Title: A Storm at Sea
Author: Earen (reverie@come-september.org)
Pairing: Will Turner/Jack Sparrow
Rating: PG
Summary: Before the swell, Will appreciates the coming storm.
Disclaimer: I am a vedy poor college student, do you think I could ever claim ownership of such a fine, sublime thing such as PotC? I think not.
Feedback: That'd be dandy.
Author's Notes: This is my first fic in this fandom. Yay me! Anyway, please be kind and give me some feedback. Inspired by my own longing for the sea and a summer shower the other night.

Lazy was the roll of the ship upon the sea. Soft was the rumble of thunder in the distance. Every so often, Will would look up from his book and catch a glimpse of fine dancing lightning on the horizon.

"It'll not be long," Jack's sultry voice murmured from Will's side as the pirate captain paused on his way from the helm. Tanned nostrils flared as the man took a deep breath of the salty sea air; humidity clung to the breeze with a persistance and a promise. "Yes, Mr. Turner, not long now."

Will only smiled. It was enjoyable, this calm before the storm. The near silence as the swell approached.

"Not long at all."


It was near midnight when the storm finally reached them, pelting the Pearl's decks with harsh sheets of rain. The gentle lull of the afternoon was sped, but not unpleasently so.

With his head laying on his lover's chest, Will gazed out the porthole at the glittering storm.

Lightning danced across the sky, lighting the dark room in an eerie blue. It entranced him, how something so unpredictable and turbulant could be so incredibly beautiful. It was the same as it was with Jack, he thought. The man was a whirlwind of trouble and danger, but his heart and soul were so beautiful -- as well as the looks of him, came as an afterthought.

"Trouble sleepin', luv?" Jack asked sleepily, head tilting 'til it rested against the crown of Will's head, nuzzling the dark curls and recently aquired beads.

"Just enjoying the storm," Will said with a smile.