Title: Cabin Boy
Author: Dazed (zfighters10@hotmail.com)
Pairing: Jack Sparrow/Will Turner
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jack takes advantage of a hangover. Sequel to 'The Captain's Love Story'
Disclaimer: Though I may pretend to, I don’t own the beautiful boys of PotC. Disney does and some guy with a weird name that presently escapes me does as well.
Feedback?: Sure! :)
Notes: Set after Love Story. I’d like to think I wrote this well, but it’s kind of hard for me to write boyxboy action when the only boyxboy action I’ve seen was in manga. Not much movement, kind of two dimensional. But I tried! Also, I was feeling kind of poetic while writing this so it has a lot of what I like to call “poetic fragments” of sentences. Yeah, I’m a loser. So what? This is how I write! And I’m sorry for typos, but my fingers are covered with band-aids and I can’t feel the keys well.

Light poured in through an open doorway. Rocking, the ship was lightly rocking. Will opened his eyes. His head ached. He sat up, heard the sound of crashing waves. They were close to shore. Who gave the orders to dock?

His stomach felt like the rocking ship. Had he been drinking? The sour taste in his mouth, his swimming head; Jack had been here. Jack had been here with rum.

The light lessened. A shadow was cast over him.

“Who?” he murmured. The boat swayed, his stomach churned, he pitched forward.

Rough hands held him, gently laid him down.

“Morning after is never as fun as the night before,” a voice said in his ear. Whiskers brushed his cheek.

Will smiled. “Jack.”

The sound of boots falling to the wooden floor, a hand on his cheek. Jack was laying beside him. The hand slid down his neck, down his chest. Will felt suddenly very sober. He sat up, was pushed down. Jack was over him. Will squirmed at hot breath on his flesh.

“Jack, what?” he said, not nearly as loud and as powerful as he would have liked.

A tugging at his shirt. It was unbuttoned; it was untucked. Will fidgeted; Jack held him still.

“You were too drunk last night,” hissed Jack. “Not in the right state, oh no. But I get what’s mine.”

Jack caressed his cheek as he kissed his neck and shoulder. Will wriggled in attempt to pull free. Jack bit him; he yelped.

“You stay where you are, cabin boy,” Jack barked at him. He held him tighter.

Will’s mind swayed with the boat. He tried pleading, but Jack would not have it.

Jack’s belt was thrown to the floor, his pants were discarded. He looked almost innocent in his shirt, erection exposed.

Jack pulled Will closer by the hair. Will bit his lip, tried not to let tears sting at his eyes. He was close to Jack’s organ, his own bulging against his will. He was afraid.

“You do as I say,” Jack whispered as Will nodded his head in compliance.

He pushed the erection closer to the boy, pulled the boy’s head down towards it. Will did not fight. He reached out with his tongue, licked it from base to tip. He did not know what sort of horrible taste he had expected, but he liked it, and the shivers that wracked Jack’s body made his organ grow harder. He licked it again, more generously.

“Take it,” Jack whispered.

Will took it into his mouth, surprisingly deep for a novice. He sucked on it, swirled his tongue around it, tried to keep his teeth far from it. Jack itched with pleasure, trembling in the hot moisture his erection was sheathed in. Up and down, in and out. He bit his lip as a moan escaped him.

Will was in his own bliss. He did not mind what he was doing. Up and down, in and out. Salty liquid dribbled into his mouth. It surprised him. He was suddenly jerked away, crying out from the pain in his scalp.

More tugging. His pants were gone. His erection was exposed. Jack ran his fingers along it, played with the tip. Will trembled with ecstasy.

Now he was in a steamy, moist sheath. Jack took all of him deep into this throat, sucking gently. Whiskers tickled Will’s flesh; it all felt so wonderful.

The sensations overtook him, he arched his back, was forced down. Jack withdrew. Will whined; he wanted to come. Jack was trembling, an expert with much control.

Jack forced Will’s legs apart and back. Will’s initial fears were rekindled as Jack produced a bottle of oil from his pant pocket.

“Don’t worry, love,” he said with a sly grin. “I’ll not be too rough on ye.”

He coated his member with the slippery substance then eased his head through Will’s tight ring of muscle. Will writhed, shouted, grabbed fistfuls of sheets.

Jack ran the back of his hand down Will’s cheek.

“Relax, love,” he whispered.

He pushed deeper, Will writhed and shouted. The boy would not learn. Jack kissed his chest, teased his nipples . Will stopped trembling. Jack pushed himself in all the way. Will stifled a shout, tears ran down his cheeks. Jack kissed him.

“You’re doing fine, love,” said he with a smile.

“Jack,” Will breathed.

Jack withdrew then pushed himself in again, harder and faster. To his surprise Will moaned. It pleased him. He locked his lips with Will’s, letting their tongues dance as he took hold of Will’s organ. He ran his hand down it as he entered Will’s body. He withdrew again while running his hand up it. He plunged himself into Will, hard and fast. Will broke the kiss, gasping for breath. Jack smiled.

“It’s good, eh?” he asked. Will responded with another kiss.

Jack continued this synchronized movement, speeding up and riding harder. He moaned blissfully. Then his breath became broken, ragged. He drove himself in one final time, and everything inside him pulled with it as his orgasm sucked the breath right out of him, Will’s orgasm erupting in his hand. Will called out to him in the heated moment, but he remained silent, would not give him the satisfaction of knowing that he was really under the boy’s control.

Jack licked a bit of Will’s seed form his finger and shot a cocky smile at Will.

“So it was good then?” he asked.

Will laughed softly. “You need to ask?”

Jack held will’s smiling face in his clean hand as he collapsed onto Will; both of them covered with beads of sweat. “You’ll make a fine cabin boy yet.”

“As will you,” his lover replied.