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Whether its canon or not, the chemistry between Jack Sparrow and Will Turner cannot be denied. The selection of stories here are what we feel to be the best fanfiction related to the pairing. As of late, we are also accepting Jack Sparrow/Will Turner/Elizabeth Swann fanfiction, not to mention RPS fiction centered on Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Both sections have been split and noted for those preferring to read about whichever particular pairing.

FPS Fan Fiction (Jack Sparrow/Will Turner)
Jack Sparrow and Will Turner in written form. While we're waiting for the sequel, satisfy yourself with the large amount of fiction. And send in your own if you feel compelled to do so!

RPS Fan Fiction (Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom)
Johnny Depp. Orlando Bloom. Both intriguing actors in written form. A small collection of fiction, but steadily growing. Go. Look. Become intrigued!


Beta Readers
People who volunteer to help with your fiction. They correct any grammar, spelling, or continuity problems you may have in your story, which is very helpful!

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