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Whether its canon or not, the chemistry between Jack Sparrow and Will Turner cannot be denied. The selection of stories here are what we feel to be the best fanfiction related to the pairing. As of late, we are also accepting Jack Sparrow/Will Turner/Elizabeth Swann fanfiction.

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How Powerful My Pirate - PG
This is a story of what Jack picked up to entertain he and Will whilst on the way to find a crew. Piratey humor. Beware of drinking/eating while reading.


Revelations - NC-17
Will tells Jack a secret...

Show - NC-17
A night at the tavern leads to more than just fun...


Lubricity - PG-13
In which Will gets very drunk and says things he shouldn't, Jack is unnecessarily tormented, and everyone ends up in an uncomfortable situation at least twice. Post-movie, but no spoilers; a bit more serious than it sounds, though not much.


Cabin Boy
Jack takes advantage of a hangover. Sequel to 'The Captain's Love Story'

The Captain's Love Story - PG
Will and Jack reunite after three years of separation. (Includes a bit of LoTR humor)


Any Port in a Storm - NC-17
A night. A storm. Two drunken pirates and an Inn.

A Storm at Sea - PG
Before the swell, Will appreciates the coming storm.


A Change of Course - NC-17
Post PotC, Jack/Will. Life for Will, and even Elizabeth will never be the same as for the first time they each take their lives into their own hands and Will comes to terms with who he is and who he loves.


Freedom - PG-13
Anamaria and Will have a talk.

Gabby Hope

Man and Boy - PG-13
Jack ruminates about Will, his father, and the stance of both the man and the boy.


Bathwater - PG-13
Pirate or blacksmith--after a long day, everyone needs to feel clean.

Fear - PG-13
Will plays the hero in the waking world, but who guards Elizabeth and Jack while they dream?

Fitting the Hat - PG-13
When the hat doesn't fit, naught can be done but to take it off and fit a new hat.

Gold - PG-13
Not all treasure is forged of gold, but all gold is treasure, and a pirate loves his treasure.

Join the Battle - PG-13
It's a mark of a man's pride, being able to make his own meals.

Too Tight - PG-13
Singapore--den of opium, iniquity, and tight corsets!

The Goddess of Imaginary Light

Remember - PG-13
Musings of a boy thinking about that certain pirate...


I Own You - NC-17
Jack can't resist Will's sexy little self, but Will could certainly resist Jack. If he had the chance.

Lady BD

The Death of the Pearl - PG
Even after all the years together, one thing remains the same...

Exceptionally Rare - R
Will discovers treasure. Sequel to 'Of Swords and Sparrows' Third in the Swords and Sparrows series.

The Gift - PG
Jack Sparrow ponders the eternal question: What do you get for the man who has everything? Sequel to 'Exceptionally Rare' Fourth in the Swords and Sparrows series.

Matelotge - PG
Jack Sparrow decides to follow a time honored pirate tradition. Sequel to 'The Gift' Fifth in the Swords and Sparrows series

Rum with the Captain - NC-17
Will finds out the duties of a First Mate. First in the Swords and Sparrows series.

Of Swords and Sparrows - PG-13
Will gets his first tattoo. Sequel to 'Rum with the Captain' Second in the Swords and Sparrows series.

Typhoid Elizabeth - PG
Plague sweeps the Black Pearl.

Lady K d’Azrael

Singapore - NC-17
A down-and-out Will finds himself in Asia’s most notorious port and encounters and old acquaintance.


Debts of Blood - NC-17
Jack and Will are taking a rest while they track down Barbossa's crew. But life has a way of dropping millstones in Jack's and Will's laps... Sequel to 'The Ties that Bind'

Intercepted - NC-17
So what did Will and Jack do while they were alone on the Interceptor?

The Ties that Bind - NC-17
Thinking that Jack has left him, Will turns to Elizabeth. Jack decides to re-establish his claim. Sequel to 'Intercepted'


Fly - PG
During the brief reunion of Will and Jack, rum is dispensed freely while feelings are hidden.


When Pirate Eyes are Smiling - PG-13
A boring day on the water leads to Jack mercilessly teasing Will.


Corollary - R
Old memories conflict with new acquaintances.

Hard to Starboard - PG-13
Like all pirates, Jack's first love should be the sea. But what does he think of his protege Will Turner, old friend Bootstrap, pain-in-the-butt Commodore Norrington, his own seemingly inability to age, and lots of other stuff in general?


Desert Breezes - PG-13
The elements, the air, and Will's place in them. Companion piece to 'Firewater'.

Firewater - R
He's burning up, burning inside out. Will happens to like fire.

Lost and Bound - PG
Love, hate, and everything and anything in-between. Part one in a series of vignettes.

Pathway to Hell - PG-13
Will wants Jack to let him hate in peace; Jack will have none of it. Part two in a series of vignettes. Sequel to 'Lost and Bound'

A Saint's Downfall - R
Will goes about in circles. He can only hate Jack for so long. Then there comes the inevitable realization that it must be him. Part three in a series of vignettes. Sequel to 'Pathway to Hell'

A Sinner's Uprising - PG
It may kill him, and Will knows it probably already is, but he's done what he's wanted to all this time. How come he's not happy about it? Part four in a series of vignettes. Sequel to 'A Saint's Downfall'

Plaid Poppet

A Good Man - PG-13
Elizabeth thinks about what she learned the night she spent stranded with Jack.


First Time - R
There's a first time for everything.


Figuring It Out - PG-13
Jack Sparrow finally figures something out. (Slight movie spoilers)


The Call - PG
Will remembers his father and the call of the sea.

Unrequited - PG
Anamaria knows who broke the captain's heart.


Emptiness - PG-13
Jack's thoughts about his curse, Will, and the memories that haunt him.

Fallen Wine - PG
Soft sleep, wine fallen, a dream and whispered names...

Sway - R
"A moving silhouette on the floor dances, sways, until another joins it."

Tasumi Ashiru

I Never Should Have Hurt You - PG
A twisted POTC Slash fanfic with a faking Jack Sparrow and an angry Will.

Thrift Store Junkie

Flicker - PG-13
Even when the adventure ends, there are still decisions to be made.

Mirage of Blue and Green - PG
Will becomes bored and hungers for the ocean.


No Going Back - PG-13
Jack's dwelling out at sea, as well as his memories of the past, on a certain blacksmith he knew.

Not All Treasure is Silver and Gold - PG-13
Gapfiller. Takes place after Barbossa's death and before they return to Port Royal for the sentencing.

Thinking of You - PG-13
Songfic. Will's lonely thoughts about our favorite pirate Jack and what adventures he's off having.

Once In A Blue Moon, Ch 1: Bon Voyage - NC-17
Once In A Blue Moon, Ch 2: A Naked Heart
Once In A Blue Moon, Ch 3: Blue Moon
'You're a pirate after all, lad. Stolen my heart, true enough.' Will joins the crew of the Black Pearl and learns the true meaning of the word 'Matelotage'.