Title: Revelations
Author: Bonnie (legolas_luver@hotmail.com)
Pairing: Will Turner/Jack Sparrow
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Will tells Jack a secret...
Disclaimer: God I wish they were mine....
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Author's Note: Big thank you's to kayshinae for the beta, and the dagger.;)

The salty air of the sea blew across the deck of Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship. It rocked back and forth almost noiselessly as the waves washed up against it. Will Turner leaned against the railing, looking far off into the horizon, thinking of a love that was out of his reach. Brushing a dark curl out of his face, he sighed and turned round. He was met face to face with Jack, his dark hair tied back with red cloth.

“Something the matter, Will?” He asked softly.

“Just thinking...” Will trailed off. He saw a few dolphins off in the distance, playing in the blue sea.

“Would you like to talk?” Jack came up to the rail and leaned with his back against it. His dark eyes squinted at the young man beside him. Silence. The captain decided to press on. “Elizabeth?”

“No.” Will said, almost sharply. “Well, I guess so. I’ve just been having...” He couldn’t finish the sentence and placed his forehead down on his hands, still clutching the railing. Jack saw the sweat trickle down the back of his neck, and he felt a lump in his throat as he imagined the things that he could do to that young man right there.

“Will, confide in me. I am your friend now, am I not?” Jack leaned in more. Will looked up at Jack, and he saw another dark curl fall down on Will’s forehead. Without thinking, he brushed it away.

“What was that for?” Will said, a little puzzled.

“Nothing.” Jack looked quickly away. “You’ve said you’ve been thinking? What of?” Jack tried to change the subject. It worked.

“Just- just... Oh, I don’t know. Someone else. Someone I dared not dream of.” Pushing himself away from the railing, Will walked towards the mast of the ship. He looked high up and saw the look out atop of the mast. Will sighed, turned and saw Jack still looking at him from the railing.

“Another woman?” Jack asked.

“No.” Will shifted uncomfortably. The sails above flapped with the breeze and the sinking sun, cast an orange glow on them. Will just focused on the elements, rather than the discussion at hand.


“Oh.” Will swallowed and choked out the words. “I’ve been thinking about another man.”

“A man?” The Captain straightened up and looked more interested, but to Will’s surprise he didn’t seem the least bit shocked.

“Yes, a man.” Jack got up and moved closer to the young man, obviously in turmoil about love- or lust. “I’ve just never had these kind of feelings, or rather desires of this magnitude before.”

“I see.” Jack whispered. “What type of desires?”

Will backed up a bit, almost tripping on some coil of rope left on the deck, and saw the Captain advancing towards him. The wind blew a soft breeze over them, and Will brushed another loose curl off of his face. “Sexual desires. Emotional too.” Will looked down.

“About who?” Placing a hand under Will’s chin, Jack lifted his eyes to meet his.

“You.” As soon as Will had choked out these words, he felt a driving force propel him backwards into the large pole of the mast. He winced at the sudden impact, but then looked at the Captain who had drawn his dagger. Giving out a small cry, Will felt the pressure of the blade against his throat.

“Me?” Jack arched an eyebrow, and pressed his body harder against Will. “What makes you think I would ever touch you?”

“I-I-I’m sorry!” Will stammered and felt the tip of the blade dig deeper into his neck. He saw Jack narrow his eyes, and his hot breath on his face.

Jack’s left hand darted out and grabbed Will’s wrist and slammed it hard against the wood. Jack shot him a hard look as he drew the dagger away, and bit it between his teeth. Taking some of the rope that lay on the ground he tied a hard knot around Will’s left wrist, then going around the pole he took the end of the rope and tied it tightly to Will’s right.

He was trapped, bound tightly to the wooden mast, and Jack came forward again to meet him. Taking the dagger out of his mouth, Jack ran the tip of it lightly down the side of Will’s face. “So you want to bed me?” He whispered softly in Will’s ear. His goatee scratched against Will’s skin. But before Will got to answer, Jack plunged him into a hard, violent kiss.

Will eyes widened as Jack’s lips ravished his. He leaned in harder to capture the moment Jack was giving him.

Jack broke away, and seductively ran his tongue across Will’s bottom lip. Moving up to his ear again, Jack whispered something that made Will’s heart beat a thousand times faster: “Not before I bed you first.”

Will groaned and opened his eyes. He must have fallen asleep at some point, and he now suffered from a horribly stiff neck. The stars above were bright, and the half moon sank low in the sky. Only a few more hours until dawn. His body was dampened with sweat from the humid night air.

Jack had left him tied up on deck, and Will hadn’t seen him since. He was thankful however that none of the fellow crew had seen the earlier display. Will did get a mouthful from some of them earlier when the saw him tied up. They knew that he must have done something to anger Captain Sparrow, but none of them seemed to show any sympathy.

“Not before I bed you first.”

Those words echoed in his mind, and the heat rose in his body. Oh, god how much he wanted Jack to kiss him again.

Blinking, Will looked up and stared at the heavens, and swallowed the dry lump in his throat. He heard a board creak behind him, but couldn’t turn around enough to see who it was. Most likely one of the crew keeping watch.

“I thought you would like some water,” Jack’s voice said from behind. Will strained to look at him, then Jack came round. He held a cup and pressed it up to Will’s lips. After he had drunk his fill, Jack placed the cup down and started to undo the knots that bound Will’s hands.

Rubbing his wrists, Will looked at Jack as he made his way back to his quarters. Stopping before the stairs, Jack turned and looked at the young man.

“Are you coming?” Will blinked and moved forward to follow the Captain downstairs.

Leading him through the door, Jack moved across the room and lit a few candles on the desk and lantern that hung above.

Will still hung back in the doorway. “Come in,” Jack said quietly.

Will did and shut the door. Moving towards the center of the small room, he watched as Jack moved about. Will felt the excitement build in him. Jack turned, and Will quickly avoided his gaze, but Jack just kept advancing forward, forcing Will back into the wall.

The wood pressed hard into his back, leaving him no chance for escape. Will looked around, but all he saw were those dark eyes staring straight into him.

“Will,” Captain Jack Sparrow whispered, “Let me make you mine.”

Will swallowed the lump in his throat, and then nodded in reply. He felt the heat rise in his body, and his cock twitch in response to the man standing so painfully close to him.

Will’s breath hitched in his throat when Jack’s soft lips touched his, the Captain’s coarse facial hair scratching his upper lip. Will felt a callused hand slip down his shirt and softly tug it out of his breeches. The hand lay flat on Will’s chest, seeming to feel every thundering heartbeat.

Jack pulled back to face Will, his chocolate eyes half lidded, and his soft lips parted in an o.

Jack ran his hand over the young man’s collarbone, and slid back some of the white linen shirt, which so loosely clung to his body.

“Will, forget her…” Jack whispered again, and leaned into gently tease Will’s neck and chest with his tongue.

Will let out a sigh, shut his eyes, and then leaned his head back against the wall. He suddenly felt a hand slip down his abdomen, and then down his pants.

Will groaned, feeling the strong hand of Jack wrap around his growing need, and soft lips and velvet tongue licking a path across his chest.

Moving his hips forward, Will felt the Captain tease him to maximum hardness. “Oh, god…” Will breathed. Lips met his and tongues dueled. Breaking away, Jack stood back and drew his hand off of Will’s hardness.

“Do you want more?” Will saw the lust in the Captain’s eyes as he barely whispered these words. Jack slowly took off his vest and shirt underneath, to reveal a beautifully sculpted chest, which showed the scars of his journeys over the years.

“Yes,” Will said. Jack smiled and moved closer, staring into those deep chocolate coloured eyes.

Will leaned in, running his hands across Jack’s chest and kissing him heatedly. He felt Jack’s hands glide down his sides to his hips where his loosened breeches clung, and with a quick and seductive movement, Will felt them slide off him.

Jack slowly moved his mouth away from Will’s, steadily going down his neck, chest and abdomen.

Will groaned and threw his head back when he finally felt the warmth of Jack’s mouth on his hard cock. The heat and sensations engulfed Will, and he gripped Jack’s head, guiding him. He felt the small coarse hairs around Jack’s lips scratch his hard length as he moved up and down.

“Faster.” Will groaned, and for a moment Jack complied but then slowly took Will out of his mouth, licking the tip before he kneeled up.

“Want more?” Jack smirked, and ran a finger down the side of Will’s sweat laden face.

“Mmmm yes.” Will grabbed the back of Jack’s neck and pulled him into a strong, bruising kiss. Will felt Jack press his hips into Will’s side as they explored and tasted each others mouths, and Will felt the hardness of Jack’s cock tight behind his pants.

Will broke the kiss, then traced a finger over Jack’s hard nipples. “Let’s get these off you.” Jack smiled and kissed underneath Will’s jaw, while Will undid the belt buckle and ties that held Jack’s pants up.

“Hold on, Will,” Jack said huskily and moved Will’s hands away. He slipped off his pants and then grabbed Will’s shirt and lifted it up over his head. “Much better.” Jack whispered.

“Yes.” Will let out a moan as Jack once again attacked his lower neck and collar bone. Will let his hand slide down and wrapped a hand around Jack’s hard cock.

Jack bit down a little to hard on Will’s neck as he felt the strong hand wrap around him. Will gave a small yelp, but then laughed. “You like that?”

“God...” Jack moaned.

Will started stroking, teasing him to maximum hardness, but he longed for more. He longed for Jack’s touch all over him and for Jack to make him go over the edge. “The bed...” Will said through groans, feeling Jack bite his left nipple. “Please.”

Hearing these words, Jack let go and violently grabbed Will’s arm. “As you wish.” Almost throwing Will forward, Jack fell on top of him as they landed on the small bed. Grinding down his hips, Jack kissed the young man, sucking every last breath out of him.

They both felt each other’s bodies, touching, kissing and licking. Will felt the familiar sensations, as Jack pressed his cock harder against his. “Jack, I need it now.”

“I know.” He got up off of Will’s body and opened up the drawer that was in the small desk beside the bed. He lay beside Will, with a small bottle. “Have you had another man inside you?”


“Good.” Jack opened the small bottle and poured a small amount of sentries oil onto his hand. Getting onto his knees, Jack positioned himself between Will’s thighs.

Will bit his lip as he watched the Captain stroke himself with the oil. “Oh god...” Will whispered. Then he brought his knees up and wrapped his legs around Jack’s waist. Will let out a sharp cry as he felt a slick finger trace around his tight opening.

Jack just smiled, teasing more of the young man. “I want to fuck you so hard, Will.”

“Then do it,” he said with his eyes shut tight. With a loud moan, Will felt Jack enter him slowly, his hardness filling him.

Jack started rocking back and forth slowly, the tight opening and heat making him groan with every thrust. Jack sped up as he heard the cries and groans of Will get louder and more heated. He leaned in further and gripped Will’s cock and stroked it in time with each thrust.

“Oh god yes.” Will cried out, and felt Jack speed up even more and harder. Suddenly the overwhelming sensations of pleasure washed over Will and his whole body stiffened as the orgasm ripped through him. Crying out loudly he emptied himself onto Jack’s hand as he still stroked it violently.

Jack, feeling Will’s release, quickly came over the edge as well. He arched his back and slammed harder into Will as he felt himself release, with all those blinding blissful feelings that came with it. Gasping for air, Jack then let his body go slack as he his mind tried to catch up.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Will blinked and watched the room come back into focus. He then turned his attention to Jack, who now lay by his side.


“Yes, Will?” Jack turned his head slightly and looked into the dark eyes of Will beside him.

“Why did you tie me up before?”

“I wanted to make you wait. I also wanted to think about it before I took you.” Jack paused and then sighed. “I’ve also felt things about you, which I’ve never felt about another man before.”

“Oh?” Will raised an eyebrow. “What if I told you the same thing?” Shifting closer, Will looked hard at Jack, who looked a bit surprised.

“Then I might have to tie you up again, only this time to the bed.” Jack smirked. Will gave a small laugh, but then suddenly rolled over up on top Jack.

“You’ve bedded me once now, as I remember it’s my turn.” He leaned down and gave a lazy kiss on Jack’s lips. “Now it’s my turn to tie you up.”