Title: Show
Author: Bonnie (legolas_luver@hotmail.com)
Pairing: Will Turner/Jack Sparrow (and a whore, but only for a little bit)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A night at the tavern leads to more than just fun...
Disclaimer: God I wish they were mine....
Feedback: Yes please :)
Warnings: None... just a bit of het at the beginning, but then full on slashy smut.
Author's Note: Thank you to my beautiful beta, kayshinae, and her forgetting to give this fic back to me. LOL

The tavern was noisy, and full of drunken patrons; the smell of smoke and alcohol filled the air. Will sat with his mug of ale, scanning the different people. He noted the whores working around the room, trying to get men to give them business, then he noticed a young girl on the lap of a man over in the far corner of the tavern. She giggled and threw back her long hair, as her customer whispered words into her ear; he leaned back and looked right at Will's direction. Will met the dark eyes of Captain Jack Sparrow, who was helping him on his quest to find his child hood friend, Elizabeth.

Will took another sip of his ale and met back Jack's stare, and saw a thin smile curl on the pirates lips. The whore looked over and whispered something in Jack's ear, but he just kept staring at Will. He shifted in his seat, and looked away, feeling the heat of his body rise as those pair of dark eyes stood fixated on him, making him feel like he was the only one in the room.

Will and Jack had just recently found their attraction for each other. Will could remember that afternoon when he was cornered by the captain and felt feelings that he had never felt before.

"Will!" He heard Jack yell above the crowd, and looked about, seeing the pirate wave him over. Will hesitated for a moment, but then got up. He could see the smile on Jack's lips, and knew he was up to something. Jack whispered something else to the whore and she slid off his lap, making room for Will to sit beside him.

"Hello, Jack." Will sat beside him, and a pair of arms wrapped around his neck. "Who's your friend?"

"Whatever you would like it to be,” she purred into his ear.

"I see," Will raised an eyebrow and gave a small smirk. "What did you want Jack?"

"To have some fun, lad." and his dark eyes lit up. Will felt a small chill run down his back, only to be replaced by the heat of his desire. "My bonny lass, here, thought you were quite the handsome young man. She begged me to bring you over." Well felt a tongue flick around his ear, but his eyes never left the man opposite him. "I told her you were mine, and she became very intrigued."

Yours? Will fought back a laugh, and thought about how the other night he had begged him to stop teasing. "Alright, Jack, I'm game."

"You sure, boy? You are willin’ in this tavern here?"

"Yes," but a note of uncertainty gave away his confidence.

Jack leaned in; Will felt his hot breath on his lips. "You willin' to let this lass give me a show?" But Jack didn't let Will answer; instead he assaulted his lovers’ lips with his own. He broke apart from Will and leaned back, letting the young whore take over.

"Mmm hold on, love, we're going to have some fun." She slowly sucked on Will's bottom lip, and ran her hand down to his crotch.

"Jack, shouldn't we go somewhere more private?" Will's half lidded eyes moved up and down the whore, and he ran his hand over her swelling breasts.

"And ruin the fun, Will?" Jack grinned, moved his hand down to where the whore's was and helped rubbed his hardening cock. Will gave a small groan; he immediately felt his desire stiffen at the familiar hand on him. The whore greedily tasted his lips, running her hand across his chest and pinching his nipples.

Will felt Jack's hand leave him, and glanced over, silently asking 'why?’ "Not my place, lad." But Will looked down and saw the buldge underneath Jack's trousers.

"Where next, hon?" The whore whispered as she ground her hips into his groin. Will licked his lips at the sudden pressure on his hard cock. Groaning, he cupped her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over her hard nipples through her dress, and smiled, "Just down." Smiling, the whore kissed his lips, and then worked her way down Will's neck.

Will leaned his head back against the wall, shutting his eyes, shutting out the world around him. He didn't care who saw, who stared. All he cared about was the whore's lips on his body, and those dark eyes of his lover on him. He felt her hands underneath his shirt, and her lips found his nipples. Will groaned as she bit down, turning his head to one side and looking at Jack.

Jack's eyes were full of the most intense lust that Will had ever seen; he knew that he was killing himself inside by not moving forward and taking him, or touching himself. But he sat still, watching and waiting.

The whore had undone the laces on Will's pants, and reached in and pulled out his hard cock. "Oh, god." Will's breath hitched in his throat, and he shut his eyes, as the wave of sudden pleasure hit him. Feeling Jack's stare on him intensify, Will bucked his hips forward, making the whore take more of him into her mouth.

Will was beside himself, feeling the heat and moisture engulf him; crying out several times as he felt the familiar shockwaves of pleasure wash over him. The whore took him deeper, and he cried out louder, not caring if anyone could hear him; his hands tangled in her hair, driving her harder.

He felt the heart-stopping pleasure as he climaxed in the whore’s mouth. Breathing hard, he felt the room spin, and then focused on the man beside him, who stared at him so lustfully, he thought he could come again.

The whore kissed his lips and smiled. "Enjoy that, love?"

"Very much," Will murmured, and gave a heavy sigh of relief. The whore moved over to Jack, expecting payment, but was surprised as the captain ran his hand up her thigh and felt her wet desire.

"You and I aren't finished, lass. Looks like we both need taking care of." Smiling he looked to Will, who sat there staring, and then unbuckled his belt and trousers. The whore greedily straddled Captain Sparrow and began to slowly ride him.

Will watched, and breathed heavily; he saw Jack unbutton the whore's front of her dress and kiss her plump, hard breasts. She threw back her head and rode harder. Will felt the heat inside rise again, watching his lover climax, and letting the whore climax as well.

She buttoned up the front of her dress, and got up off of Jack. "And a little extra for my friend here." Jack said, as he pressed the coins into her hand.

"Anytime, love." She kissed Jack's cheek, turned and winked at Will, and left to find other customers to satisfy.

Jack slid close to Will. "You liked that a lot, boy. I could tell." Will nodded, and moved in quickly, assaulting Jack's lips, trying to get the fire inside him to roar. He could still taste the whore on Jack's lips, but he would soon take care of that.

"I'm going back to the ship." Will smiled and got up, leaving Jack to follow if he wanted. Walking out of the tavern, Will noticed the other whores picking up business. His whore had already found her next customer; Will knew who his next customer would be.

Will walked through the warm night air towards the docks. Jack had pulled into the closest port for the night, to gather information on Captain Barbossa, and also gave the crew leave for the evening. There was probably only the lookout on the ship, so they could make all the noise they want.

Looking back Will didn't see Jack, but he felt his presence. He knew he was close behind. Turning around the corner, he came to the docks. Seeing their ship moored, he moved towards it. He turned once more, seeing a few men on the street behind, but still no Jack. Walking up the gangplank, he boarded the ship. He saw the lookout with his bottle of rum, and a whore of his own. Will just sneaked below deck, down to Jack's quarters.

He entered the dark little room, moving to the table to light a candle, but felt a sudden hard blow push him into the wall. He blinked, disoriented from the sudden shock, but his mind quickly caught up and he knew who it was.

"Jack?" Will asked, but only felt rough hands pull off his vest. Those familiar hands. "Jack, talk to me." Will said, and felt Jack's hips press into buttocks. Will swallowed hard, and felt his cock twitch and harden again. "Ja-"

"Shhh lad, I'm just going to give you the hardest fuck you've ever had." Will tried to turn around, but Jack had him pinned nicely to the wall. There was no room for escape. He could feel the hardness of Jack's hard cock press into his buttocks, and Will's mind and body ached for it. To imagine it filling him made him harden even more. He felt Jack pull away for a moment.

Will heard the sound of clothes ruffle down to the floor, and the laces of Jack's breeches were hastily undone. "Take off your shirt, Will," Jack whispered. Will obeyed. He was too far gone to protest. He just wanted that sensation of Jack inside him. Practically ripping his shirt off of himself, Will went to unfasten his pants again, letting his hard cock out of its confines.

Trying to turn around, Will felt himself being pinned back to the wall. "Now," Jack's husky voice melted into Will's ears, "You let yourself over to me, boy, hear?"

"Yes." Will swallowed hard, and felt the assault of Jack upon him. The hot, soft lips on Will's neck left his legs feeling like jelly. Jack ran his fingers through Will's now loose curls, bit and sucked on the young mans neck, and shoulders.

A sharp cry left Will's throat, as Jack ran his hand down his abdomen, roughly grabbing the base of Will's hard, swollen cock. "Jack, god...." Will moaned, "Let me touch you."

"No," Jack said roughly, and began stroking hard; feeling Will shake underneath his body. Jack groaned as he pressed his hardness into the backside of Will. He knew it was time. "Will..." and Jack stopped stroking his lover. Will knew and spread his legs wider, waiting for Jack to enter him.

"Oh god, Jack!" Will cried out as he felt Jack's slick head slip into his tight opening. He automatically pushed backwards, trying to get more of Jack inside him.

Jack reached around his hips, and gripped Will's cock again and began to slowly move in deeper, timing each stroke with his thrust.

Will could feel the heat, blissful pressure, and hardness of Jack being thrust into him. Harder and harder. He heard Jack's hard groans and sharp breaths, and felt him on every inch of his body. Will pushed back as Jack thrust forward, getting the maximum pleasure and intensity that he could.

Jack was relentless and only thrust harder, making Will cry out harder and louder; he stroked him hard. He wanted to feel him come. He wanted that boy to buckle underneath him, and beg for him to stop, but he knew Will would only ask for more.

Suddenly the familiar feeling ripped through Jack's body, and he thrust even harder into Will as he came. Gasping Jack pumped harder, while he pressed his body harder against Will's, as Will arched his back and came with a guttural moan.

"Jack, oh god." Will gasped for breath, and shut his eyes. Jack's hand was still on his cock, stroking it, and the aftershocks of pleasure almost made him sink to his knees. Jack just leaned his forehead on Will's shoulder, trying to catch his breath.

Moments passed, and the two just stood there, reeling in the sensations that were left over. Will felt Jack move back, and run his slick fingers up his chest as he did. "Can I turn around now?" Will arched an eyebrow and turned his head, looking at Jack in the dark light of the room.

Jack moved in again and left a slow long, lingering kiss on Will's lips. "You can, lad. I'm through with you. For now." A hand grabbed Will's wrist, and pulled him over to the Captain's bunk.