too much rum last night?"

Will moaned and sagged into his seat, clutching his head.

"I thought you were a man of integrity, Mr. Turner," she said, enunciating his name as a hiss. "But all I see now is a coward who won't admit his feelings. If I didn't need your skills right now, I'd just leave you here."

He looked up blearily, "You need me? For what?"

"I am going to avenge the destruction of Port Royal. I intend to track down and bring Barbossa's crew to justice, once and for all."

She slammed her mug down on the table and said, "When the Black Pearl is ready to leave, you know where to find me," before she angrily walked upstairs.

Will stared wistfully at her retreating form, wishing that the situation could have been different. He finally returned to the Mermaid to join Jack and Bootstrap. Jack was drinking heartily and laughing with Bootstrap, but the two of them stopped when they saw Will's somber face.

Will said, "So, I suppose my father told you what Miss Swann has planned?"

Jack nodded. "And I assume you couldn't talk her out of it."

"No. She's determined to go."

"Well, she'll still have to wait 'til the storm blows over."

Will said, "What do we do until then?"

Bootstrap said casually, "I thought y'two would pick up where you left off." He passed Will a flask of expensive looking rum. "Ye may as well use this."

Will looked at Bootstrap quizzically. "Thank you very much, but what did we do to warrant such a generous gift?"

"Well, originally 'twas gonna be a reunion present fer me and Jack, but I figgered y'may as well have first crack at sipping it out of his mouth b'fore you swive him senseless."

Will turned crimson and sputtered. Jack grinned at Bootstrap and said, "You're a perverted bastard, William."

"This from the man who begs for it each time. So, have y'been teaching my boy properly, or not?"

Will blurted, "But Jack's the one who always does it!"

Bootstrap looked stunned, and then he roared with laughter. "Mother of God, never thought ol'Jack would be the one on top!"

Will stared and then said, "You never..."

Jack mumbled, "Only with you, lad."

Will's jaw hung open while Bootstrap's laughter echoed off the walls.


The rain showed no signs of abating, so Will and Jack eventually took their leave of Bootstrap and returned to their room. As they closed the door behind them, Jack said, "How's your head?"

"Much better, thanks."

"Good," Jack said. He stood behind Will and said softly, "Am I forgiven yet?"

Will shivered as Jack's breath ghosted against his skin. "Yes," he whispered. Jack wrapped his arms around him and slowly kissed the nape of his neck.

"Jack..." Will said breathlessly.


Will turned around to look at Jack. "Why do you never, um, let me...um..." He blushed.

"Why does the Captain never climb your mast?" Jack said.

"Yes," Will said as he sat down on the bed.

Jack knelt in front of him. He tilted Will's chin up and looked into his eyes. "I can, you know. Just ask."

Will flushed again and lowered his gaze, "I don't think I'm ready for that yet."

Jack ran his thumb across Will's bottom lip, smiling softly at his young lover. Will refused to look up, so Jack joined him on the bed and wrapped his arms around the lean, muscular body. He said, "My gentle, innocent boy," before he leaned forward for a kiss.

He explored the soft folds of Will's yielding mouth, feeling their tongues gently slide against each other. Jack savored Will's kiss, which, like the rest of him, was sweet and naive. And yet, Jack detected an underlying wildness lurking inside, still waiting to be unlocked. He had seen a glimpse of it when he had kidnapped Will in Tortuga, but Will had since relapsed back to his former shyness. Jack hungered to see that wanton being again, but for Will's sake, he did not want to force the issue.

Will's breathy sigh interrupted Jack's idle musings. Cursing himself for not concentrating on the task at hand, he pulled back, nibbling gently on Will's lower lip; he began to reach for the bottle of rum that Bootstrap had given them, but was stopped by Will's hand capturing his.

Jack noticed the alarm in his soulful eyes and said quietly, "What's the matter?"


"No, something's wrong. Tell me."

"I don't really need another drink today, Jack," Will said.Jack suspected that Will was lying, but he didn't feel like pressing the matter. The poor boy already had enough on his mind.

He leaned in for another kiss and noticed a subtle hesitation. Pulling back, he looked tenderly at Will. "All right, you can't fool ol' Jack. What's on yer mind?"

Will fidgeted. "I just feel like I'm not doing enough in bed."

"You're doing fine, lad. I couldn't ask for more loving bed partner. What makes you think otherwise?"

Will twisted his hands together and lowered his eyes.

Jack said, "Is it your father?"

Will nodded slowly. Jack felt a wave of sympathy. Bootstrap radiated a raw, confident sexuality through every fiber of his being: from his catlike, slinky movements to his sinful voice and feral gaze.

He cupped Will's face between his hands. "Will, I love you the way you are. Do y'believe me?" Jack saw the flicker of doubt in Will's limpid eyes. "Can y'let me prove it?" he continued.

Will replied softly, "Yes."

"Then let me take care of you." Jack kissed Will's neck gently, sucking delicately on the love bite from earlier. He worked his hands into the voluminous folds of Will's shirt, mapping the tanned chest. He gently pushed the white linen down until it was wrapped around Will's slender wrists.

Will tried to work the fabric off, but Jack stopped him, clasping his hands around the linen and locking it in place. "You're mine to do with as I please," he purred as he lapped at the hollow of Will's neck. He continued his assault until Will was moaning softly. Kissing his way down, he swirled his tongue around a dusky nipple.

Jack felt Will arching up, pressing his smooth chest to his face. He chuckled as Will struggled feebly, but he continued licking and nibbling the tiny nub until Will finally relented with a breathy sigh. Jack kept on his fiery path, covering every inch of Will's chest with kisses, feeling the lean body quiver underneath him.

He bent his head lower, stopping to swirl his tongue in Will's navel, and he smiled when he heard a small whimper. He smoothly transferred his grip to one hand before he reached down and unlaced Will's breeches. He cupped the hard erection inside, his fingers dancing over the hot length.

He was rewarded by Will suddenly bucking into his hand, struggling to free his trapped wrists. Jack continued to undress Will, pulling his breeches and undergarments down to his knees. Starting at one knee, he kissed his way up lightly until his lips almost grazed the tender sacs underneath Will's member. He stopped then, and slowly lavished kisses up the inside of the other leg, listening to Will's breath hitch as he ascended. When he reached the juncture of Will's thighs, he delicately swiped his tongue in a lazy path over the furred sacs and up the side of Will's hard organ. He felt Will trying to buck free, but he maintained his grip on him.

Once he completed his trail, Jack proceeded to leisurely trace his tongue just under the crown, causing Will to groan and squirm. Seeking to cause Will to completely lose control, Jack dipped lower and flickered his tongue on the sensitive vein that throbbed underneath. Under his ministrations, Will mewled helplessly; Jack felt him trying to thrust forward, but he skillfully pressed his weight against Will's lap and held him down. He continued his sweet torment by lightly raking his teeth over Will's hard member, before he took the tip in his mouth and lapped up the moisture beading from the slit. He heard Will's cries draw out into a loud moan.

Looking up without breaking contact, he locked gazes with Will. The chocolate brown eyes were clouded over and silently pleaded with him. He smiled and engulfed the rest of Will's sex with his hot mouth. He was rewarded with a strangled groan as Will tensed and squirmed under him. Jack could see the delightful play of Will's muscles as he struggled, but he maintained his grip and kept him trapped in place. Will's soft cries soon turned into loud keens as Jack relentlessly suckled him, swirling his skillful tongue over every inch of Will's throbbing organ.

Jack continued his maddening pattern until Will was thrashing so wildly that it took all of his skill to keep him fixed in place. He continued his steady rhythm until he heard the small whimpers Will always gave as he was approaching his release. He then quickly swallowed Will down to the hilt and hummed softly.

Jack heard Will yowling as he climaxed, and he eagerly welcomed the salty liquid hitting his tongue in long, hot spurts. He hungrily swallowed every last drop, suckling until Will was completely spent. He lifted his head and blew playfully over the sensitized organ, grinning as Will quaked and shivered. He finally released his hold on Will's wrists, flashing his gold-toothed smile as his lover flopped back bonelessly onto the bed.

He tugged off Will's boots and stockings and then removed his breeches and undergarments. Jack then disrobed and crawled into bed beside Will, snuggling against his wonderfully soft skin.

Will's eyelashes fluttered as he came back to coherency. He looked down at Jack's erection nudging his thigh and smiled gently before he reached down to grasp the hard length in his hands.

"You still need release," he said, toying with Jack's member.

Jack gasped. "I've got my hand. Don't feel that you have to do anything."

Will continued to gently run his hands up Jack's organ. "But I want you," he said as he lowered his eyes shyly.

Jack's sex twitched in response to the breathy words. "All right, then," he purred. He got out of the bed, smiling when Will protested. He reeled over to his pack and pulled a bottle of oil from it before he returned to Will's eager arms. As he slicked up his fingers, Will ran his hands over Jack's wiry torso, mapping every inch.

"So hungry," Jack said as pushed Will down and he eased a slick finger inside, marveling at the tight heat. Will pushed back, silently begging for more.

Jack obliged him, adding a second finger and causing Will to mewl loudly. The next cry was suddenly choked off when Jack brushed his fingers over Will's sensitive gland. He continued to lightly stroke the area, watching the lean, smooth body convulse underneath him.

The chocolate brown eyes looked up at him, begging for more. Jack slicked up his member and pulled Will's feet onto his shoulders. He positioned himself Will's tiny entrance and slid in slowly, hissing as he was surrounded by velvety tightness.

He saw Will's lips part to voice a throaty moan. He pulled back slightly and then thrust forward, listening to Will gasp underneath him. He leaned down to kiss those delectable lips, feeling Will reach around to caress his back as he stroked him within.

He continued to move languidly until listening to the soft whimpers gradually turn into throaty cries. Will thrashed beneath him, the chocolate brown eyes becoming unfocused as he was lost in an erotic haze. Jack sped up his pace, spurred on by Will's loud keens.

The heat and the overwhelming tightness pushed him close to the edge. He grasped Will's organ and set a quick pace, beginning to thrust frantically within his lover.

Will screamed Jack's name and climaxed, coating his hand with his release. His internal muscles rippled around Jack's organ, causing Jack to shudder violently. He thrust hard into Will, roaring as he found his release.

As he was gasping, he raised his hand to his lips and licked Will's seed off. He then kissed Will, sliding their tongues along each other.

When they parted, Will snuggled onto Jack's chest. Jack said, "Don't ever doubt that I love you."

"I love you, too, Jack," he murmured, before he drifted off to sleep. Jack continued to stroke the soft brown curls while he listened to the steady drumming of the rain. Soon, the hypnotic rhythm lulled him into an easy slumber.


When the storm blew over, Jack gathered the crew of the Pearl, Bootstrap, and Elizabeth together. They spent a couple of days in Cabezon stocking up on supplies, preparing for their departure. Elizabeth helped with the purchasing and helped to load the supplies aboard the ship, although she kept her distance from Will. Once the Black Pearl was ready to set sail, Will and Elizabeth maintained a careful distance away from each other, although Will felt Elizabeth's gaze burning into him whenever he stood in his usual position by Jack's side.

As the Pearl pulled out of the harbor, Anamaria asked, "Where are we setting sail, to, Captain?"

"The Isla de Muerta," Jack replied.

"I assume we're going there because we have no other leads," Elizabeth said.

Jack nodded. "If they're plundering again, they'll need to drop their booty off somewhere. And even if they don't, Cortez's treasure must still be there."

Once Cabezon faded into the distance, everyone busied themselves with the day's duties, trimming the sails and manning the oars when needed. Will had initially tried to tell Elizabeth that she could rest below decks, but she brushed him off, telling Will that she was part of the crew now, and that meant helping where ever she could. Will noted that she had only brought boy's clothing this time and was keeping her hair tightly braided.

During a lull in the late afternoon, Elizabeth approached Bootstrap.

"Mr. Turner, I would request a boon of you."

"Aye, and what would it be, Miss Swann?"

"I do not wish to be a burden to this crew, and proper ladies in Port Royal were unfortunately not taught to defend themselves. Would you instruct me in the finer techniques of fighting?"

Bootstrap said, "We only have a week, Miss Swann. That'd be not enough time to teach ye sword work."

Elizabeth said, "I know. Teach me how to use these, instead," she pulled a small bundle from her coat and displayed a pair of throwing knives.

"As long as ye promise that one of these will never wind up stuck in me son."

"I swear," Elizabeth said, "on my honor that neither this pair, nor any other weapons I may acquire will be used maliciously towards Will."

Bootstrap nodded. "All right, lass," he said. "First things, first. Let's do this below decks, because if ye miss up here, yer knife will go sailing into the briny deep."

They retired into the crew quarters, and Bootstrap indicated a wall in that was full of knotholes. He grabbed a bit of charcoal and drew out a target. Once he was done, he backed away and drew one of his knives from his shoulder harness.

"This is how ye hold a knife for throwing," he said, holding the blade near the tip.

Elizabeth tried to duplicate Bootstrap's grip as best as she could. He examined the placement of her fingers and nodded in satisfaction.

"Now, sight your target, and throw overhead, like this," he demonstrated in slow motion. Elizabeth watched Bootstrap carefully and tried emulate him. She aimed carefully and threw her knife. It embedded itself in the wood with a loud thunk, and she was pleased to see that it landed just at the edge of the bull's eye.

"Excellent. Try again, Miss Swann."

This time, Elizabeth was able to hit the bull's eye almost dead center. Bootstrap grinned, "Yer a natural. A little more practice, and you'll be death with them knives."

Elizabeth smiled at him, "Thank you, Mr. Turner."

Bootstrap said, "Well, since it's a'comin' easy for you, let's try some different styles of throwing, shall we?"

"I'll take whatever you can show me," she said eagerly.

Will walked by the in the hallway at that moment and saw his father instructing Elizabeth. He decided to steer well clear of them and he scurried above deck and over to the bow as unobtrusively as possible.

As he stared down at the sea, Will wasn't sure what to make of this situation. On the one hand, he still loved Jack. On the other, he really didn't look forward to sharing Jack with his father.

Father...he was having a hard time accepting Bootstrap as his father because they appeared to be so close in age.

The familiar low voice interrupted his thoughts. "What's on yer mind, boy?"

Will blushed. "I-I'm not sure I can do this. Do you really expect me to be able to see you naked?"

Bootstrap grinned. "No, I don't. You can swive Jack right after I'm done with him."

Noticing that Will had turned green in response, he patted Will's hand and whispered, "I'm joking. I'm sorry to put ye off, lad, I forget how proper you are. Anyway, that little mention I made 'bout sharing? I said that mostly for Jack's benefit. To tell ye the truth, I don't know what we'll do."


Bootstrap closed his eyes. "Ye haven't been with him long enough, lad, but ol'Jack doesn't give his love easily. Don't let 'im fool you. Everyone has a weakness. Jack may want you to think his be treasure and riches, but it's not."

He paused and then said, "I knew that having to choose between the two of us would tear him apart, and I don't want him to lose his edge. Not before we deal with Barbossa's men."

"So, you're not..."

"Lad, I may not survive this adventure. Or you may not survive. If I'm still here after everything's said and done, *then* we'll sort out this mess."

The two paused uncomfortably. Seeking to find some conversation to break the silence, Will seized on the first thought to enter his mind.

"Did you have to scare Jack like that?" he asked.

Bootstrap grimaced. "I'm still human, whelp. And I can't help but be a tad jealous. Don't ever doubt that I love him." He tugged open his shirt, showing the tattoo. "Jack was about to be skewered in one of our scuffles with another band of pirates. I jumped in the way and took the blade for him."

Will looked at the serpent. "Where exactly did you get stabbed?"

Bootstrap indicated the area. "It was a miracle that it missed me heart, and the bastard pulled his sword down and ripped a large furrow. It took a long time to heal, and I still have the scar  here." He traced over it. "'Twas Jack's idea to get it covered, and he insisted on getting a matching design on his belly."

Will frowned. "Father, why did the curse affect you and not Jack?"

"Hmm, haven't figgered that out yet. Mebbe Jack can shed some light on it."

They didn't see Jack on deck, so they went to his cabin. Jack was lounging in his bunk and he sat up when they entered. "Yes?"

Will said, "We were wondering about the curse..."

"I have a couple of ideas, love. One is that yer blood didn't quite do the trick, so everyone is goin' back to their undead state."

"But why haven't you been affected?" Will asked.

"I suspect 'tis only a matter of time. Everyone else has lived with the curse for ten years. I was only struck by it for a few hours."

Bootstrap said, "Ye said ye had two idears. What's the other one?"

Jack slurred, "I was afraid ye'd ask that. There was a part of the legend that I didn't tell Barbossa about. If," he gestured wildly, "say, someone broke the curse, what's to prevent them from using it to make them effectively immortal? When you want to stage a raid, you palm some of the treasure, laugh at people blowing holes at you, plunder to yer heart's content, and then return the coins to the chest with only a small bit 'o' blood and you're done."

He continued, "Well, if ye ask me, that's actually a great deal. So, the Aztecs wanted to make sure that no one makes a habit of this, savvy? So there's another part of the curse. If someone who previously broke it took a coin from the chest again, a new curse would strike them, and the consequences are much worse."

"How can it get worse?" asked Will.

Jack replied, "Oh it can, lad. If some fine, upstanding, man with a tiny thirst for treasure..."

"A pirate," Will interrupted.

"Ye needn't get insulting, whelp," Bootstrap said.

Jack continued, "As I said, a fine, upstanding man...if he can't resist temptation and, say, borrows a coin, *all* of the original parties involved in plundering the treasure the first time would be rendered undead. What's more, a greater blood penalty would be required to break it."

Will looked worried. "And what is that?"

Jack said quietly. "One of the crew must be sacrificed."


Part 3

"One of the crew?" Bootstrap asked.

Jack nodded.

"We can't die. How c'n we be sacrificed?"

Jack gestured wildly, "Simple. Use the same dagger that Barbossa cut Elizabeth's hand with."

Will said, "But it was harmless before."

Jack replied, "Ahhhh, but that was *before* they invoked the new curse. So, all we have to do is get it before they can, savvy?"

"But that still doesn't explain why yer not undead," Bootstrap said.

Jack gestured wildly, "Y'see, when the Aztec gods made this curse, they assumed that the parties responsible for the pillaging would never do something as treacherous as mutinying. Since Barbossa was so kind to leave me at the island before I became part of the party of the first part, I slipped through the cracks, so to speak."

Bootstrap shook his head. "Y'lost me."

"When Barbossa stranded me on that island, I was no longer part of the crew. The return of the curse only affects ev'ryone on the Pearl that spent all of the money."

"But you removed a coin," Will said.

"That I did, lad. But y'see, I still wasn't a member of Barbossa's crew when I removed that coin. Barbossa's men had already set who would be affected when they touched the treasure first, therefore insuring that anyone not of their crew could temporarily remove a coin and not get cursed by the second version. If, howev'r, they break this new curse, and then I remove a coin, well, the current crew of the Pearl will be struck by the nastier version the second time 'round. Savvy?"

Will stared at Jack, but he had grown used to his particular brand of logic. After thinking for a bit, he said, "So, in other words, when a crew first touches the treasure, *only* that group is affected."

Jack slurred, "Didn' I just shay that?"

Will said, "Yes, but my explanation isn't quite as rum-addled as yours." Jack glared at Will.

"I'll h've y'know that I'm perf'...er, puh...er, completely sober," he said.

Bootstrap muttered, "Yer making my head hurt agin, Jack. That's one thing I always hated about being around ye."

Jack said fondly, "Ye should be used to it by now, love."

Bootstrap rolled his eyes and said, "I'll be above deck. It's close to supper time, and I have no need t' eat." He walked out of Jack's cabin in long, sure strides.

After he left, Jack said, "Would y'like to dine with the Captain tonight, Will?"

Will smiled. "Of course. Why do you need to ask?"

Jack flashed a gold-toothed leer at him. "Because I intend on havin' dessert first."

Will flushed delightfully and said, "Aye, Captain."

Jack replied, "Give me about 10 minutes, lad. Amuse yerself in here and then come into the dining quarters." He swayed out the door, and Will shivered as he thought about what Jack may have in store for him. As he was waiting, he idly scanned over some of the scrolls that Jack had out and ran his hand over some of the fine furniture that decorated the cabin.

Will sighed, wondering if Elizabeth would ever forgive him. He was disgusted that he had let his judgment lapse and that he had trampled over her feelings as a result of it.

"You'll be lucky if she ever speaks to you again," he muttered.

After he estimated that the ten minutes were up, he wandered into the dining quarters, feeling his organ harden in anticipation. Jack was lounging in a chair, legs thrown over the handrests, with a flagon of rum in his right hand. An impressive array of fruits and sweets was arranged on the sideboards.

Jack swung his legs down before he patted his lap and purred, "Come here..."

Will strolled over, settling into Jack's tight embrace. He gratefully leaned in for a kiss, making a small noise in his throat as he slid their tongues over each other, tasting the spiced rum flavoring Jack's mouth. The two of them tenderly explored each other before parting with a small sigh.

"Will," Jack whispered, touching their foreheads together, "did you enjoy our time in Cabezon?"

Will blushed and lowered his eyes. "Yes, I did."

"How much?" Jack asked, tilting Will's face up so that their eyes would meet. "Did I do anything that made you uncomfortable?"

"No," Will said, feeling his ears get hot. "I, um, enjoyed it very much." He wondered why Jack had felt the need to ask.

"Good," Jack replied. "Because I'd like to take you further." He reached underneath the cloth covering the sideboards and produced a coil of rope.

Will swallowed convulsively. "Um, you...want..."

Jack said silkily, "I think you'd make a wund'rful decoration for my table, love."

He felt his face turning crimson. "Jack...I don't think..."

Jack touched a finger to his lips, silencing him. Will's head started spinning as he suddenly became aware of the heat radiating off of Jack's body. A hard lump poked him in the buttocks, and he rubbed against it, causing Jack's eyes to flare. Jack pulled Will closer and pressed kisses along his jaw, causing his breath to hitch.

Will breathed, "Jack..."

"Hush, it's all right," Jack said, before he pressed their lips together.

Will gratefully opened his mouth, and the gentle touch of Jack's tongue soon turned demanding. He felt a tug on his curls as Jack possessed his mouth, consuming him and leaving him shaking. The soft linen of his shirt was tugged upward, and he groaned as Jack gently ran sharp nails down the length of his spine, causing his skin to tingle. As Will arched up, Jack's fingers swiftly undid the front of his shirt.

"We don't have to do this," Jack whispered, his tongue tracing the shell of Will's ear. "But I can't think of anything more beautiful than the sight of you crying out in pleasure while I have you bound." He blazed a trail of kisses down Will's neck and chest, pausing to flick his tongue over a peaked, dusky nub. Will squirmed, and Jack's hands dipped lower, tracing Will's stiff member through his breeches.

"When I see your muscles straining against the ropes, I lose complete control of myself. And you liked it when I held you down in Cabezon, did you not?" he said huskily, continuing on his maddening pattern until Will thought he would burst.

Will felt a guilty thrill in his body as he thought about how Jack had restrained him, forcing him to give in to the pleasure surging through his every being. Much as he hated to admit it, he longed to feel the same sensations again.

"Yes..." Will breathed. "Jack...bind me."

Jack grinned wickedly at him, his eyes dark with lust. He said throatily, "As you wish."

"Let me do this," Jack said as he pulled Will to his feet. He dexterously stripped Will's clothes off, planting small kisses as he bared the smooth, tanned skin. Will sighed in relief when his breeches were finally removed, allowing his aching member to spring free of its confines.

"Now," Jack said, running his finger along the underside of the stiff flesh, "bend ov'r the table, spread yer legs as wide as y'can and point that lovely arse of yours into the air. Oh, and go ahead and support yerself on yer forearms."

Will obediently complied, feeling his body heat up as Jack lashed his ankles to the table legs. Jack then tied his wrists together and secured it to a leg on the opposite side. Immediately, Will tugged on his bonds, testing them.

Jack flashed another gold-toothed grin at him. "It's no use struggling, lad, I know me knots quite well."

Will smirked, and when Jack produced a scrap of cloth he opened his mouth. When Jack tied it over his eyes instead, he squeaked in surprise.

"Trust me, Will," he heard Jack's voice say in a soothing tone. Will immediately relaxed, knowing that Jack would never cause him any harm.

He gasped as Jack's fingers gently stroked the back of his neck. With his sight gone, the feeling was intensified, and he felt his as if his entire body had become sensitized.

"If you ever want me to stop, just say so," Jack continued throatily, his hand skimming over Will's spine. "But I'd thought we'd play a little game, first."

Jack's voice was strained, and Will sensed that he was controlling his rampant desire. He shivered, feeling a tingle travel through his body; amazed that he could affect Jack to this degree.

"What is it?" he asked uncertainly.

"I've got an interesting array of food here. For each one you identify, I'll pleasure you as a reward, savvy?"

Will nodded. He felt incredibly vulnerable in this position, but he could almost feel Jack's lustful gaze burning into his body and taste Jack's arousal on the muggy air. His body flushed even more, and as he rubbed his hard member against the polished wood of the table, he could feel drops of moisture already beading on the tip.

He soon felt Jack's fingers caressing his lips, painting them with something sticky that had a rich smell. He darted his tongue out to swipe at it, tasting something heavy and sweet.

Jack's fingers nudged insistently, and he opened his mouth, sucking them in and rolling his tongue around the sensitive pads, tasting more sweetness mixed in with salt.

He heard Jack's breathing grow ragged as he suckled every bit off, and he felt a flush of triumph that he was able to provoke such a response.

When Jack pulled his fingers out, Will said, "That was molasses."

"Aye. And here's your reward," Jack purred. Will gasped as he felt the sticky substance drip slowly onto his back. He arched up, mewling as it slowly trickled onto his skin. Jack's tongue followed shortly afterward, lapping up the long, winding trails, gliding frictionlessly over Will's skin. Once Will was cleaned off, Jack stopped after a final twirl against the smooth flesh. He chuckled when Will made a small, needy complaint.

"Patience," Jack murmured. "Ye have another guess coming."

Will heard the sounds of slicing, and he smirked. The crisp smell that drifted through the air was immediately familiar to him, and he opened obediently as something wet and firm nudged his mouth.

He bit into the slice of apple, trying to lick up all of the juice that dribbled down his lips. However, he soon detected a sweeter substance coating the pulp. As he was thinking, he felt the tickle of a beard, and he moaned softly as Jack swept the rest of the juice off his face with long, hot swipes of his tongue.

Once Jack finished, Will murmured, "An apple dipped in cane sugar syrup."

He heard Jack chuckling. "Guess I can't fool you, love."

Will gasped as something sugary smelling was drizzled over his buttocks. He felt the rivulets of syrup drift down over his hips, and he groaned as Jack's tongue caught them before they could flow down further. He squirmed and whimpered as Jack enthusiastically licked him clean, the hotness of his tongue magnified by the evaporating liquid. Jack nibbled and sucked every bit of his skin until he was wriggling eagerly.

Will curled his lips in a tiny smile. He heard Jack say, "Yer too good at this. Let's up the stakes a bit, shall we?" His ears detected the rustle of cloth and his member twitched as he realized that Jack was removing his garments.

He mewled softly as Jack's hand closed around his hard organ, stroking it slowly until he was thrashing wildly against his bonds. He gasped as Jack smeared the wetness around with his thumb, sending a hot flush through his blood.

He bucked eagerly into Jack's hand, craving more. Jack continued his leisurely caresses until Will's member was throbbing with need.

Jack rasped in his ear, "One more, and then I'll swive you if y'can answer me."

He felt Jack reaching over him for something, and felt the nudge of something firm against his lips. He wrapped his lips around it and bit into it, but he couldn't place the rich, slightly sweet taste. While he was trying to think, he gasped as Jack gave his organ another pull.

"Well?" Jack asked.

Will cried out as Jack's hand continued to stroke his aching flesh, destroying whatever thoughts he could muster.

"That's...not fair..." he choked out.

"You should know that I never play fair," Jack purred. His fingers skated over the sensitive vein on the underside of Will's sex. "Answer me."

Will quivered and panted out, "I don't know..."

He heard Jack chuckling. "Tsk, well, I did say that I'd swive you if you could answer me. And you did fail in that. But it seems unjust to leave you hanging. You've given me quite a dilemma here," Jack said as he pressed his erection against

Will's entrance, slowly sliding his member along the cleft.

Will tugged hard on his bonds, thrusting his buttocks back and whimpering. He heard Jack say, "Do you have an answer for me, Will?"

Will moaned. His legs were shaking and his entire body was burning with lust. "Please..." he said in a small voice.

Jack continued to grind against him, rotating his hips against Will's buttocks. "Please what?" he said huskily.

"Please...take me. I beg you," Will breathed.

"Ah, now *that's* a wond'rful suggestion," Jack replied.

Will protested a bit when Jack's warm body stopped pressing against him, but he stopped as he heard a bottle being uncorked. Quivering with need, he tugged on his bonds again, frantic to get some contact. He stopped and let out a grateful cry as he felt Jack's oiled finger pressing against his entrance.

He gasped as Jack's finger slid in, the blindfold magnifying the sensation of being penetrated. He suddenly wanted to push back, but the rope prevented him. He moaned loudly and Jack asked, "What is it?"

Will struggled mutely and Jack said, "I'm not a mind reader, love. If you want something, you'll have to ask for it."

"More," Will breathed.

"That's it," Jack said. He added another finger, and Will felt molten desire course through his body as Jack's fingers curled within him. His senses spun out of control and before he knew it, he was gasping, "Jack...ravish me, please."

"Not t' worry, I fully intend to have m' way with ye," Jack purred.

Will felt his blood surge when he heard Jack applying the oil to himself and he tried to push backwards, complaining when his motion was stopped. Once Jack finished preparing himself, he positioned himself carefully at Will's entrance, watching as his lover arched up in anticipation.

Will moaned as Jack slid in, feeling the tingle up to his scalp. Jack began thrusting, and he quaked as small whimpers spilled from his lips. Panting heavily, he groaned as Jack gently tugged on his hair, pulling his head back.

Jack rasped, "Mother of God, you should see yourself, Will. Bent over this table and bound with yer sweet arse pointed in the air, that hard body of yours arching up with your head thrown back, blindfold covering your beautiful eyes..." He thrust hard into Will, causing him to keen louder. "All mine," he breathed.

"Yes," Will mewled, suddenly craving to be filled. "Oh God, more."

"Anything for you," Jack said as he started to pound into him. Will felt his senses dwindle down until the only thing he could concentrate on was Jack's pistoning flesh. An ache was gathering in the center of his body, flaring outward as Jack continued to stroke him inside.

Will cried out softly as he began to lose himself in the sensation, allowing his desire to spiral out of control. He felt lightheaded, as if gravity had no further hold on him, and the only thing keeping him pinned to reality was Jack's hard flesh continually entering him.

Jack changed his angle slightly and Will screamed as bolts of pleasure shot through him, electrifying his taut body. His next cry was louder, and Jack released his grip on Will's hair and clapped his callused hand over Will's mouth.

"Hush," Jack said, "ye can't be wailing like a banshee."

He quaked underneath Jack, helpless to do anything but surrender as Jack's tanned body continually slammed into him. The hard thrusts brought him to the edge, and Will squirmed frantically on his bonds, rubbing his organ against the table to get some sort of relief. Noticing the motion, Jack reached down and grabbed Will's needy member.

He only needed to give it a few tugs before Will climaxed with a muffled howl, spraying pearly liquid over Jack's hand and the table. As the shudders were leaving Will's body, he felt Jack raggedly thrusting into him and then he heard his lover find his release with a loud groan, splashing hotly inside him.

Jack collapsed on top of him, panting. Moments later, he slid out and shakily untied Will. Will slid to the floor weakly, and Jack joined him, pulling Will against his chest.

"Jack," Will said, "thank you."

Jack kissed him on the lips tenderly and said, "My pleasure, Will." He frowned and continued, "We can't stay here,  the floor's too uncomfortable. Besides, yer a mess."

Will yawned and said, "I believe that's your fault."

"And yer a cheeky First Mate," Jack replied. "Let me clean you up, luv, or yer goin' to stick to the wood permanently." He reluctantly got up and walked over to the bucket of water he had placed in a corner earlier. A washrag was soaking inside, and Jack grabbed it and wrung out the excess water. He mopped Will off and then did the same to himself. Jack tossed the soiled cloth back into the bucket and held out his hand.

"C'mon, lad. Up you go," he said, "I need t'get you into the bed b'fore you pass out."

Will groaned and grabbed Jack's hand. Jack hauled him to his feet and led him back to his cabin through the connecting door, easing him onto the bed.

Will murmured groggily, "Jack, what was that last piece of food?"

Jack chuckled. "A bit of coconut."

"N'ver...had it 'fore," Will said as he drifted off to sleep.

Jack smiled as Will's breathing gradually grew louder. He went back to the dining quarters to fetch their clothes, and he carefully piled Will's garments onto a chair. Jack then got dressed and kissed Will lightly before he tiptoed out.


He wandered onto the deck to take the wheel from Anamaria. Bootstrap walked across the deck to stand next to him. A small smile of amusement curled on his lips.

"What?" Jack asked him.

"Lemme guess, you wore him out?"

Jack chuckled. "He takes after you, William. 'e falls right asleep afterward."

Bootstrap shook his head, "And y'always feel so energetic after a good swiving. N'ver understood that."

Gold teeth flashed. "It gets the blood flowing."

Bootstrap said, "If ye say so. Anyway, what do ye have planned when we reach the Isla de Muerta? Ye can't just want to snatch that dagger."

Jack smiled roguishly. "Ye caught me. I thought we'd see how many coins have been removed from the chest. I'm not sure which one of Barbossa's men r'moved it, but the rest of the crew have probably rejoined him."

Bootstrap said, "And then?"

"I want t' make sure that Barbossa is still dead. 'e should be, but it doesn't hurt to make sure."

"And then?" Bootstrap said, looking at him suspiciously.

Jack slurred. "Besht that ye not know what I have plann'd next."

Bootstrap glared at him. "Why not? This isn't one of yer crew yer talking to."

Jack said solemnly, "Barbossa taught me a hard lesson, William. And it's best that ye just go with it."

"You've changed, Jack," he replied. He frowned, "About the dagger...yer just playin' on one of yer wild guesses, aren't ye? Ye have no idea if they need it or not?"

He snorted when Jack flashed him another gold-toothed grin.

"And what about Norrington's men?" Bootstrap asked. "Miss Swann mentioned that ye were dodging them."

Jack patted the wheel fondly and said, "They won't be able t' catch the Pearl. Not even in the new ship the Navy gave 'em."

Bootstrap looked out onto the horizon. He said, "Jack, b'fore I ferget, I found somethin' I'd like you to see."


Bootstrap nodded and went below. He returned with an ornately decorated metal flask and a scrollcase.

Jack quirked an eyebrow upward. Bootstrap replied, "I came across these whilst I was walkin' on the floor of the sea. Couldn't make head nor tails of it."

He handed Jack the flask. It was made of gold, and intricate carvings covered the outside. Jack gestured for Bootstrap to temporarily take over the wheel while he looked at the carvings. As he studied it, he recognized them as Aztec in origin, and the scrollcase carried similar markings.

"Have you looked inside the scrollcase?" Jack asked.

"It's full of somethin' official, but ye know that I can't read."

Jack nodded and looked out. "These waves are gettin' a bit dodgy, luv. Could you put 'em in my cabin while I steer? I'll take a gander at ev'rything later."

"Aye," Bootstrap said before he went back into the Captain's quarters. He walked in as stealthily as he could, trying to avoid disturbing Will.

After Bootstrap dropped off the flask and the scrollcase on a table, he walked quietly over and sat down on the side of the bunk, gazing at Will's slumbering form. Will's arm was thrown over his face, and his hair was adorably tousled, causing him to look much younger than his 20 years. Smiling, Bootstrap paused to run his fingers through the dark curls, wishing that he could feel the silky texture.

He became lost in thought. When he last saw Will, the boy was a mere infant. He sighed, his heart feeling leaden because he missed seeing his only child grow up. Will was an accident, fathered when he was 16 after a one-night liaison with a tavern wench. When Bootstrap discovered that Audrey was pregnant, he married her, and intended to care for the two of them for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately, the birth was difficult, and in the throes of pain, Audrey promised God that she would renounce her wicked ways if He would only have mercy on her.

When Will was finally delivered, she was convinced that God had heard her prayers and promised from then on to devote herself to his service. She told Bootstrap that he could not see his son until he had completely renounced his previous life.

When he refused, she threw him out of her room, saying to him, "Don't come back until you've found God, William Turner."

Bootstrap returned in the morning, deciding to talk some sense into her, but she had taken the baby and fled. Despondent, he immediately joined up with the first pirate ship out of England.

He closed his eyes, remembering when he first met Jack. He had been far too honest with his opinions, and many a captain had asked him to leave after a short tenure with the crew. He blessed his good luck when he came on board the Pearl, and when he and Jack fell in love, he blessed his luck further.

He remembered the desperation he felt when he was thrown overboard, realizing that he would never see Jack or Will again. Thoughts of the two of them kept him sane as he walked along the ocean floor for those many years, seeking an area where he could come to shore.

At that point Will sleepily threw his arm around Bootstrap's leg, and snuggled closer, pressing his face into his father's thigh.

"Jack," Will murmured softly.

Bootstrap caressed the long, dark curls and said quietly, "I'm sorry I failed ye, son," before he kissed Will on the forehead. "But I promise that I'll never come b'tween you and yer love." He gently pried himself out of Will's grasp, and he kissed him again on the cheek before he left the cabin.


At dusk the next day, they were near a long, twisted shoal when the wind started losing strength.

Will frowned as he noticed the surrounding area growing misty. "Jack, the fog's getting thick," he said.

Jack slurred, "We'll be fine, lad. Wha' could happen?"

Gibbs was in the crow's nest and he cried out, "Captain! A ship is approaching! It looks like one of the Royal Navy's!"

Jack winced as Bootstrap said, "Thought ye said they couldn't catch us."

"Hold on, it may not be Norrington's ship." Jack pulled out his spyglass and cursed as he saw the HMS Gallant in the distance. He muttered, "Well, at least it isn't the Dauntless."

He cursed again. Without a strong wind, they'd never be able to outrun the Gallant. They had too few people to man the oars, while the Gallant had a full ship's complement.

"Anamaria, I need you to do several soundings!" Jack shouted.

"Aye, Captain!" After she gave the readings, Jack smoothly turned the wheel.

Will said, "Jack, you're heading right for the shoals!"

"Aye. We'll lose them in there. I see a path that we can sail through."

Will frowned. The path Jack was heading towards was a narrow, winding one, bordered by rocks on one side and a layer of shallow water over sand on the other. To make matters worse, it also branched off in multiple places, forming a narrow, twisted maze.

"Jack? We'll never be able to fit!" he said.

Jack grinned. "Trust me, I know our berth like the back o'my hand. It's shallow enough. Anamaria, keep up with those soundings!"

"Aye!" she replied promptly.

The shoal was drawing close, and Elizabeth shouted, "Jack! We're coming in too fast!"

"Trust me, we still have some time. If we slow down too soon, the Gallant will catch up to us. They're already closing the distance between us."

"And if we take too long to check our speed, we'll run aground!"

Jack said calmly, "Then I guess I'll have to get it right the first time, luv."

"You're crazy!"

Jack smiled at her, "I'm Captain Jack Sparrow. What d'ye expect?"

As Anamaria gave her readings, Jack carefully kept his eyes on the slightly murky water, and at the last possible moment, he yelled, "Furl the sails to half-mast!"

The crew scrambled to comply, and Jack hoped that his estimations were correct. Elizabeth held her breath as the Pearl maneuvered into the small channel with barely enough room to spare.

As Jack skillfully wove his way through the treacherous path, Gibbs said, "Captain, the Gallant is still following us!"

"Keep an eye on them, Gibbs. We'll keep going until the fog finishes rolling in!"

Will said, "What if the wind dies down first? They'll still be able to catch up to us."

"I'm gambling that it doesn't."

Eventually, they lost sight of the Gallant, and the thick fog blanketed the area. Jack exhaled in relief; the wind had almost completely petered out, and they would not have been able to avoid the other ship for much longer.

Jack said, "Will, Cotton, drop the anchor, but do it as quietly as possible!"

The two of them complied, slowly lowering the anchor so that it wouldn't splash. The Pearl came to a gentle halt, and the crew gathered around Jack.

Will turned to him and said, "What now?"

Jack frowned. "I don't need another ship on m' tail, but I don't want a pitched battle."

"What do yer intend to do?" Bootstrap asked.

"The sun's already startin' to go down, and I'm sure that the Gallant has dropped anchor somewhere. William, I need you to quietly wade along the shallow end and see if you can spot her."


Will said, "Won't you get lost in the fog?"

Bootstrap shook his head, "This stretch we're on is pretty long, son. If'n I don't see the Gallant when the path splits, I'll come right back. Now, if you please, Mr. Cotton?"

Cotton obligingly lowered Bootstrap down and he slowly disappeared into the fog. Time dragged, and it seemed like an eternity before Bootstrap returned. "They're about a hundred yards away. Looks like they managed to catch up."

Jack nodded. "All right, luv. Water here's not more than 100 feet at deepest. You know what to do."

Bootstrap nodded. Jack went below and came back with some thick wooden wedges. He said, "Will, Elizabeth, we're goin' to be taking the boat out."

Will said, "You intend to board the ship and sabotage her?"

"No, no, no, you have it all wrong," Jack said, gesturing into the air. "I intend to *disable* the Gallant."

Elizabeth said, "They'll hear the splashing from our oars far too easily in this fog."

Jack draped himself over her and grinned. "Well, then. We'll just have to row very, very quietly, won't we?" Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

Will said, "Let me get my sword."

Jack shook his head. "You won't be needin' that, or your pistol. Just take a dagger."

Will looked at Jack in surprise, but he knew better than to question him when he was scheming. "I'll get one for each of us, then," he said, before going down below.

Elizabeth said, "I shan't bother with my knives, then. I don't have a shoulder harness for them, and trying to carry a pair of blades and a dagger would be a bother."

"Yer probably best off that way," said Jack.

At this point, Will reappeared with three daggers. He distributed them, and Elizabeth took hers without saying a word to him.

The three of them climbed into the boat and Jack said to his remaining crew, "Now, lower us *slowly*. We don't wan' to be splashing." The crew complied, making sure that it touched the surface of the water gently.

Jack said, "Elizabeth, ye're familiar with how Norrington runs his ship, so ye'll be on lookout for any guards."

Elizabeth nodded and Will said, "What did you send my father to do?"

Jack replied, "William's going to swim below the water and find a nice rock to wrap the slack from the anchor chain around it. While he's busy, we're goin' to take out the rudder with these," he said, indicating the wood he had placed in the bottom of the boat.

"Now, shall we?" Jack said, gesturing for Will to pick up the oars. Will nodded and sat down next to Jack, carefully dipping them into the water. The fog was quite thick, and Will was happy that they didn't have to navigate through the confusing array of paths that the Pearl went through earlier.

Eventually, they spotted the dim outline of the Gallant in the fog about ten yards away. Jack said, "Time f'r us to take a swim," before he carefully lowered the anchor for the boat.

Will said, "They'll still see us."

Jack drew some round pieces of wood out of his pocket. "Somethin' I picked up while I was out near Java. You stick these in yer mouth and ye can swim underwater as long as the top's pokin' out."

Elizabeth studied one of them. "Why, it's hollow!"

"Indeed, love. It's called bamboo." Jack tied the sheath of his dagger onto his thigh, grabbed a piece of wood, and put the unusual breathing device into his mouth.

Following his example, Elizabeth and Will did the same. They carefully lowered themselves from the boat and went under water, trying not to splash. As they slowly paddled towards the Gallant, they tried to focus in the somewhat murky water on the boat ahead of them. Fortunately, it was fairly clear up to about fifty feet down, and then visibility was reduced. They could still make out the coral and rocks dotting the ocean floor, though, and so they were able to navigate  their way to the Gallant without too many problems.

When they reached the rudder, they surfaced quietly. Jack motioned, and pulled out a wedge. He was about to jam it in when the water churned around them. Several hands suddenly grabbed them and pulled them under. The three of them tried to avoid gasping as Barbossa's men restrained them.

When they broke the surface again, Elizabeth said, "Bloody hell, you were hiding and waiting for us!"

"That's right," Ragetti said steadily, his wooden eye rolling. "The Cap'n knew ye'd be looking for us, so he commandeered this ship and forced Norrington's men to sail this 'un."

Will struggled and said, "But that's impossible! A ship manned by the cursed should by flying black sails."

A voice said from the deck of the Gallant, "Ahhhh, young Turner,  that's why we captured the Commodore and had his live men do all the work. Those of ye with free hands, strip them of their weapons!"

As the cursed pirates complied, Jack grimaced. The voice was not Barbossa's, but he recognized it.

"Hello, Ketch," he called back. "Care to show yerself?"

The owner of the voice appeared. He was an average looking man, except for his eyes. They were very deep brown, almost black, and incredibly beautiful. However, the hint of something cold and hard glittered in their depths; Jack had seen this when Ketch had joined the Black Pearl's crew, and although the man was clever and charismatic, he steered clear of giving Ketch too much authority.

"That's Cap'n Ketch to ye," the man coldly replied.

Jack shouted, "Congratulations on yer promotion. Care to parley?"

"As a matter of fact, no," Ketch said. "Bring them up here."

Jack, Will, and Elizabeth were ushered over to the bow, and a rope was thrown down. The pirates surrounding them drew their swords.

"If'n any of you try any funny business, the others get their throats slit. Now, get up onto th' ship!" Pintel snarled.

Will grabbed the rope first, and was hauled up to the deck. As soon as he climbed over the railing, he saw that Ketch had kept some men in reserve, and they had their muskets leveled on him.

"Don't be movin' an inch, boy," Ketch growled.

Will put his hands in the air and his eyes scanned the deck. He saw no trace of the officers, and assumed that they were in the hold below. All of Norrington's men had been disarmed, and a couple of pirates were keeping a watch over them. As he scanned around, he saw that Bootstrap was tied to a mast.

"Father!" he shouted, but Bootstrap did not respond. He glared at Ketch. "What have you done to him?"

Ketch laughed. "Nothin' permanent. Now, don't ye be doin' somethin' stupid or yer friends will pay."

Will clenched his fists, livid with anger. He silently vowed to have his revenge as soon as the chance presented itself.

Jack and Elizabeth were hauled up, and then the remaining crew. Once their feet touched the deck, the pirates grabbed their pistols. They positioned themselves so that Jack, Will, and Elizabeth were surrounded on all sides.

Ketch lightly jumped on top of a barrel behind the circle and said, "I figgered ye'd try to do something to the Gallant, so I had me men wait on the bottom of the ocean until ye came swimming by."

Elizabeth grimaced and said, "Those rocks..."

Ketch grinned evilly. "Were m' men. The water was murky enough so that if they stayed perfectly still, ye wouldn't be able to tell the diff'rence."

He gestured at Bootstrap. "We caught him earlier tryin' to muck with the anchor. We were a bit surprised to find ol' Bootstrap here, but it was a pleasant 'un. After all, we won't be needing the whelp's blood, now." He raised his voice. "Shoot them."

As the muskets clicked, Jack quickly called out, "Ye don't want to be doin' that, b'cause Bootstrap's blood won't work this time."

Ketch said, "And why should I trust ye? Ye lied to Barbossa last time."

"Not about Will's blood," Jack said.

Ketch narrowed his eyes. "And what will work?"

Jack replied, "Why don't ye let us go and I'll tell ye?"

Ketch glared and said, "I think not, Jack. Yer a lying bastard." He turned to his men. "On my mark, fire on them." Ketch raised his hand in the air.

Jack said under his breath, "Steady you two. I know how Ketch works. He's tryin' to see if I'm lyin'. If I don't say anythin' by the time he finishes countin' to three, he'll have them lower their guns."

"One!" Ketch called.

Elizabeth muttered, "Are you sure?"

Jack replied quietly, "Well, he may know that I know that he thinks I'm lyin', in which case, he'll be tryin' t' kill us for real."

Will said under his breath, "Then what do we do?"


Jack whispered, "We pray that they're poor shots."