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Challenge #1
Submitted by Emily

Will finds an interesting way to dominate his typically in control captain -- tickling.


Challenge #2
Submitted by Drowning_in_numbers

This is a challange for a threesome fic for Jack/Will/Norrington. at the beginning of the fic Will and Jack must be together and by the end Norrington must have agreed to join them.

Those are the only musts, but I'd like to see Jack turning up at Norrington's home in the middle of the night while blind drunk and calling him an eunUch. Other than that it's really up to you. See how not fussy I am?


Challenge #3
Submitted by Em

A Jack/Will fic set in modern day, with modern weapon-smithing and piracy. No requirements, this is just an idea, but I think it would flow better if it was a Jack/Will fic, and made to be believable, even in the slightest degree.


Challenge #4
Submitted by Em

Jack or Will’s past. A nicety would be to explore their pasts through each other, but that’s completely unnecessary if it doesn’t fit.


Challenge #4
Submitted by Robyn

The scene where Will and Elizabeth kiss on the battlements has to end up as Jack and Will kissing on the battlements before diving into the sea and going to the pearl. I dont mind how you get there just as long as it gets there!


Challenge #4
Submitted by Cabin Mate

Wll grows tired of his captain's drinking habits, and on a streak of bravery take's Jack's stash of Rum and hides it from it's owner.

I really want to see a story about Jack being forced to be sober. Sue me for being bored.


Challenge #5
Submitted by Witch of Grimhold

Cross over with Star Wars. I don't care about the plot, I just wanna see a Jack/Luke/Will threesome with a submissive Luke.

A little bondage wouldn't go astray :)


Challenge #6
Submitted by Katrin

I bet it has been done a thousand times before, but I have this plot bunny on my mind and since I’m not that good at writing (maybe I would be able to do an pic) I hope someone might make good use of it.

However, it’s rather detailed...

Jack is sitting in a shady tavern in Tortuga, indulging in one of his favourite activities: drinking. The evening is getting late, when an other pirate enters the tavern.

He is well known to the crowd spending many times among them in this establishment.

With him, he drags a young prisoner. A young man in ragged clothes who is obviously struggling but to no avail since his hands are bound behind his back.

The newcomer sits down, shoves the young man to the floor (where he stays head bend).

Our pirate begins to brag about his new treasure, while the other guests of the (so far nameless) tavern taunt him, saying the have heard the same story from him over and over again.

The predict that he has been taken in by a pretty face, will break him and sooner or later will grow tired of him and send him out on the streets to earn his keep.

"Ah, but not this time!" our villain insists. "This time I captured a special prize" (or is it price? Not a native speaker here... I guess I don’t even sound very pirat-y)

He yanks back the head of the young man by his hair, so all guests can see his face.

"It’s the governor’s son-in-law!"

This announcement peeks Jacks interest. He rather liked Will, but how can he save him, without being suspected to be on the governor’s side? NOT a wise choice in Tortuga of all places.

Well, he curiously draws closer examining Will... yes, it’s him, no doubt about that....

I guess he will have to make up a story about how much he would give to have his revenge on all of that English officials and marines... and that Will would be perfect to make clear that nobody messes with Jack Sparrow...

Will’s owner however isn’t very co-operative... he rather likes the idea of breaking him himself... and points out that the governor isn’t that fond of his son-in-law, Jack’s plan might not even work out...

From thereon you’re on your own...

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