Title: Any Port in a Storm
Author: Earen (reverie@come-september.org)
Pairing: Will Turner/Jack Sparrow
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A night. A storm. Two drunken pirates and an Inn.
Disclaimer: I am a vedy poor college student, do you think I could ever claim ownership of such a fine, sublime thing such as PotC? I think not.
Author's Notes: Well, as you can tell I'm a storm o holic. Also I love pirate/sailor sayings. So this little bought of fiction came about. :) Hope you enjoy my first Jack/Will smut. As I told Lostiawen I cannot see Will topsies unless he's on top of Jack's cock. -_- This is how I will ever write them: Jack fucking Will. Savvy? Semi beta-read... but neither Jen nor I spell well and Spell Check dun always work right so... Thanks Jen.

Will had been aboard the Pearl as a member of her crew for nearly three weeks and life could not be better. Never had he dreamt he would be so happy living the life of a sailor, let alone a pirate.

Three long, hard, but rewarding weeks.

"Alright mates!" Jack crooned from the top deck. "Make for the port, and I dun wanna see any o' you scaverous dogs afore a week's time!"

The crew cheered, racing to the boats.

"'Ey there, young William," the Captain said with a smirk, throwing his arm around the lad's shoulders. "Ye'll be a-comin' with me. Twou'n't be right fer me ta let ol' Bootstrap's boy be a-runnin' off ta port all by 'is onesies, savvy? Asides," the man slurred. "I like yer company. Let us get ourselves a drink, shall we?"


"And I said to me onesies, 'Any port in a storm!'" The slurred acclamation was followed by a roar of laughter as Jack nearly tipped himself back off the bench.

"You're drunk," Will stated, his own speech mildly slurred.

"When am I not, lad?" the pirate caroulled, righting himself as best as he could with the world taking dips and turns around him. "Come on, eh? Le's ge' outta this fine establ... establ... le's ge' outta 'ere. Go some place... quieter." Jack didn't let the boy register the suggestion, let alone contend it. With a wild sweep, both were out the door and in the rain. "Shit, great... Loo's like we're a-gonna hafta make a run fer it. Inn's not far."


By the time they reached the inn and their room, for the shoddy little inn only had one that was not... occupied, they were soaked and nearly laughing hysterically as the increased blood flow spread the alcohol through their veins with a heady rush. And as their breathing calmed, the formerly loud laughter melting into eye-locked silence, time stilled.

Will blinked owlishly. Jack's face swam before his eyes, seeming to float closer and closer until they were mere inches apart. Warm breath fluttered between their slightly parted lips and Will felt himself close the space between them, sealing their lips together.

The pirate captain responded immediately, tongue plundering the warm cavern of Will's mouth. Soon enough hands joined in, working up under the loose fabric of Will's shirt, caressing the firm plains of the muscled torso as they inched along. The younger man shivered, moaning into the mouth covering his.

The former-blacksmith had dreamt of this for since before he had left Port Royal; to finally have the man he had longed for and lusted after was beyond all he could have hoped for. He barely noticed as his shirt was unlaced and cast aside; such hindrances were unnecessary.

"Jack," the boy breathed as they broke, Jack's lips trailing a fiery line down his throat. His erection swelled and pulsed as the deft hands sought to undo him. He bucked his hips, seeking friction.

"Impatient whelp," Jack growled, nipping at the junction of shoulder and neck, eliciting a hiss that melted into a moan when a warm tongue bathed the angry marks.

How Jack could unravel him so as he lost his sense of being, Will did not know, but he found it hard to do more than concentrate on the sensation of hands and lips and occasionally teeth. Then the sensations stopped and Will blinked as he was tugged toward the unkempt looking little bed.

They tumbled together, arms and legs tangling as lips met in a violent rush that teeth gnashed together with the impact. Will's body took over for his mind enough to let him reach for Jack's sash and clumsily fiddle with the knot. "You're... o-over dressed," he breathed out as they broke once more, eyes meeting as Jack swatted away the boy's inept hands, ridding himself of the article while Will tugged his shirt over his head.

"Bloody boots," Jack muttered, kicking his off as Will tried to pull the trousers off his legs. "Patience, boy! Let Ol' Jack get 'is boots awf afore ye strip 'im, eh? Youth these days."

Will's were next, the new boots being tossed carelessly over Jack's shoulder as he quickly divested to boy of his remaining clothing. For a moment, Jack stopped all action, placing his hands on Will's hips and just looking at the young man who was propped up on his arms. And then the moment was over and Jack pulled Will to him with a growl. "Ye wanta see 'ow a real man does it, boy?" Jack asked as he thrust his aching need against that of the younger pirate's.

"Yes, oh god yes, Jack," Will moaned as they rubbed together, the friction just enough to give him some pleasure, but not enough for him to reach any sort of release. He moaned again as Jack's tongue traced his ear.

Will couldn't be sure if it was the drink or what, but he could have sworn that -- with each moan that was ripped from his throat -- a smoldering fire blazed in the infamous pirate's eyes. It made him heady and even more needful. "God Jack, just fuck me! I can't-can't take this," he pleaded, his breath catching as Jack wormed his tongue into his ear, making his neglected erection throb painfully. "Jack!"

"What'd I say 'bout patience, whelp? Dun worry, Ol' Jack'll take care uv ya. Lay back."

Will did as told, slipping out of Jack's arms to lay against the pillows. The other man smiled his usually psychotic smile as he watched. The dizziness of being drunk was wearing off and Will found his head all too clear as he watched the pirate slowly glide his hands up his thighs, sending sparks of pleasure but never touching where Will so desperately wanted him to.

"Yer pretty, whelp," Jack murmured, leaning down to nuzzle the boy's stomach. "Mmm, and ye smell real good, eh?" Jack trailed his lips down nuzzling the jutting flesh of Will's groin. The former-blacksmith nearly screamed as his oversensitive flesh was stimulated. "Mm and yer responsive. I wonder, would ye scream fer Ol' Jack as he fucked ya inta tha bed? Would ye scream me name to the world as I rammed meself inta ye over and over until you came like ye never came afore? Would ya?"

Will moaned in reply.

"Le's see, shall we?" With that the perpetually-drunken pirate climbed off the bed and made for his previously forgotten effects, to return only moments later. "Aye, lift yer 'ips, boy, and relax, savvy? It'll hurt worse if ye dun."

Jack made short work of preparing the younger man and slicked his own weeping need. "Ready?"

Will nodded.

The pressure was like nothing he'd ever felt in his life. It burned and consumed him as he willed his twitching muscles to relax. He was so concentrated on relaxing those inner muscles that he nearly leaped in surprise when Jack wrapped a calloused hand around his swollen flesh.

"Yer so tight," Jack moaned, biting his lip as he pushed further into his young mate.

Once the older was completely within him, Will released the breath he'd not even known he was holding. It hurt, yes, it burned, but it also felt good. It felt right, like he'd been missing something and now it was found. Jack leaned forward, still rubbing Will's manhood with his thumb, and kissed him soundly. And with that he pulled back out and thrust back in.

Sparks flared behind Will's eyes. Pleasure and pain mixed to make him as heady as if he'd drunk a whole keg of the local pub's stoutest brew. Moans tore from his throat, rising in level with each well aimed thrust. He was flying, free, consumed and reborn by the fire of their passion. If there had ever been a perfect moment this was it, or so Will believed.

Jack's hand had begun to move, keeping pace with his thrusts in its stroking. Will swelled, he could feel the waves of pleasure crashing over him, pressing him for release. Like a damn ready to break, but Will kept the tide at bay. He wanted this incredible feeling to last as long as possible.

It wasn't long though before he could no longer keep himself in control and as Jack squeezed his member a bit tighter than before he came with a scream, calling Jack's name like some crazed zealot on the steps of a church. In his pleasure he felt a warmth fill him and heard Jack groan as he tensed calling Will's name as he released himself into the boy's tight channel.

In the afterglow Will drew them together, clinging to Jack's warmth as he drifted, the land of dreams calling to him. He heard Jack whisper something as he succumbed to Nod's call, but gave it no thought.

Had he been awake enough he'd have heard the murmured words, might have saved himself some heartache.

"Any port in a storm, lad. Any port in a storm."