r u l e s

Not many, but they should be taken into account.

1. You have to like Paul McCartney.

2. You don't need to have a website.

3. In case you do have a website, make sure to put up a code (text or graphic) on your site before you apply.

4. No porn/racist/hate sites. No exceptions!

5. Fill out the joining form completely and correctly. Your name, e-mail, and country must be submitted. Please give me a working e-mail address! You need a working e-mail address in order to be able to update your fanlisting info in the future.

6. A real name is preferred, but if you wish to use a unique screen name, by all means, go ahead. If it's too long, just know that it will be edited to fit on the site.

7. Do not directly link to the code buttons. Save the button and upload it to your own server. Direct linking steals bandwidth and costs money. If you are direct linking, I will not link your website with your record in the listing.

8. If you need to update your information, use the update form or e-mail me. Please remember to include your old information so that your record can be located.

9. You will receive a reply saying when you are listed. Your information will be posted within the next update. Oh and please don't join twice.

Easy enough? Go grab a code.

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