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Cordelia & Angel

Angel. Cordelia. What is there to say about them? He is a former murderer, a vampire over two hundred and forty years old, cursed with a soul and trying to make amends for his past sins. She is a former cheerleader from Sunnydale, a little town on the Hellmouth, who once aspired to be an actress, yet now fights wholeheartedly on Angel's side. So, you're wondering maybe, how the heck did these two get together?

It was a lot of things. He took care of her, gave her a job, became a friend to her in Los Angeles. She worked for him, growing closer to him after their friend Doyle died. Work progressed, they bonded. They joked, found out common interests. He left, came back to her, reconciled. She left, and he traveled to hell and back, figuratively, to save her. Things changed, Buffy died, he mourned. She helped him move on, and they did it together. Connor was born. She became a surrogate mother. Groo came back. A fleeting moment of happiness caused her to leave, and she returned to find a broken Angel, a father without his son.

Connor came back.

They were ready to divulge their growing, obvious feelings for each other.

Angel fell to the depths of the ocean, while Cordelia rose to another existence.

And when he is set free, he will find her again. Nothing can stop their bond.

Without Cordelia, Angel wouldn't have the humanizing influence that drives him to help others. Without Angel, the gradual softening of the cruel high school queen exterior would have never occured, and the struggling actress would have remained lost in a sea of other acting hopefuls.

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