Title: How Powerful My Pirate
Author: Ashlle (ashlle1@hotmail.com)
Pairing: implied Will/Jack
Rating: PG
Summary: This is a story of what Jack picked up to entertain he and Will whilst on the way to find a crew. Piratey humor. Beware of drinking/eating while reading.
Disclaimer: The boyos are not mine. Everything belongs to Disney and other associated companies, except for The Walk, which is solely the property of one Johnny Depp. How Powerful My Pirate, the novel, could probably be considered mine.

Captain Jack Sparrow jauntily prowled through the corridors of the Interceptor, whistling a nameless tune. It was the second day out at sea, and the weather was so fine that Jack could see for miles. The sea was calm and there was nothing in sight, and so Jack set his new partner at the helm. Will hadn't wanted to do it initially, but after a few quick words and several hands gestures, he was more than up to the task.

Jack chuckled, and opened up the first door he came to. He'd been at the helm all night long, and hadn't yet had a chance to explore his newly borrowed ship. And since the previous crew had left the ship fully prepped for a long journey, Jack knew that he was bound to find something interesting among the former crew's personal effects.

The first cabin he entered yielded nothing of value or amusement, and neither did the next two. But the fourth...While rifling through a bureau drawer in the fourth cabin, he found a prize. He chortled as he picked it up, and loped out of the cabin and up on deck.

"So, Will, how goes the sailing?"

Will sighed. "The sea is as flat as a sheet of paper, and the air is stale. This was not the excitement I was expecting when I signed on to be a pirate."

"In my mind, you didn't sign up to be a pirate at all, but don't fret. The pirate life will call to you soon enough." He grinned, sun glinting off several golden teeth, and loosely waved the object in his hand at Will. "Look!"

"A book." Will didn't appear impressed. "I didn't know pirates read."

Jack let his face fall into a wounded expression. "You hurt me deeply, Will. You forget that I am Captain Jack Sparrow. I can do anything!" He threw out his arms as he spoke, and rolled his head towards the open sky.

Will rolled his eyes in response. "Alright, so you have a book. What is so important about this book?" He kept his hands on the wheel, steady.

"You see, Will, there are two things to do as a pirate. There are the actual piratey bits, where we go out and plunder, and then there are the times in between the piratey bits. We, my friend, are in between the piratey bits." He gestured at the open, listless sea around them, spreading his fingers to emphasize the gesture. The sun glinted off his multiple rings, and he brought his arm down to rest on Will's shoulder. "Normally, pirates would spend this time sleeping, or telling jokes, or lustily bedding one another." He looked at Will, and squeezed his shoulder. "Well, one of us has to stay at the helm, ruling sleeping out. You're too innocent to properly appreciate a good pirate-worthy joke --" Here Will made a protesting noise that Jack summarily ignored. "--and, well..."

Jack trailed off, and looked Will up and down. "You're a bit too innocent for the last one as well." He turned and sauntered over to the railing, looking carelessly down into the water flowing by, and listened to the rushing of air filling Will's open mouth.

After a suitable dramatic pause, he spun around and held up the book. "This will have to entertain us. Savvy?"

Will found his tongue enough to say "A bloody book?"

Jack smirked, and cracked the book open to a page somewhere in the middle. "Roxanna gazed sorrowfully out the window. She was meant to be a young and beautiful governor's daughter, not a captive on the dreadful Captain Robert the Black's pirate ship --" Jack tilted his head up at Will. "It's even a PIRATE story!" There was something childlike and gleeful in his voice.

Will choked. "Is that...is that a ROMANCE novel?" He caught sight of the title as Jack's flapping hands were still for a moment. "How Powerful My Pirate?! Jack, are you kidding?"

Jack tilted his head. "Why, Will, you seem a little ... peaky. Is there something … WRONG with romance novels?" With every emphasized word, he took a step towards Will.

"Erm." Will seemed to finally gain his bearings. "I always suspected that you were crazy, you know, but THIS" he gestured at the book "is a bit much."

Before Will could lower his hand, Jack had swiftly moved into his personal space, nuzzling Will's neck. "I suspect that you're just jealous of the sweet, virginal maiden Roxanna. She gets ravished by the dashing Captain Robert in the next chapter, I'm sure…"

"I am NOT jealous!" Will huffed, and shoved him away. "Lunatic." He settled his hands back on the wheel, and looked out to sea.

Jack took a look at the boy's blushing face, and smirked. "Do you fancy being dressed in a gown and pursued by a wily pirate, Will?" Will's blush increased. "Because I can arrange that, you know." He fluttered his hands for emphasis.

Will's eyes grew wide. He kept his eyes out at sea, avoiding looking at Jack, and muttered, "Why must I be stuck on a ship with a complete lunatic?"

The smirk on Jack's face grew, and he strolled lazily closer to the boy. This was better than any of his old crews. He leaned into Will's personal space once more. "You know you love me," he said, and then bounced away, turning his attention back to the book.

He flipped pages, searching, and ignored the dull thuds coming from Will's direction that sounded suspiciously like his head hitting wood. "Aha!" He held the book open with one hand, and began strolling leisurely across the deck. "Roxanna turned wildly in the captain's arms, demanding to be released. He smiled. 'My dear lady, when I'm through with you, you'll be begging to stay.'"

Jack used his free hand to flutter in relationship with the words, and turned sharply, moving back towards Will. "Roxanna suddenly realized that she was completely pressed against the captain's firm, strongly muscled body." He draped himself over Will's back, right arm still holding the book out. "'Oh my,' whispered Roxanna," he muttered in a sultry tone.

Will shrugged him off violently, and Jack could see the color rising to his ears now. He began the stroll again. "Roxanna's bosoms heaved as she took in a deep breath, looking over the captain. She raised her coal-brown eyes to meet his eyes, blue as the sea, and felt a rush of mad longing come over her." He began to flutter his free wrist more violently, and let the words be reflected by the swishing of his hips. "Captain Robert was everything a woman could ever want in a man, and he was offering himself to her. She couldn't help herself, and let her gaze fall to his chapped lips, full and inviting and a little rough, just like the captain…"

Jack lifted his eyes from the book, and looked at Will. Will's attention was on him, but not in the way Jack had expected. He smirked again, an expression that seemed constant when the blacksmith was around. "Anything interesting down there, Will?"

The words caught Will's attention, and his gaze jerked sharply upward to meet Jack's. "Yes. Uh, I mean, I was just listening. Uh."

"Mr. Turner, is there something you want to say to me?"

"Uh." Will couldn't seem to form the words, and swayed slightly on his feet. "I think I need to get out of the sun." He let go of the wheel, and rushed down the stairs into the ship.

Jack chuckled, and grabbed the rope from the nearby pole, looping it over the wheel to hold it steady. Once the wheel was secure, he settled himself against the railing, and flipped the book back to the first page. Might as well find all of the best bits to ply Will with while he was at it. After all, if Captain Robert could do it, then Captain Jack Sparrow could certainly do it.