Take Wing

Thank you for taking the time to read the rules! Below are simple guidlines - please have a glance through them before joining the fanlisting.

  • Be a fan of "AIAOY(R)". If you aren't a fan, then there's no reason for you to join.
  • Name, E-mail and Country. Please provide your name, your email, and the country in which you are from. A valid email is required so that you can be notified of any sudden changes on this website, emergency purposes only. It is spam protected, so you don't have to worry about getting evil... spam.
  • A website is not necessary...
    • BUT, if you do have a website, please provide a link to this fanlisting, either via a text or image code. You can pick up a code here, or make your own.
    • The code must be up at all times. If it isn't up when I check your site, you'll still be added, just without your URL.
    • If I find your site offensive (i.e., it contains pornography, hentai, warez, or other illegal/distasteful content), I reserve the right to not include your URL.
    • It'd be really helpful if you please include the URL of the page where the code is located (type it in the commentary box). =)
  • Keep your information updated. Let me know of any changes via the Update Form.
Hurrah! Now head to the join form to become a member (and be sure to grab a code if you have a site).

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